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Why Asta Can’t Fight The Angels of Heaven – Black Clover Chapter 350


Lucius has the power to create and bring back anyone we start chapter 350 of Black Clover with Austin catching the Fallen Paladin in his arms demon slasher has seemingly cleansed her soul removing lucius's manipulation no more purified devil no more mind control now the fight is over there's no reason to stay angry with the sister gently the Black Bull.

Descends to the ground Willy in his arms he lays her down on a patch of unfrozen tiles giving her a chance to recover and finally sister Lily can bring herself to speak she croaks at Us's name her throat already sore there are tears in her eyes as she tries to explain herself after all that her first thought is Asta she needs to apologize for all the.

Things she said to him being forced to oppose her Ward must have been hard even when Lucy's is encoding on her soul and telling Assa that he had to die this was for the benefit of the world after a lifetime of thinking he was worthless Lily knows that every word she said has to have been like a dagger for Austin she's gotta be feeling really guilty but.

Now she's able to think for herself Asta is surprised to even hear Lily say this however she's sorry he just hit her with a sword there was no way to be sure what using demon slasher against a paladin would do to them he's bewildered for a second before making it clear to the sister that he doesn't care about anything she said he's just glad it.

Worked out and that she's back to normal but that's not enough to make Lily feel better the sister explains for the first time a little about her past despite growing up in the noble realm she was troubled by how the Clover Kingdom's high-ranking families discriminated against those without powerful magic for someone as compassionate as Lily that.

Has to hurt and that's why she joined the church in the first place trying to serve an organization that didn't treat Nobles and commoners differently unfortunately for Lily however she felt the church wasn't really any better in practice there was still a discrimination still classism the church ultimately serves the nation's status.

Quo praying to God didn't help her change the world that's the whole reason she ran away to a Backwater like Hage Village in the first place she desperately wanted to help someone the people in The Forsaken realm were the ones who really needed it that's why she tried to raise the orphans and Inspire them in the anime she even started a.

School for the kids trying to help them achieve their dreams but she ended up on a very different path thanks to Lucius as a paladin Lily was a ruthless executioner of Lucy's grand plan happy to kill almost anyone she needed to in order to bring about that new world even Asta it feels like she didn't save anyone in the end that's when ryuya.

Enters to tear down that idea the Shogun may not have messed it Lily before but he knows enough of what is going on here to argue with this Bleak Viewpoint Lily did save someone she saved Asta he got stronger because she raised him and encouraged his dreams and now she can rely on him to do the same thing he'll save her Lily can't dispute that she.

Looks up at Asta and his new friend smiling through her tears she closes her eyes for a second about to rest but even at the end of her physical endurance like this since they literally knows she can do more she focuses her gaze upward talking directly to Asta Lucius is much further along with his plans than they knew he's already getting ready for a.

Final battle in the Clover Kingdom there are only three days left until things come to a head until Judgment Day he currently plans to drain the magic from his siblings he's using the cross as something more than a metaphor he's going to combine their body Blood and Bone magic with his own soul magic to gain an insane amount of power so the.

Simplest way to win might just be to free these O'Grady siblings Maybe even joined forces with them which we predicted with a theory video in the past Lucius already had some ability to use his power that explains why Heath Grace has returned as a paladin perhaps by Judgment day he will have fully drained his siblings however that way.

He'll no longer need the throne for this stuff he can go wherever he wants and alter people's minds and bodies with just a wave of his hand he'd basically be a God and with that power he could take control of all the world's magic after all magic is just a matter of people if you control the souls of every Mortal you'll control their magic too.

Remember what this fake kingdom was doing with that mobile Fortress powered by captured commoners imagine that on a global scale everyone's magic their life force being drawn upon by one Central magic user Lucy's power would be unlimited ryuya looks somber as Lily makes it clear the land of the sun won't be safe from Judgment Day the group is.

Silent for a few seconds before Lily starts to sob once again she can't separate her actions as a paladin from what she'd willingly choose it would feel like she had decided to follow Lucius thus in her last moments she just tries as hard as she can to apologize to Asta and ryuya she joined Lucius unless she five-headed dragon she's made things.

Worse for everyone but ASA interrupts her it wasn't her fault he won't let Lily take the fall for this Lucy's his magic forced her hand even if it didn't feel that way it wasn't Lily's fault the sister's eyelids start to droop it's hard to tell if she believes that she appears exhausted rather than relieved still she matches three last words to.

Try and help that enthusiastic magicless boy one last time thank you Asta and with that Lily Aquaria is dreadfully painfully still the tears stop her eyes are closed a painful silence Falls across a group ASA calls for the sister not sure what just happened he doesn't want to believe she's gone both because of how deeply he loves the Zulily the.

Woman who raised him and because it was his sword that did this ASA isn't responsible for her faith Lucy has pushed Lily into this but it wasn't Lucy's hand on demon slasher whatever logic might tell him it's going to be hard for Austin to not feel like this was his fault ryuya looks Grim even the merry Shogun of the land of the sun.

Can't come up with a joke in a situation like this still he claims that Lily is not dead presumably he thinks she's in a coma or something like that however the only thing that will allow her to open her eyes again is also defeating Lucius wait what how would that work even with ryuya's All-Seeing Clairvoyance this is a weird conclusion to jump to if.

Austin's demon slasher strike both the magic that made Lilia Paladin then he broke it how would beating Lucius do anything there shouldn't be any choices of this spell still active on lilling either the magic is there or it isn't there are ways to heal Lily if she's not really dead Lucius might be able to help treat this ailment with his soul magic.

But just beating him shouldn't do anything maybe this is just a bottle wanted to give Asa a way out of this situation any magic system gives way to what the author needs he might not want ASA to have to live with the guilt of killing the sister even if this whole tragedy idea raises the stakes thus he can make Lucius a load-bearing boss.

Everything he's done gets undone when his plan fails still there's another possibility could ryuya be lying to ASA to try and keep him focused on Lucius they've got a three-day time limit he quite literally doesn't have time to grieve the sister's loss in fact ryuya specified that she'd open her eyes rather than recover either way ryuya.

Orders fumito to use recovery Magic on Lily osta thanks him for his help as one of the fish Spirits starts to carry Lily away within the water her tears gone Lily looks finally at peace ASA tells a young nun to wait for him a dark look coming over his face he swear wears that he will defeat Lucius no matter what but before that he has to end the fight here.

Turning around Asta looks up at the gigantic five-headed Kaiju looming over the town if he's going to take on Lucius he can't lose here he'll slay the dragon himself the creature Roars fully healed and ready for the fight as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.