Next up this is the stimulus class it's kind of missing a couple of the parts that we talked about in glassware there's no stem there's no base this probably came around in the late 1990s early 2000s to encourage people to drink wine more casually and still have some of the elements so it still has the wide Bowl you can still kind of scroll this.

Way a little bit of Rose these two things kind of came into prominence right around the same time good wine in a box glasses that aren't considered dainty or fragile because of the stem or the base and being able to enjoy those things at a picnic I feel like these two things are a match made in heaven.

You're picking it up by the sides like a traditional glass if you're drinking a wine that's that you're knocking back right it's not this serious thing and I think this glass is great I know a lot of people who hate this class and I don't hate on it it's bringing more people to the party the wine party that is.

Um and I'm grateful of that


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