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Why Gon Will Be Hunter King! Gon Freecss Full Story and Nen Explained


Children in anime have quite an extensive reputation for being disproportionately stronger faster and smarter than many of their adult counterparts one character who has performed incredible Feats at just 12 years old is gone freaks honestly this kid's resume is longer than my own but where did he start at the beginning of.

The series what did it take for him to get stronger how does he compare to the other Hunters he interacts with and most importantly what might the future potentially hold for him but before we go any further this video is sponsored by Tower of God great journey the new mobile RPG is based directly off the webtoon with the same great story and.

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Is offering 50 000 gold in Epic and Dorsey and 10 Tower summon tickets so what are you waiting for regular head down to the description and check the referral link you've got a tower to climb thanks to Tower of God great journey for sponsoring the video but now back to the topic at hand Going's job hunt from his first step into the hunter.

Exam gun proves to be a pretty special kid his unwavering determination is put front and center on the horrific boat Journey to the exam itself of the dozens of applicants only three potential contenders are able to survive the harsh conditions of the trip Kurapika Leorio paradonite and gone himself this is an effective early establishment of Gohan's.

Tenacity this kid is incapable of quitting any task presented to him regardless of how physically or mentally detrimental it may be his intelligence and easy going nature are solidified on the second half of the Trio's trip he's easily able to see through their guides monstrous facade and rapidly befriends the Kirito clan of magical beasts.

Honestly without going I doubt that laodio would have made it to the actual exam kadapika might have had a chance on his own I'll explain why a little later on but laodio is obviously the weakest out of the trio and relies on going to make his way to the exam once the three actually make it to the hunter exam start go and meet his first proper match.

In kilua zoldik the two Breeze through the first assigned task of running at least two marathons and climbing a flight of stairs that had me winded just looking at them with one simple challenge Gohan's physical prowess is introduced as he and kilowatt keep Pace with the examiner satosh the whole time only stopping to make sure laodio is.

Fine his above average athleticism comes into play again with a second challenge running through the monster infested Woods considering he's also being stalked by hisoka Maro who would have passed the exam the previous year if he didn't almost kill an examiner gones got his work cut out for him he's able to distract the clown from hunting Leorio.

And krapika and even lands a hit on him with his signature fishing rod he's so good comments that he wants to fight the kid when he's grown up a bit more since he sees the potential this rematch will come much sooner than either party expects but we'll talk about that later gone kilua and Kurapika carry themselves through this Challenge and the next with.

Laodio being dragged along it's during these elimination challenges that Gohan's physical prowess and undying optimism Propel him closer and closer towards the Covenant hunter license it's on the blimp ride to the final portion of the exam that gun's potential is realized by one Isaac Nero the chairman of the hunter association netaro takes.

An immediate liking to gon and kilua and offers to play a game with them if they manage to take a ball from him they can bypass the final stage and automatically become Hunters but after hours upon hours of failing to even budge the old man kilua decides to give up while gone continues on his resourcefulness and never-ending.

Perseverance keep him going he stops aiming for the ball and instead shifts Focus to the smaller goal of making Nero use his right hand and to the Chairman's surprise he manages to do it despite doing Nero's challenge all night somehow gon is ready and able to complete the giant task that is the second to last challenge making it to the bottom of the.

Trick Tower in 72 hours he defeats one of the most dangerous prisoners in the whole country and figures out how to win despite the 50-hour penalty the group was stuck with due to The Saboteur tompa finally gone is eligible for the final elimination challenge to win an examine he must either capture two badges or capture one and keep their.

Own one must be the intended target they randomly selected Gohan's Target is hisoka who had gotten progressively more ruthless as the exam continued with a kill count of at least 20 examinees considering their previous meeting where hisoka expressed an inappropriate interest in gone as a fighter I personally would have given up entirely.

To save my own skin but Against All Odds he's able to capture the creepy Clown's badge and keep his own thanks to isoka killing the examinee that was hunting gone the child also gains hisoka's respect if you can call it that in the process as he received six points from the final challenge gone qualifies for the reverse Battle Royale for a hunter.

License he and Hanzo a saitama lookalike are the first two to battle Hanzo is unwilling to fight a literal child less because of its dubious morality and more for his ego but gone refuses to let the martial artist give up without a proper battle so the bald man acquiesces and tries to make the fight quick and easy even breaking gun's arm in an attempt to.

Make him give up but gone just won't quit and was able to get a few good licks in on Hanzo eventually the martial artist can't do anything else except can see much to his pint-sized opponent Chagrin after waking up from the admittedly harsh punch to the face Hanzo used to shut him up Gohan learns kilua was the one unlucky applicant who did.

Not get his hunter license because he murdered another contestant after learning this was caused by kilua's older brother illumi zoldik who's been flying under the radar when a pinhead disguised he immediately becomes enraged in Going's first expression of true anger he raises illumi above his head and then breaks his wrist let me say.

That again gone still a little concussed managed to raise a grown man over his head and snap his wrist like a twig the most unethical Fight Club after technically completing the hunter exam gone has the legal means to officially find his father but he realizes he isn't quite ready to search for Jin yet so he and kilua decide to venture to Heaven's.

Arena a massive Tower with round-the-clock fighting tournaments the typical draw for potential Fighters is the prize money for beating each floor but gone has something much deeper fueling him getting stronger like I said before this kid does not know when to quit and that proves to be an asset in Heaven's Arena he and kilua are able to.

Defeat 16 Fighters before reaching the crucial 200th floor of the building this is an impressive feat regardless but it's even more unprecedented considering it's Going's first time in the building while Killa was on his second go round it's after the two are unable to register on the 200th floor thanks to hisoka's meddling that the duo are.

Schooled in the ways of men the two do eventually manage to register after a crash course from wing and the benevolent teacher decides to teach them the rest of the principles of harnessing their Aura the two are able to harness the power of nen after just a few lessons and are one step closer to becoming proper Hunters naturally gone.

Takes to the principles of Nan like a fish of water and is easily able to apply 10 in his next battle uh okay he does lose to Guido at first and breaks his arm but it took a bit for going to get vulnerable enough for Guido to maimon and after his arm heals and he finishes his net training he absolutely bodies the wannabe floor Master once the.

Two hit the 200th floor the structure of the fight shifts from tightly controlled to No Holds Barred anything including Nan and weaponry is allowed from here on in we saw this with the fight against Guido who used his Nan to manipulate tops to harm and confuse his opponents but he's not the biggest enemy going faces to get to the coveted 251st floor.

That honor goes to hisoka the Clown's been maneuvering up the floors with impeccable ease managing to maim and kill any opponents that has The Misfortune of Crossing his path this is thanks to bungee gum which has the properties of both Rubber and gum honestly it might have more than just that though as it seems to Aid hisoka in.

Whatever way he needs it to kilua goes and watches one of these matches and returns to gon with a grim prognosis for his friend's scheduled fight he should probably plan for the worst but it turns out kilauea's warnings were a bit premature and hisoka's earlier assessment of gun was correct since this kid won't let little or a lot of.

Intimidation get to him he's able to hold his own against hisoka for quite a while and is even able to land a solid punch on his much more experienced ruthless opponent even though hisoka wins the match using more of his dirty tricks going is able to perform two acts he's been wanting to do first he returns hisoka's badge from the hunter exam that.

He's held on to since that second face he proves he's a capable fighter both physically and with Nan he is able to actually somewhat challenge hisoka a much more experienced fighter after mere months of training the timeline of this series is incredibly short I'd be remiss not to highlight that gun's Hunter Journey started less than half a year.

Ago he's been able to become a hunter and an experienced fighter slash nen user with strength to rival Someone Like hisoka a Man double his age and the dirtiest fighter in the series if you want more Hunter content be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot.

Armor today gamer gone after returning to whale Island Gohan finds himself in possession of a very unassuming chest well unassuming except for the fact that this is a gift from Jing if gon completed the hunter exam the chest is double locked with nen and a slot for a hunter license this box can only be opened once going has proven himself to.

Be a capable Hunter and the license and then seals a representative of barriers he should clear once opened it contains three items a ring a memory card and a cassette Jing finally makes his somewhat proper debut over the tape explaining what the contents are what's on the memory card and why this gift was left in the first place he expects his son to.

Be strong enough to find him by the time he's gifted the box now there's no way Jin could know what age gun would be if he chose to get a license but it seems like he had some light and hope that his son would follow the same path he did considering the Father and Son both get their Hunter licenses as pre-teens I'd say gone is definitely living up to his.

Father's Legacy at this point Jing did provide a nice gift on the memory card Greed Island the most coveted game on the whole continent this serves as a reward for going getting his license and mastering Nan if he was unable to complete both there's no way he could have gotten this massive clue towards his father's whereabouts it almost.

Serves as a checkpoint for gone and an explicit sign that he's getting strong enough to be considered worthy of seeing his father the York New York is the first time gun gets kind of sidelined this Arc is less about his development and more about kudopikas that being said gun still does get a few moments to shine we see completely new skills from.

Him that actually shows he's much better at strategizing than he gives himself credit for his money making tricks so he can purchase Greed Island are genuinely impressive for anyone but especially for a child gambling is the way to make money in York new which means people are going to cheat and lie to ensure The House Always Wins despite the skewed.

Odds Gohan manages to win most of the games and win large sums of money later on he takes Wings advice to heart and creates a new nun technique using everything within his gyo which even the narrator of the anime is impressed by this is his first level of Awakening and the first hint that going has something powerful lying Dorman within him they.

Make it through York New Fine despite getting caught up in the resulting feud between the Phantom troop and Kurapika who wants to reclaim the eyes of his Fallen brethren we mentioned earlier that kurabika could have probably made it through the hunter exam on his own but now this is the point where Gohan stops being the strongest rookie hunter.

In the series that's not to say he's not a strong young Hunter everything we've discussed in the last two sections proves otherwise but kunabica kills two people with pretty minimal effort in this Arc gone as skilled as he is lacks a bit of maturity and refined technique at this point eventually gone and kilua find themselves in Greed Island playing.

The game on behalf of a wealthy Patron the two soon run across biscuit who despite her appearance is an incredibly experienced Hunter who's been in the game for a while she steps up to Phil Wing Shoes becoming the pair's instructor for advanced use of Nets it's also another great example of how talented gun is even a veteran Hunter.

Like biscuit is impressed with the potential the two boys demonstrate the trio make their way through the game encountering every manner of liars cheaters and the madman bends on reenacting Sword Art Online crowd Arc and while there are a few snags gon is able to ultimately secure the prize collecting all 99 restricted cards by.

Completing their Associated tasks or trading with other players his unclouded mine and general perceptiveness is very helpful in this situation the three Hunters do run into their share of physical challenges But ultimately win by engaging with the game World on its own terms While most of the hunters are trying to game the system speedrunning.

Greed Island as quickly as possible go and taking the time to talk with NPCs and go through seemingly unimportant quests helps his team find cars other players have never seen while they were all playing Dark Souls gone was playing wander's song and doing so won him the game that doesn't keep them entirely safe however one particular Quest forced.

Them to face Razer a mass murderer hired specifically as a mini boss by Jing himself gone is able to defeat this Brick House of a man proving that he can indeed follow in his Father's Footsteps since it was Jing that actually arrested the mini boss some years ago I'd put Razer on the same level as hanza way back during the hunter exam except Razer.

Has the capability to play dirty this fight is easy proof that going stamina strategy and strength have grown over the year that's passed since our story began I doubt that the gun from the hunter exam Arc would be able to even beat the first puzzle in Greed Island much less beat any of the mini bosses the skills he's learned from biscuit.

During his gameplay as well as the stamina he builds up in Heaven's Arena prove that he's become a much more capable fighter turns out the predetermined path was written by jingfreaks himself as a way to train his son to become a stronger Hunter the massive royalty checks he's probably receiving from creating such a coveted.

Game is Just gravy more importantly he's developed enough to potentially become a strong Hunter like his father the margin is still wide as characters like Razer and list note but he's steadily climbing his way towards success the peak of freaks this is it the moment you've all been waiting for the Chimera antarct heralded as the most epic part of the.

Series Togashi puts all of his characters through the ringer and gone is no exception the Chimera ants are by far the nastiest antagonist is so far sure the Phantom troop are ruthless but the Chimera ants lack any Humanity or moral compass well some of them do have human DNA but their motivations are still rooted in survival instincts.

Rather than wanting wealth or power gone who's been established as a strong fighter but a mid-tier strategist has to quickly adapt to a brand new Battlefront against incalculably difficult odds the early phases of the Ant Invasion see gone alongside his father's mentee kite and his team start fighting off massive hordes of ants he has a bit of a.

Learning curve with the first hand Ram it but is quickly able to adapt to fighting non-humans the young lad proves to be a huge asset to the team as he defeats opponents like centipede and frog with ease this is also where he Masters John Ken scissors gone proves that he's great under pressure when he's able to Manifest this technique without.

Issue while fighting the mini horde of chimera ants it's important to note that this type of nen falls under the transmutation type since going is an enhancer it's weaker than his preferred Rock attack so the fact that he's able to land such a mighty blow with sub-optimal nen is proof of just how much raw power going brings to the table.

But even this rising star hunter has his limits and they arrive swiftly with his first matchup against one of the royal guards gone and kilua are able to survive the first scuffle with never Pito only thanks to kite sacrificing himself to the ants and this is where gun's biggest weakness really shows itself he's so single-minded that he'll.

Refuse to back down even when he's near the brink of death kilua has to knock him out to get him to leave the fight until now this determination has served as an asset he's mostly been in controlled battle situations at this point and the one time he wasn't in York knew he wasn't a Target after losing the leader of their expedition Isaac netaro.

Decides that the situation is too dangerous for rookies to deal with unsupervised biscuit returns with three new hunters in tow knuckle palm and shoot gone kilua and palm are put into a team against shooting knuckle told to compete to see who could accompany the Chairman's team into the field against the Chimera ants biscuit and palm.

Trained the two boys to use net in more inventive ways hoping that'll be enough to catch up with pito's rapid growth with net if they can take down knuckle and shoot it'll prove they're up for the job ghoni's almost able to defeat knuckle but runs a foul of his ability nullifying his Nan for the next 30 days he was almost able to overcome a veteran.

Hunter but only via actions that would have gotten him killed in a real battle facing more than one enemy this was a pyrrhic victory for sure eventually the boys still joined the hunter Association on their mission to kill Pito and save kite the Royal soldiers like poof give them a solid challenge gone demands that the ant heal his comatose mentor.

Threatening to kill an innocent young blind girl Pito is tending to if he refuses showing more Humanity than gone the confused catboy and Doctor whatever he is goes along with it following going to find kite in a state of suspended animation Pito admitting that he can't heal kite almost break scone he's just standing there in shock as Pito summons.

Dr Blythe to heal himself barely registering the ants intent to kill him now defeating nephropito in his normal state would be near impossible even with extended Aura like he used in the training with knuckle Pito has some insane then game abilities and even more brain power sure regular gone is able to break pito's arm but his healing.

Abilities the aforementioned Dr Blythe guarantee big injuries won't last for long gone has to pull out every stop in order to ensure this traitorous Aunt finally pays for his crimes he activates all of his Aura in a vow similar to kadapika's Emperor time boosting his power while aging him at least a decade I mentioned before that Kurapika has.

Probably become the most powerful rookie Hunter around York knew so exceeding this level of power spells Doom for Pito this limitation transformation activated by his extreme emotional reaction to acknowledging kite's death gives him the physical stats that training every day for decades would have granted him it works incredibly well as it sends the.

Villainous ant flying into the distance with one solid blow Pizza can physically feel how powerful gonesian they stay and even compares him to the Chimera and King marouim considering marowam is the prophesied world-ending power the hunter Association is trying to eliminate Conan in his transformed state is reaching somewhere near Godlike status even.

Pito's turpsakura is unable to withstand his newly gained strength his reanimated corpse is left fighting the mountain of a man that don't has become with one more John Ken the young or old Hunter defeats his Nemesis to avenge kite this final battle is a huge jump for Going's physical and emotional strength even looking beyond the stat jump kilua.

Points out this feat of transformation is an odd mirror of his mentor biscuit who uses the same type of men to appear far younger than she is this moment is truly the peak of going single-minded battle strategies as well since he almost killed himself as a result of this transformation only the miraculous powers of nadika were able to pull him.

Through no nen after exerting literally everything he had to defeat neverpito gon's future is now kind of turbulent many of his goals in life have been completed both of his own will or as a consequence of the fight a positive result was reuniting with his father though this feeling of elation is more one-sided than it should be see the.

Constant cat and mouse game that Jing and gone had was entirely set up by the Elder freaks if he headed his way gone would have gone through even more side quests and training arcs before meeting Jing but life is unpredictable and Jing's refusal to see his comatose son was met with ire during his ironic bid to become the new chairman of the hunter.

Association it's near impossible to speculate what going would have been like if his father was less of a rogue Adventurer or even if he managed to visit home every few years and if that would have made him a stronger Hunter Jing is a loner by nature and what I do think is that gone had the makings of following in his Father's Footsteps and.

Becoming one of the greatest Hunters alive emphasis is on had though since the downside of going Super Saiyan was losing his ability to use Nan all of his ororeceptors are now closed leaving him back at square one Jing does confirm that his son isn't permanently injured by this simply reset to his pre-awakened State the boy is a natural which we saw.

During his first net training with wing so I doubt it would take him long to get back to where he was pre nephropito but that's not the path gone decides to take he's found a wonderful group of friends gone on Many Adventures and finally met his father for now he returns to whale Island to his grandmother and aunt Mito to continue Life as a normal kid and he.

Seems genuinely happy to do so unlike his father Gunn thrives on companionship and family so that's where his hero's journey ends back home with his surrogate mother figures catching up on the months of schoolwork he missed however that longing for strange sights and impressive Vistas never really left him at his core gone is a Wonder Hunter.

Someone drawn to the exceptional and Majestic it's unlikely that he'll stay living a normal life forever I also doubt that he'll be separated from kilowatt for too long as the two seem to share a pension for mischief and Adventure since kilauea's youngest sibling aluka is back in his life he has a secondary net user to go on adventures.

With however I think going still has a place on kilua's adventure Squad since they continually make up for each other's weak points again going strength and survival skills make him an asset on adventures or if killaway is also done with large missions gone has enough Wilderness knowledge to carry them through any small Journey gone freaks is.

One of the strongest characters in Hunter Hunter in more ways than one he's mental fortitude physical strength and natural ability to fall into the role of a hunter Grant him advantages other Hunters can only dream of not to mention all of the foes goings face in the series are older than him by varying margins most are close to double his age.

If not more some of his greatest Feats getting a hunter license breaking illumi's wrist and the first 199 floors of Heaven's Arena were done before he mastered nem while there's definitely characters that Excel even more they're all much older and much more experienced than the young boy at this time it's unclear where Gohan's story will go from.

Here since he's not related in any way to the Dark Continent Expedition or the succession contest arcs but whatever the future may hold it's certainly going to be bright thank you so much for watching I'm Jack Stansbury and have an amazing rest of your day