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Why Gon’s Father is The Deadliest Hunter! Ging Freecss Full Story and Nen Ability Explained


One of the most impactful yet mysterious characters in Hunter Hunter is Jing freaks despite his short stature and unassuming appearance Jing's presence looms large over the hunter Association Rogan and users and most importantly his son gone James reputation as a powerful net user is established early on but his distinct absence from his son's life and.

His hermit-like behavior make him quite the enigmatic figure Jing's origin not much is known of Jing's early life he was born on whale Island and lived there with his father grandmother Aunt Uncle and Cousin Mito his adventurous Spirit was always present as he would travel all over the island with a young Mito in tow at 12 years old he left home to.

Participate in the 267th Hunter exam Jing was the only participant to pass that term proving that even for a young age his raw potential as a hunter was immense with the Newfound power and freedom a hunter's license granted him Jing opted to not return to his home and began traveling the world this meant he was unable to see his aunt and uncle.

Before they died and accident on the vacation and his father before he got lost at sea it would be an eight-year Hiatus before Jing would travel back to whale island with a new little freaks after separating from Glenn's mother probably his primary caretaker Jing wants to leave his young son with his grandmother while he continued.

Adventuring Mito still upset that Jing abandoned their family for nearly a decade immediately took custody of his son screaming never come back perhaps mito's assumptions that he was an unfit father struck a chord with Jing or more likely his General thirst for adventure took precedence because Jing never returned to whale Island the only.

Remaining evidence of his time on the island was a photo in the living room and a small box for his son to open should he complete the hunter exam Jing the hunter for eight years Jing remained a mystery to his son the first handgun received about his father's true identity was from his father student kite who saved him from a fox bear going.

Had previously been told his parents perish in an accident so Mito wouldn't have to deal with the loss of another family member life of a hunter kite initially wrote the child off as an irresponsible brat but as he stubborn child held the angry fox bear cub kite saw his resemblance to his mentor not just in physical appearance but in.

Tenacity and steadfastness mito's carefully constructed ruse a covering of Jing's existence shattered when kite revealed that like father like son gun has the makings of a good Hunter this Brief Encounter brings the elusive Jing back into his son's life and inspires him to take the hunter exam what he does not know is that Jing despite knowing an.

Angry Mito might have tried to deceive gone about why he's gone has already planned for him to become a strong Hunter at the 287th hunter exam progresses the only Revelations about Jing are similar challenges he probably had to face 20 years prior after completing an exam sato's gives gun the same thing his father got at his age a.

Hunter's license with a license comes access to the Hunter's database which he wants to take full advantage of Gom kilua and karapika attempt to look him up only to be met with a black screen with a large question mark and a notification in designating Gene's profile as top secret going doesn't have to leave the facility totally in the.

Dark though he brought the hunter's license that kite had dropped on whale Island three years ago Santos identifies that the license belongs to Jing after noticing the cycle number and double star printed on the card this means that not only is jinx special for being the sole person to passing 267 cycle but he has also fulfilled the first five.

Articles of the hunter bylaws held an official position and mentored at least one Junior student nothing about Gene's particular prowess outside of a specialization in Ruins hunting is gain once gone and kilua returned to whale Island at the time in York New City Mito gives her nephew the Box Jing left with him all those years ago using his newly.

Unlocked nen he opens a box to reveal the gift a second smaller box of course this isn't actually Jing's clue for his son and the second box they slaughter going to insert his hunter license in the newly opened box is a ring a cassette tape and a memory card for a game on the tape Jing poses a question guns been waiting for do you want to see.

See me he admits that Hunters are egomaniacs on principle and they simply believing it'd be nice to see him would not be enough Jing openly confesses his flaws stating that even after a decade he does not know how to faces his strange son because I'll always be the guy I am if gon is willing to track him down as a predator chasing prey rather.

Than a son finding his father he will accept their meeting this is where Jing begins to show himself as a different kind of Hunter not from an ability standpoint but from a strategic one he's purposely keeping his hand close to his chest not just from his son for the thrill of it but from every other potential ally or enemy much like he.

States the first proper meeting with Jing shows him riding a large beast on top of an even larger flying Beast looking for a new adventure at the end of the tave Jing offers up the chance for going to learn about his mother but gone who has always had Aunt Mito as a mother figure for his whole life turns off the recording declining the.

Opportunity Jing has represented a potential future for his son for over three years while his mother was a figure easily replaced by his aunt and grandmother as gone stops the tape it begins to rewind to erase James recording this emphasizes his personal want for relative secrecy as if his previous taunts about him evading his.

Own son weren't enough as well as being the first encounter with Jing's then capabilities it seems that Jing's leaning towards strategic secrecy seems to manifest itself in how and when he choose to use his abilities as well considering the nen was placed on the tape 10 years prior and still works as intended I think it's safe to assume.

Jing is not a man to be messed with and listen if you want more Hunter Hunter content be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications onto their missing upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today Jing the man the fact that Jing left his son a copy of the most expensive video games ever created personally serves as the.

First hint Jing has some investment in his child as gon and kilua begin their Journey on Greed Island Jing's influence on Modern Hunter Society becomes clearer upon entering the game ETA one of the game Masters reveals a welcome tape from Jing he informs gun that Greed Island holds no clues to his location but he wanted to show his son.

The game he helped create from what James is revealed about his personality this Choice could be his way of introducing himself from a distance or perhaps he simply shows a proof that Hunters are fueled by ego in reality Jing is not as self-centered in aloof as he sees in the tapes and Green Island is not a ploy for validation from one of.

The top five men users alive go on kilowatt and biscuit travel further through the game encountering obstacles that get progressively more difficult biscuit realizes that there is an intended order that is guaranteed to make players stronger if they play the pre-programmed route something going intrinsically decides to follow Greed.

Island was created at least on Jing's behalf for the purpose of training his son regardless of how aloof he wants to act Jing does still care about his son's growth with Jing being the lead designer on such an Infamous game other Hunters on the island that know him like Razer won't be giving the 11 year old any breaks because his age and relative.

Inexperience Razer does offer gun information about his father after the trio beat him and his group of pirates in a dodgeball game which gun is delighted to learn although he doesn't offer up the current location of his old man and Razer does have a long backstory with the Elder freaks Jing originally caught and imprisoned him alongside.

Several other death row convicts the rest of the convicts seemed to act as NPCs while Razer was a mini boss he was explicitly told not to go easy ongoing but when he brought up the notion of killing Jing's son the hunter responded with don't underestimate him he is my kid after all Jing genuinely believed in the strength of a child enough to.

Literally hire a mass murderer as an opponent this Choice could also win at Jing placing his son in similar albeit more controlled situations that he had to face around gun's age as a way to measure his progress once going and kilo was successfully clear Greed Island they are able to meet the other game Masters that helped Jin create the game list and.

One reveal the name itself is an acronym composed of all 11 of the creators names before gun is able to ask any other questions about his elusive father the one immediately complains but what a jerking is because in order to fit the acronym he had the one's name changed because go and played the game exactly like his other incentive to gradually.

Leveling up up instead of going for high-risk power plays or tenuous Ally ships he is able to complete the final challenge biscus reminds that the lesson Jing wanted him to learn was if you are willing to abandon everything else to see me grow strong enough to clear this game which would proved to Jing that his son was not just trying to find him for.

Superficial reasons after leaving the game going is reunited with kite Jing programmed this into the game as well he would go to kite if he picked the accompany card and to Jing if he chose magnetic force Elena questioned why Jing made this choice to which he replied I suppose I could see him if he came by himself but if he's a wimp who has to.

Have his friends around all the time forget it I believe he views solitary Behavior as a source of discipline and strength which serves as a solid explanation for why he left his family to become a solo Hunter the newly reunited mentee and Sun catch-up on Going's progress and kite finally provides a solid lead to where Jing is.

Currently located gone declines the information still wanting to play the game of Chase's father wants him to participate in but wants to continue staying with kite for the time being Jing the politician with the impending resignation of Hunter chairman Isaac netaro Jing finally makes his proper entrance into the hunter hunter.

Narrative he's part of the 12 zodiacs who are the closest hand-pick Associates to determine nethero authorizes The Zodiacs to create the rules for the election this is one of the rare times that Jing actually appears at a zodiac meeting and he is the only member amicable with Vice chairman periston Hill as he members argue with the rat.

About his candidacy for chairman Jing Gracie silence who announced his own run stating I will continue the old man's wishes while Jing is a less controversial pick for success or compared to the current Vice chairman the fact he still hasn't visited his son even after a gun nearly died fighting Pito is a hang up for parisan since his.

Self-domination process isn't working the zodiacs each write their rules for elections and nominate beans to randomly pick a slip out of a hat jings is chosen and nobody is satisfied although the rules he wrote seem reasonable well most of the rules are reasonable except for Rule 5 which makes him the election chairman periston readily nominates a.

Replacement for role 5 which Jing agrees to without a second thought this is another example of jingping a master strategist by throwing down an easy throwaway rule to get the zodiacs to agree with his other rules he knows that he is a vagabond Outsider amongst the administrative ranks and any apparent grasp for power will be seen as a red.

Flag the entire voting system and how it would unfold was actually predicted by Jing two days prior he provided beans with pre-written rules he planned out beforehand and told the secretary to pull his slip in spite of Jing's solitary nature and detached attitude from the bureaucracy of the zodiacs he has a clear understanding of what the.

Higher-ups want a semblance of a democracy and a clear power struggle the first round of voting puts Jing at 15th Place but since under 95 percent of hunters voted the round is null and two revotes are called Jing isn't a man that wants an official position of power his actions show him as simply a chaotic figure that stands by his ideas of what.

Will benefit others however based on his Brash attitude and needs to take control The Zodiacs assume Jing is a master manipulator and using the hunter Association for his own gain his difficulty in working with others is apparently what got him in position in the ranks to begin with since netero didn't want ranks of Yes Men the Zodiac.

Choose to hold an open Forum about the election since a supposedly easy task is taking forever during the open questions Jing is confronted by Leorio about his notable absence from his comatose son's bedside his lack of outright shame is met with a surprise punch of the face through a black hole the punch live streamed to all Hunters pushes the.

Voting percentage above 95 percent and Jing ends in 16th Place possibly due to pity votes his campaign ends in the next round and instead of appearing to give a concession speech he uses a stuffed panda as a stand-in giado is worried about periston's commanding leading votes and tries to recruit Jing to halt his winning streak he responds knowing.

That periston is treating the vote like a game and will continue to do so until he wins but he is also the only remaining candidate that would carry out netro's will with the recently imposed lockdown of all Hunters during the eighth round of the election Jing and a newly healed gun are finally reunited Jing obviously didn't plan for the.

Reunion to go this way and especially not for his son's first words to be an apology for kite becoming a chimera ant he tells gun that whatever happened is not his fault that Kai brought him to fight the camera ants however he doesn't appreciate his son's misplaced apology and tells him you promise what you'll do next time and you keep that promise.

Before sending him off to speak with Kai directly going to ask his father if they can finally talk after he goes to apologize which intruding fashion he brushes off to keep the chase going however the rest of the hunter Association isn't having this reunion because so short and Jing is peer pressured into seeing his son again Jing.

The Godfather after all the votes are counted and parisan gives up his position to Seattle Goin and Jing finally had the opportunity to speak this is Jing's first and so far only moment of true vulnerability I believe that with no New Missions to go on and no more Chase to be had with his son he's finally able to let down his guard.

And genuinely connect with another person Gohan understands his father's Relentless Pursuits of Adventure and returns his father's hunter life since the two spend the whole night conversing about their Adventures before splitting the next morning the last contact that you have is presumably months later when gun frantically realizes that he can't.

Conjure his Aura anymore personally I think this moment is another first for Jing despite being vulnerable with his son he never had the chance to learn how to be a father and his confident demeanor seems to slip a little Jin confronts him in the best way he can telling him that he lost the ability through fighting with the intent of.

Throwing everything away and he should be proud the reason Jing had little contact with his son after that night at the world tree is because he heard of a Voyage to the Forbidden and dangerous Dark Continent at some point he decides to vacate his position on the Zodiac Council but learns of the confidential Mission through sneaking around he then.

Crashes a meeting of the official Expedition team and reunites with his previous pseudo Ally periston he States his intent to join which upsets his former zodiac comrade in true chaotic neutral fashion he follows periston's exclamation of disapproval by informing him that he wasn't looking to join the team he just wants to tag along he.

Prepares to leave but tells the rest of the team the man in the pinstripe suit can and will sabotaging Mission whether they follow or descent again Jing is not trying to gain power for self-interest but because he knows that should periston actually gain influence he will run the Expedition into the ground if it benefits him the rest of the Expedition.

Team believes him and he is allowed to join as second in command without ever seeing what particular nine strains he brings to the table a month later periston attempts to exact revenge on Jing for sabotaging his rise to power one of his assassins muhair questions why Jing joined believing he is still allied with the association Jing is.

Offended that he would be an assumed Ally of anyone and reveals that despite his goal to see the Dark Continent he actually joins to prevent periston from toying with the mission a short battle begins with the mercenaries Conjuring then bullets with Jing's name on them finally Jing is given the chance to show his fighting prowess and conjures an.

Exact replica of the punch at Leorio throwing him back at the conference he paralyzed The Mercenaries with ultrasound and phasing bullets which also derive from the same punching ability with the mercenaries defeat did Jing tells person that he knows this is all a ruse to discover what his powers are this means that despite being.

Together as Zodiacs for a fairly long time nobody ever witnessed what Jing was capable of for a showman like periston Jinx Talent was never an outright threat to him but I think Jing has used the unknown of his abilities to his Advantage he hunches Association recognized him as a double star but what exactly got him to that point was never.

Something that was questioned now with some of his cards on the table Jing's actual Threat Level Beyond his ability to play Mind Games can be assessed by all enemies allies and the many Hunters that lie undecided and that is the life of Jing freaks demystified or as demystified as he is allotted to be as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all.

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