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WHY NOW!? Sasuke’s FULL POWER Return & Boruto’s Sudden CONFESSION – Boruto Chapter 69


Boardroom chapter 69 is here and it's a shocking one filled with major developments to the surprise of everyone in the room besides code ada was now here amado began to sweat profusely as he realized the woman he thought was forever gone was here now and in fact alive shikamaru was just as confused as he had no idea who this was at all but.

He would soon come to find out and even kind of bow down to this queen during the fight aydah would rudely greet amado and make fun of his stunned reaction however at that time she'd also explained that she could understand his surprise amado was really losing it here and shikamara would quickly take notice amado's terror was beyond abnormal and.

Shikamaru seeing this was just as surprised his reaction was so emphasized that i would be surprised to learn that he didn't piss his pants right here anyway next would be delta's turn to acknowledge aydah and she was now of course working with konoha thanks to amado's modifications which was revealed in the last chapter when she was.

Activated to respond to aydah's attack it wouldn't exactly be a warm welcome as ada is acknowledged as an enemy and then attacked with a flying kick a mere few inches away from knocking the enemy's head off delta's leg would stop all of his momentum this stunned everyone including delta who was doing the kicking ada would brush off this.

Attempted attack and almost tease delta by saying that in her failed attempt to attack she was flashing her underwear a bit embarrassing and also frustrating if you're delta ada would quickly change the entire situation leaving shikamaru shook minutes ago they had code in the palm of their hands as he'd walked into a trap and now the tables were turned.

Delta was no longer attacking and was letting ada have her way realizing all control had been lost shikamaru would then call out to ino for backup these same eno that he had previously told there was no need for that the chapter would then take us to sasuke and boruto who were in the middle of a private conversation sasuke after being absent.

The manga for a while had made an appearance in the last chapter where he showed up greeting his daughter and boruto to the surprise of boruto sasuke would be apologizing he'd apologize for not being there to stop momoshiki's rampage not only that but he'd apologize for the painful role kawaki had to play in the recent events this was of course.

Related to the situation where kawaki killed boruto due to their inability to stop moshiki from gaining control in the end though of course boruto was revived by momoshiki but it was a painful situation all around for all parties involved this next part was telling because sasuke would then state that the village doesn't need to hate anyone.

Besides him it's clear here that sasuke still wants to bear the burden of the leaf and is still very much remorseful for his actions in the past sasuke clearly doesn't believe he has the right to move on for everything that happened before boruto hearing this immediately knew sasuke was in the know on what had happened during that previous conflict.

That kawaki had killed him the two would talk about that and board would make it very clear that he believes kawaki shouldn't be blamed at all because after all it was his choice to be killed sasuke however knew that regardless of the details the hokage son was killed by someone who was despised by the village and this is true the village already has.

Its reasons for hating kawaki or being on the fence about him so this would just be the nail in the coffin that the village has been holding in preparation for kawaki despite all this though borto would stay solid and state that it's because they see each other as brothers that this was able to happen sasuke hearing this talk of brotherhood would.

Pause for a moment and i wonder if this is because of his relationship with naruto being similar or if this made him briefly remember itachi i'd say more likely the former because his relationship with naruto does in many ways mirror that of boruto and kawaki during this pause though gorto suddenly remembers something the headband sasuke.

Had given him boruto would thank sasuke ford and state that it helped him strengthen his resolve a nice moment between the two sasuke would interestingly turned us down though telling boruto that if it was so helpful he should keep it as a gift borto knowing the importance of his headband though would question if this was really.

Okay but of course sasuke isn't the most sentimental person and so he just tell borto that it was really okay borto would explode hearing this as if he was on the inside secretly hoping to get this response to put it lightly he was very appreciative boruto would then with a huge grin tie on the headband that was previously in his pocket seeing this i.

Can't help but think of it as a very subtle sign that the time skip is almost here borton now has on the slash headband we see him wearing in the time skip and this time we know for a fact it's his to keep again with a serious expression sasuke would casually state that he might be the one having to show his resolve next borto would be confused.

Hearing this and it's hard to say why sasuke said this it could be that he had a very uneasy feeling given all the recent events or something deeper if you have a solid guess on that share it below in the comments we'd transition for a moment to saurada and mitsuki who are not too far away observing boruto and sasuke sarda would be wondering what.

The two were talking about and mitsuki would guess that sasuke was expressing guilt for what had occurred and that wasn't too far off misuki would then go on to express that he himself feels guilty for not being there in his own words the thought of borto dying with him not being there to help gives him chills mitsuki is a real one for sure.

He'd then get a little dark expressing that if someone were to try to kill boruto he doesn't know what he'd do to them safe to say kawaki should sleep with one eye open if mizuki ever learns the truth sarada was a little shocked hearing this because miesuki sounded like he was really ready to catch a body he'd catch himself though and realize.

That came out too dark both of them had worried expressions and sardo would express that she wants to help boruto more and boy was this interesting to hear because as most fans of this series would agree with sarah and mitsuki are hardly a part of the manga story in the anime they're a big part of the story but not in the manga so i'm pretty sure.

A lot of us would be happy to see sarah do more for boruto you'd forget they're part of the squad if you just read the manga if you haven't already don't forget to drop a like and subscribe by the way for some power in your life today and don't forget as always plumber has you covered sourdough would lighten the mood with a little humor but then.

Something came out of nowhere mitsuki would then ask sarda if she likes boruto and initially sarda wouldn't respond directly to the question she'd end up stating though that whether she does or doesn't is irrelevant to the situation and i don't know man she didn't say no we might have a ship sailing here but time will tell anyway sardar would then.

Shift the lights onto misky stating that his eyes practically light up when it comes to boruto and here we didn't see it but i'd like to imagine mitsuki was blushing hearing this the humor continues from there because then sarda would complain because her father was seemingly forgetting his role as her dad this next part could be pretty promising.

Sarda amitsuki would then state that they need more power and resolve to fight the osusuki and not only that sarda needs this too if she has any hope to be hokage now this is fire we might really start to see these characters more in the manga not only that but when you typically hear about a need for more power and all that it means training arc.

Or more specifically sometimes a time skip for growth the story would then transition to kawaki waking up right in front of him was naruto greeting him with a slight smile this was similar to the first time they met and naruto reminded kawaki of that kawaki would immediately get to the point and naruto's expression would adjust to that.

Quickly telling sumirey to excuse them but before she could exit the roon though kawaki would reveal the truth asking if naruto is not going to condemn him for killing boruto simire was quickly stopped in her tracks hearing this she was already on edge due to sensing a weird feeling in the air last chapter but now the truth of what was.

Going on was revealed naruto would quickly state that boruto was fine kawaki wasn't aware actually that board had been revived by his karma and so of course was shocked to find out his attempt at murder didn't go the way he expected kawaki didn't exactly react to this in a relieved way in fact he didn't really react at all summary though.

Hearing all this was sweating she was next to a murderer so fair enough i mean she just heard that kawaki killed her former classmate so that's expected at the same time though let's not forget that early in the series she did do some shady things that endangered everyone so hey if anyone should be able to accept kawaki it'd be her i imagine anyway.

Naruto would then begin the same speech that he's given kawaki god knows how many times explaining that konoha is his home this is where he belongs and so on suddenly though ino's voice rings in the ears of both sasuke and naruto announcing an enemy attack sasuke would let boruto know what was going on and the two would take off to deal with the.

Threat back at the hospital type location kawaki woke up in naruto would quickly try to leave sumirai and kawaki doing so without mention of why but before you could leave sumiray with a look of concern would ask about boruto she was concerned of course after she just heard that he'd been killed but naruto would calm her worries telling.

Her that boruto was fine and that there was no need to worry as he left though kawaki would look at the karma mark on his palm and seemingly begin to activate it i say so because of the sound effects on the panels and the change in one of his pupils what he could be in the middle of doing i have no idea i hope we're not about to see another koaki.

Escape i do not want to see the repetitive chase alternatively though he might have an idea of what's going on and intend to make his way there back on the scene of the attack ada would tower over everyone she'd slowly begin to approach shikamaru before being stopped by his shadow possession jusu which is already active from his earlier attempt.

To stop code ada was surprised and what she says here manages to catch the attention of shikamaru she was confused initially why shikamaru was able to attack her however quickly she realized it was because the child possession jutsu doesn't directly cause harm shikomaru had no idea what was going on here of course and so he would just be.

Puzzled hearing all of this at this time he was still unaware of the abilities ada possesses aydah would describe this as a first she couldn't move at this time shikamaru was starting to feel off though he described it as a fever coming but in reality this feeling was really infatuation for ada shikamaru was pretty sharp so he quickly was able to assess.

That delta two was off allowing him to realize that all three of them in the room were under some jutsu fortunately for him ino was still in contact with him via her specialty and he was able to ask her to connect him to a model this was easy enough and he'd begin the conversation hidden from everyone else in the room quickly shikamaru would.

Demand information who was ada what was this attack they were all under and how could it be countered shikamaru could feel the simping coming on and needed to end this amado would explain this was ada and they were currently all her captives and hey that's that's one way to describe it shakumar couldn't understand it though with that little.

Information and as someone who's become a big fan of veda i myself sadly understand it i wouldn't be surprised to learn that she's a fan favorite let us know in the comments below if you like aydah as a character are you a sim for her or if she's just whatever to you a model would admit that it was as ridiculous as it sounded going on to.

Then further explain that ada enchants them on an instinctual level regardless of gender no one could escape we then cut back to delta on the ground lost in ada's beauty and i mean literally she was on the floor shrieking and losing her mind over ada safe to say this power affects everyone on different levels something we get confirmation of in a.

Little bit a model would end up listing these symptoms of ada's love at least that's what i'm calling it headaches vertigo fevers impaired judgment stiffened muscles from extreme tension and yeah also confirmation that our abilities affect people differently shikamaru still with that fixed grumpy expression was still looking for an.

Answer on how to deal with it but amara will confirm that there is no answer to that after all ada herself can't control this ability and the effects last until she dies until death do us part i suppose you could say i'd go as far as to say it's a little poetic hearing that though this full shikamaru saw hope he could kill her but amado knew that would.

Be futile shikamaru was growing weaker aydah would inch closer telling him not to try so hard he was losing it with sweat running down his face he knew if he just relaxed for a moment it'll be over for him aydah seeing this was just cruel she would say that just watching him almost made her want to cheer him on instead holding his kunai sweating.

Heavily and shaking shikimaru could not move still able to communicate telepathically a model would tell shikamaru that his efforts were hopeless going as far as to tell him to just give up or he might damage his mind resisting this power just then the kunai would drop and the shadow possession jutsu would be broken code the man who even.

Brought ada here in the first place was now standing up wisely shikomaru here would realize that even naruto and sasuke wouldn't stand a chance against the ability like ada's in fact they'd be in greater danger here around where code wants them dead speaking of code now standing up it was time to resume his confrontation with a motto he quickly.

Pinned a model to the wall telling him to comply if he didn't want to be harmed amado would try to stop code from going further in his attempt to get his way and it didn't work out leading to a finger being dug deep into the flesh of a motto and a motto would not let out a scream as code coldly continued this torture seeing this shakimar would.

Remember one thing amado isn't tough he himself has stated that he'd break easily under pressure basically a motto is that guide the police station listing accomplices in exchange for a happy meal sad but true remembering this though shikamaru would call out aydah's name getting her attention from there he'd ask her motivations and why she was.

Helping code and with that does she hold any personal grudge against konoha she look on quietly for a moment before simply replying that she does not explaining that koh's motive is personal to him only meaning cold's quest for power and to take down naruto and sasuke was irrelevant to her shikamaru would then have to ask why she was cooperating.

With him and the answer would shock him speaking to him as if he were her lover she'd explained that there was no reason to hide the answer anyway now blushing very girly and shy she let out the truth that she likes kawaki chikumaru's jaw dropped i feel like he's aged 20 years during this little conflict alone aydah couldn't believe she just said that out.

Loud and was burning up from the embarrassment with a finger in his body still a model 2 would hear this conversation and was confused to hear that ada likes kawaki she'd go on to explain that she was simply getting assistance from code on that matter in return she would help him regain his power shikamaru regained his focus and.

Thanked her for the information before making a call out to eno in his head it was time to switch plans and he'd tell ino to change the lock release code for this room's door ino was confused by all that back and forth after all it was during this very same chapter that he had her call for backup shikamaru request to have her stall naruto and the.

Others they weren't to make it to this room he'd tell her to trust him and just do it aydah of course unaware of this internal conversation would ask shikamaru if he just thought of her situation as foolish little did she know chikamaru had big plans still with some sweat on his face he was nervous shikomaru would tell her he was just.

Surprised by what she said adding that it's wonderful and that he almost wants to support her feelings he'd now make her a proposition join the side of konaha the two sides can mutually aid each other aydah had no real reaction to this shikamaru then added that afterwards she can tell kawaki how she feels code in the model we're totally.

Lost now and maybe you are too it definitely seems like ada and code will soon be on separate teams remember that just in the last chapter we saw some tension between them aydah made it clear she's only with code for her goals we predicted last chapter that they go separate ways let's see if next chapter this is what happens the writing has.

Been really good lately and it's obvious that the time skip is coming soon something that the mortal fandom has been saying for like two years now but yeah thank you so much for watching to the end hope you enjoyed it until next time keep that platter on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye