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Why Saitama is Stronger Than Anyone or Anything! This is Why He’s a God – One Punch Man


One punch man introduced us to a large lineup of heroes and villains with a laundry list of cool Powers saitama despite officially sitting at b-rank is one of the most powerful Heroes Z city has ever seen he's got a large resume of impressive heroic Feats and he does most of them with very little effort but how can you sum up just how powerful saitama.

Is he's such an OP character that narrowing down his most impressive moves is a gargantuan task but it's a task we hear at plot armor are willing to take on today we'll be ranking the Caped baldi's greatest Feats from Great Escapes in space to Defying the laws of physics and even surviving a literal world-ending disaster there's no.

Shortage of amazing feats to put on this list obviously spoilers ahead for anime only viewers since a lot of these come from the monster Association Arc with all that being said let's get to the rankings but before we go any further allow me to intrude on this video a bit one punch man at least on this channel is a series that requires no.

Introduction however allow me to introduce you to one punch man the strongest a brand new mobile easy to play Turn base RPG that allows you to experience the storyline of the anime and his greatest moments in a whole new way dealing with memorable threats like that scene man or even Lord boros and His Dark Matter thieves and don't worry.

This game is totally legit the entire thing has been officially licensed and its production is even supervised by the likes of shuisha in the game training is a daily ritual for saitama and so he performs these same push-ups sit-ups squats and jogging that he does in the anime and there are plenty of other interesting places where you'll be able.

To find saitama too now mind you one punch man the strongest has a ton of characters that you'll be able to recruit we're talking about an assortment of heroes and villains that currently numbers over 60. the potential team combinations that he had are absolutely incredible oh and the game has the original Japanese voiceover cast.

Making things feel even more accurate to the anime you can say the World by dominating fights with strategic planning and the combination of your character existing qualities and talents and of course with the aid of saitama to explain a few of the battle components speed decides who moves First characters like genos are actually designed to make.

Your other characters faster core skills are really important to decomposition and pretty much decide your main strategy we're talking about things like damage reflection burn back row targeting and plenty more saitama himself is a battle component as well as by being the strongest he can one shot any enemy but can only do so once per.

Battle so it's important to time his appearances wisely but although Kate Baldi may be the strongest but upgrading your other characters by way of gear cards leveling up and exclusive items they too can become incredibly powerful there are plenty of interesting game modes to enjoy too besides the main story mode you can also play against.

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Ahead and download the game right now by scanning the QR code on screen or by using the link in the description and be sure to use our promo code opmts face one punch man the strongest for supporting the channel but now back to the topic at hand number 10 surviving in space during his fight with boros we see.

Saitama get launched into space for the first but certainly not last time after releasing the leader of the Dark Matter thieves from his restraining armor with one punch saitama is faced with a fully powered boros he remains totally unfazed as his opponent begins to transform and emit a terrifying light boros admits that saitama even surviving his.

Transformation is a feat but it simply makes him a more worthy opponent the two throw blows at each other around the Dark Matter thieves ship with saitama blocking each one and even surviving a well-aimed punch to the gut they continue slamming each other around the ship until saitama blows off boros's arm the alien compliments him noting that.

Saitama is the only being capable of fighting toe-to-toe with him before releasing enough energy to crush any other being's bones into dust the only damage saitama incurs is some minor scratches and slight annoyance at how long this fight is taking Saito Alma and boros continued throwing increasingly more violent punches at each other to.

The point where the Dark Matter thieves's ship is destroyed and saitama is sent flying to the Moon even he is shocked that he can not only exist in space without immediately combusting but can easily breathe and talk as well however just in case he makes a Quick Escape by slamming his foot on the moon's surface and launching himself.

Back to Earth the force behind this stop sends ripples throughout the surface and creates a dent in the Rock obviously our op King does completely destroy Boris moments later but that's not the craziest part of this fight this is what establishes that saitama is strong enough to not immediately die after leaving Earth's atmosphere however I.

Promise he does even more insane Feats in space later on which is why surviving briefly on the moon is only number 10. number nine creating natural disasters surviving a natural disaster is one thing Cree creating one is another but saitama had a hand in starting and some birding multiple natural disasters during his penultimate fight with Garo.

Obviously the two cause a lot of damage even before Garo transforms into a mysterious being including creating a new trench in the sea floor and leveling a small cityscape but the two's combined destructive power creates not one but two spontaneous natural disasters the first isn't totally saitama's doing but he still has a part in it due to his.

Quick reflexes see I think a totally underrated part of saitama's battle strategy is his ability to taunt his opponent into losing their cool be it through expressing boredom or picking at their hypocrisy he does the latter to Garo a man so hell-bent on being a villain that he accidentally becomes an anti-hero which causes him to throw a.

Punch that ignites an eruption from a nearby Dorman volcano the flow runs uncontrolled towards a large group of evacuees trying to flee the damage from two earlier monster battles luckily for the civilians a volcanic eruption isn't enough to Halt saitama or garo's fighting Spirit and the two eventually launch another series of blows powerful.

Enough to reverse the direction of the flow moments later saitama decides to take the offensive position in an attempt to quickly end the battle his series of consecutive normal punches not only sends Garo hurling towards the Earth's core but also sets off a series of waves large enough to erode a nearby mountain range into nothing of course.

Causing extreme amounts of damage during a fight is nothing new for saitama or really any superhero for that matter however rarely if ever does a superhuman cause the equivalent of a natural disaster the fact he plays a part in causing not one but two is what places this feat at number nine number eight seriously powerful squirt gun saitama's.

Serious series of moves are basically what he is capable of when he's taking a battle seriously most of the time he's just a hero for fun after all since he can defeat anyone or anything with one punch what's the point in exerting himself with flashy moves but when he whips out his serious series he can do some seriously amazing things the first.

Example on this list comes from his battle with Orochi the head of the monster Association the two start their fight on Earth as Orochi figures out that saitama is the ghost town horror who kills some of his strongest soldiers in order to give himself the home field advantage he removes his mask and leads saitama deep into a cave towards the.

Mysterious Shrine this also means that saitama is being led deep deep down into the Earth's core through pits of lava as a worthy human sacrifice for Orochi to become a new God we already know saitama is essentially impervious to elements that would kill a normal human so obviously surviving mag is probably a normal Tuesday for him Orochi doesn't.

Know that though and he's shocked when he's not immediately boiled alive in order to ensure a worthy Human Sacrifice he launches Gaia Cannon one of the most powerful energy projection attacks thus far saitama Encounters this with serious scored gun which manifests an incredibly high powered stream of water from his hands using the power of the Earth's.

Core now basic science dictates that water does not remain in its liquid state above 100 degrees Fahrenheit so saitama should be launching straight steam but he's able to not only manifest water but water so powerful that it stops Orochi in his tracks this isn't the only time saitama will break the laws of science on this list but it is.

Arguably the least impressive since he's still on Earth for this one number seven omnidirectional punches during his arduous battle with Cosmic Garo saitama performs several Feats that are literally impossible for any human superhero or not to do the first on this list comes from him defying the laws of portals after destroying IO which I will.

Cover in detail a little later Garo is sent flying and immediately crashes through pieces of debris and moon rock this is the first time in the battle he's felt seriously threatened and immediately looks for an Escape Route luckily he's got an impressive ability to copy the techniques of other superhumans his best chance right now is.

Copying the hero blast's portal abilities and finding his way back to Earth what he doesn't expect is for saitama to start running around him creating hundreds of after images before he can even conjure a portal he's attacked by omnidirectional serious punch which as the name suggests has every after image punch Garo from all.

Sides a still disoriented Garo manages to create an escape portal but is shocked to find saitama had punched his way through the portal to follow him the chase continues with saitama managing to punch his way through every every portal Garo creates before ending his opponent's feudal escape with a final serious punch while saitama's punches.

Are obviously what he's known for the fact they can overpower a dimensional gate is impressive however this isn't even the most effective use of serious punch in this whole battle so the omnidirectional punch sits at number seven but before we continue with the list be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an.

Upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today now back to the Highlight Reel number six flipping a moon remember at number 10 when I said saitama had multiple stints in space well not only can he survive in space without appropriate life support gear he is still an incredibly competent and destructive fighter after Cosmic Garo.

And saitama land on Jupiter's third largest moon IO from the Collision of Sirius punch squared the two can properly battle without any civilians potentially getting injured or killed from the aforementioned in natural disasters or garo's Cosmic radiation between the harsh conditions of space and his opponent launching three nuclear.

Scale attacks in quick succession saitama truly seems to be evenly matched but naturally the only harm that comes to the hero is his uniform being completely destroyed a naked but not at all afraid saitama angry at the loss of his Protege genos simply raises his fist in what looks like another serious punch however that move would be far too.

Predictable and not effective enough Garo has proven multiple times throughout this battle that a simple punch isn't enough to put him down no this raised fist is the start of a brand new move serious table flip the force of this move creates what's essentially a tsunami of io's rock that flings Garo into space and subsequently sends him.

Crashing down to the desecrated Moon even though this move doesn't completely destroy IO trust me that move is included a little later it's still incredibly impressive that saitama can break apart a moon with the same effort of a normal human flipping a table not only that but he's still not using his full power here he's just actually.

Putting some effort into the fight but since IO is only damaged and not completely obliterated serious table flip sits at number six number five throwing a portal like a frisbee so a lot of saitama's greatest hits happen on iO at this point in the battle saitama is just getting exponentially more powerful by the minute so it makes sense.

That every new move is just another Flex turns out saitama is not only capable of punching through space-time via portals he can also handle them in ways no other being can blast is ranked as a top hero because of his ability to conjure and manipulate inter-dimensional portals and Garo can copy techniques like blasts one for one but what both with lack is the.

Imagination or perhaps the capability to use portals for anything other than their intended use not only does saitama lack physical limitations like getting injured or only being able to survive on Earth but he also lacks mental constraints because he's so op so it's no surprise that when Garo produces a gateway to Exile his opponent back to.

Earth saitama just kicks it out of the way like a football Garo confused as to how saitama was even able to touch the portal and still reeling from another serious punch attempts to create a second one to land a sneak attack obviously saitama isn't going to leave the battle that easily and he flips that one too to make Garo Miss and punch the.

Air this ability is called non-physical interaction and saitama is the only person so far to master it it's not the first time he's interacted with something outside of the Physical Realm but it is the first time he's intentionally used the ability in battle the fact that saitama can basically manipulate anything in the physical and.

Non-physical Realms essentially means there's no end to how cytoma can manipulate his surroundings to easily win a battle number four destroying a moon with a sneeze so we established that saitama can flip a moon as easily as a table and denta Moon with his foot but can he completely destroy one of the largest moons in the solar system.

Yes he can with ease after saitama's serious table flips both Garo and the majority of IO his true power starts to reveal itself his strength grows exponentially with each new punch he throws and every new attack he Dodges the only thing Garo is able to do is remove the tattered remains of the Caped baldi's uniform which as we've already.

Established literally does nothing to him in one of many desperate attempts to catch saitama or Escape battle Garo tries to give his opponent a taste of his own medicine and winds up a serious punch using saitama's signature move is too predictable though and he easily catches garo's fist in his own hand he takes a deep inhale as his opponent is.

Only able to watch in shock and confusion wondering what new attack will be thrown at him saitama lets out aloud and the two are sent ricocheting through the debris of IO and through the gaseous layer of Jupiter slamming hard on the gas Giant's core serious sneezes air expulsion has enough power to not only launch two people into Jupiter's core.

But also is the finishing move for Io the Moon is completely blown away from the air blast and pieces of rock rain down on the fighters even though I could have easily put destroying a moon as one item on saitama's op resume I think there's a slight difference between simply damaging a moon and absolutely obliterating it sure the serious table.

Flip is a novel idea but I'd argue finishing one of the largest moons in the solar system with something as simple as a sneeze is even more insane number three surviving multiple gamma ray bursts most of this list has been dedicated to saitama's Feats in battle or how easily he can defeat an opponent but what I haven't touched on enough is.

Simply how indestructible he is I mean the fact he survived and thrived in space multiple times is just a hint at how adaptable he is but that really just scratches the surface after Garo reaches his Cosmic State he gained the ability to manipulate Cosmic forces this included imbuing nuclear power into his attacks now a normal human is capable of.

Surviving nuclear fallout though they will probably have major health complications in the long run what no living being can do is survive gamma radiation which Garo literally leaks out of his pores wherever he walks he releases deadly amounts of radiation that leaf Trails of civilians bleeding out and dying in his wake but saitama.

Remains unfazed by the direct radiation he's coming in contact with not only is he able to withstand the radiation simply coming off of Garo he is completely unscathed by all life eradication nuclear fission which is essentially condensed nuclear energy to put that in perspective saitama survived something akin to walking straight into.

An actively decaying Chernobyl with not even a scratch He Still Remains unscathed and unbothered even after Garo launches all life eradication gamma-ray burst directly at him which contains all the radiation of a Dying star gamma radiation is what's responsible for creating black holes in his 10 million times more powerful than the nuclear.

Blast again for comparison the sun is dying is supposed to be what kills any remaining beings on Earth and yet saitama able to survive a similar event with no issue if that's not the ultimate testimony to saitama's above superhuman invincibility I don't know what could be number two creating a self-contained universe so we've been over how.

Indestructible saitama is and the sheer amount of strength he possesses but there's a latent part of saitama I haven't even touched on yet his smarts he's able to pick up new abilities incredibly quickly but rarely has the opportunity to do so the best example of this is that the penultimate point of his battle with Cosmic Garo at this.

Point Garo realizes his loss is imminent he's lost his closest Ally tario because of his own Pursuit for a better universe and his Godly powers are slowly flowing out of his body he decides to give saitama the Ultimate key to ending this battle replicating the powers of God Garo lets his remaining power flow as he creates a miniature your Universe.

Harnessing every part of his being down to the atomic level saitama quickly follows suit and is able to mimic the god-like powers and create his own self-contained internal Universe it takes mere seconds for saitama to not only copy a technique reserved only for mysterious beings imbued with godly power but Master it enough to use it to.

Undo the battle and all its effects on the people but you might be asking yourself why is creating an entire self-contained Universe only number two well because he didn't do it alone the fact he was able to learn how to copy garo's ability to create an internal Universe in only a matter of minutes is by all means breathtaking but this is.

The only item on this list that saitama did not teach himself this single caveat is the only reason I put saitama literally controlling a cosmic world within himself at only number two honorable mentions before we get to saitama's most press the feet here's a few that didn't quite crack the top 10. first is traveling back into Earth's.

Atmosphere in an incredibly inconvenient way when Cosmic Gara was trying to flee an obviously unwinnable fight with saitama the pseudo-gods best out was teleporting back into Earth's orbit in order to ensure a clean Escape Garo pushes saitama back towards the remains of IO before immediately launching himself into the safety of Earth's.

Atmosphere what he doesn't expect nor did I is saitama following him through the power of an impressive fart I'm serious saitama passed gas with enough Force to not only travel from Jupiter back to Earth something most spacecrafts can't even do but also with enough speed to catch up to a teleporting Garo this isn't even in his serious style Arsenal.

Either saitama can apparently just do this whenever he chooses which I find incredibly impressive another miscellaneous superhuman feat saitama is capable of is turning around fast enough to see the back of his own head as a result of his extensive hero training regimen he began to Bald prematurely at an extremely rapid rate unfortunately.

Saitama wasn't particularly aware of this side effect and had to see for himself if he truly was balding it's instead of using an extra mirror like a normal person he managed to turn around fast enough to see the bald spot on the back of his head is this unconventional yes absolutely but it's also literally impossible apparently it'd take a human.

Moving at the speed of light or entering a black hole to see the back of their own head without a mirror so not only does saitama literally break the rules of physics in order to see if he's balding he does so in the middle of his training regimen he's not even close to beating his opponents with his signature one punch yet he's already capable of.

Moving at the speed of light the only reason I didn't put this in a top 10 spot is because after completing his training saitama's super speed is put to better use in formal battles However the fact he's able to just break the laws of physics without being fully trained means I have to at least mention it number one winning a battle in Net Zero.

Punches sure creating a self-contained universe or throwing portals like frisbees might seem pretty impressive but other beings can do the same in fact Cosmic guard does both there's only one thing saitama alone can do and that's winning a battle in zero punches after creating the miniature sized universe saitama is able to unlock the capability.

To time travel this was Gyro's entire goal of teaching him the technique he wanted to ensure the ominous future of Earth its inhabitants and Garo himself would be averted this technique allows saitama to not only view the Battle from a third person perspective but to stop time right before Garo turns Earth into to a hellscape intercepting the battle.

Right there creates an unavoidable reversal of causality the punch that saitama wound up back on Jupiter is released on an unsuspecting Garo essentially through the manipulation of space-time saitama beat his foe in Net Zero punches the fight with Garo is over before it even starts this is the ultimate conversion of everything.

Saitama is superior at smarts strength and abilities not even attainable by the average superhuman the combination of time travel and winning a battle in less than one punch is arguably saitama's most OP move in the whole series and that's the compilation of saitama's greatest hits for now the series is still ongoing and saitama's getting.

Exponentially stronger with each new chapter so who knows what he will be capable of in his next battle but what do you think leave us a comment down below with your favorite saitama moments thank thank you so much for watching I'm Anthony fan and have an amazing rest of your day