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Why Tanjiro’s Family Was Hiding For 500 Years – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


For almost 1,000 Years, Kibutsuji Muzan ruled as the King of Demons. Many generations of Demon Slayers failed to stop him and his overwhelming power. But all it took was one mistake to change everything! When Muzan killed Tanjiro’s family and turned Nezuko into a demon, he had no idea that he just unleashed his greatest fear back into the world. Because, unknown to even Tanjiro, his family wasn’t exactly normal. They possessed an ancient power that not even the Hashira knew about! This all began about 500 years ago during ‘The Golden Age of Demon Slayers’. It was called this because the Hashira back then were the strongest in history.

Each of them manifested a Demon Slayer Mark. A sign of awakened abilities, and the pinnacle of demon slaying strength. And they only became this strong thanks to one man, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest Demon Slayer to ever live! Seriously, this guy was built different! Instead of manifesting his Demon Slayer Mark, he was born with one! As an infant, he could see The Transparent World. This pretty much gave him X-ray vision when it came to other living things, along with slow-motion perception.

An ability Tanjiro didn’t unlock until the end of the series! At only 7 years old, he easily defeated a master swordsman. That’s crazy enough on its own, but what if I told you this was the very first time he ever lifted a sword!? Yeah. Before then, his twin brother looked down on him, thinking Yoriichi was deaf and couldn’t speak. Meanwhile, Yoriichi just didn’t have much to say. Although he was this powerful, he didn’t really like the idea of hurting others, so.

He decided not to become a samurai. At the age of 10, Yoriichi ran away from home. And the way he did this was just as impressive because he ran for one day and one night into the mountains without stopping and wasn’t tired in the slightest. Tanjiro’s Demon Slayer training would have been a joke to him! Here he met the girl who would eventually be his wife, and for close to 10 years, he hadn’t touched a single weapon. But while Yoriichi was out looking for someone to help deliver his first child, like Tanjiro, a demon killed his family.

We’re not sure if it was Muzan himself, but if it was, he emphasisreally messed up! This was the most painful experience of Yoriichi’s life. For 10 days straight, he held his dead wife’s body. The only reason he stopped was because the Demon Slayer that was tracking the monster found him and convinced him to join their cause. Fun fact: That Demon Slayer was one of Rengoku’s ancestors! Now, Flame Breathing and all the other Early Breathing Styles were inferior imitations of Yoriichi’s signature Sun Breathing. That’s why Rengoku senior assumed Tanjiro was there to mock them with his superior abilities.

And listen! Many of those early Demon Slayers would have loved to use Sun Breathing, and Yoriichi was more than happy to teach them. The problem was, nobody was suited to use it! Even his twin brother had to make a cheap knock-off called “Moon Breathing”. Demon Slayers usually take on apprentices called “Tsugokus” that they can pass their techniques onto. But Yoriichi, instead of only teaching Sun Breathing, created the original Flame, Water, Wind, Stone and Thunder Breathing techniques.

And the people who picked those up the best came to be known as The Hashira. Like the colors of their Nichirin Swords, the breathing style of a Demon Slayer tends to match up with them as a person. Most Demon Slayers use Water Breathing since Water can adapt to any shape and can be as destructive as it is gentle. But the more similar a Demon Slayer is to their Breathing Style of choice, the closer they’ll be to reaching their maximum potential. And even today, most Hashira do this. The Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji was originally Rengoku’s student and passed Final Selection.

In record time with Flame Breathing. But she created Love Breathing because it was better suited for her unique body. And by that I of course mean her strange hair color and greater than demon strength. Although Yoriichi was recruited, as we know them today, in a way, he was the very first Demon Slayer. He’s the blueprint. They even made a wooden puppet of the guy for training since he couldn’t train so many people at once. They gave this thing extra arms just to get as close to Yoriichi’s skills as possible.

And this centuries old cheap copy was as strong as a Kinoe rank Demon Slayer. That’s just below Hashira. There might have been more of these things, but you’ll understand later in the video why they were likely all destroyed. Before Yoriichi, the Demon Slayers weren’t much of a threat at all. Back then, Demon Slayers were more like a desert name to Demons. But once they started using breathing styles, Muzan became interested. Curious to see if they were an actual concern. But upon closer inspection, he wasn’t impressed and quickly lost interest.

But that all changed when he met Yoriichi Tsujikuni. The moment Yoriichi met Muzan, he knew that he was born to kill him. By completing the 13 Forms of Sun Breathing, against the fiend, Yoriichi completely dismantled Muzan! Unable to regenerate and just barely keeping his severed head from falling, Muzan could have easily been finished off here. But before that, Yoriichi wanted to know what the value of a life was to Muzan. But instead of answering, Muzan, in his frustration and fear, would split his body apart with tremendous force.

Of the 1,800 pieces of flesh, Yorichii in those milliseconds managed to cut about 1,500 of them. Those remaining pieces were just enough for Muzan to regenerate with, and so he survived. From then on, Muzan was so terrified of Yoriichi, The Greatest Demon Slayer, that he never showed himself to him again. Actively avoiding The Sun Breather. Soon after that, Yoriichi’s life fell apart. His twin brother, jealous of his sibling’s superior abilities, became a demon. Together with Kokushibo, Muzan made it his mission to ensure that Sun Breathing wouldn’t.

Survive through the ages by killing all its users. In fact, this one encounter forced Muzan to change his entire business model. Instead of handling things himself, he just had his minions do his bidding as he kept entirely away from the Demon Slayers. That’s why Tanjiro discovering Muzan in a crowd was such a big deal that even The Hashira were shocked by it. Yoriichi also spared the demon Tamayo. After these events, Yoriichi’s fellow Demon Slayers completely turned against him. Not only was he kicked out of the organization, but some believed he should even kill himself.

After that, Yoriichi was all alone. He failed. Eventually, wanting to talk to someone, he remembered his friends Sumiyoshi and Suyako. Tanjiro’s ancestors that he saved from a demon in the past. Yoriichi told Sumiyoshi the tragic story of his life. And being as kind hearted as his future descendant, Sumiyoshi was deeply moved by it. Being with them brought the gentle swordsmen Yoriichi, to tears. That day while he was with them and their children, Tanjiro’s Super Great Grandma made up a song about wanting to see Yoriichi’s sword forms.

So he showed them all 13 Forms! First Form: Dance – The user moves their arm down with a single curved slash. Second Form: Clear Blue Sky – The user spins for a 360 slash. Third Form: Raging Sun – The user swings two big circles around themself to hit any enemies coming towards them. Fourth Form: Burning Bones, Summer Sun – The user creates a spiraling slash to protect themselves from frontal attacks. Fifth Form: Setting Sun Transformation – The user backflips up followed by a downward, decapitating slash.

Sixth Form: Solar Heat Haze – The user rushes with a heat surrounded sword that makes the length and location of the blade difficult for the target to gauge. Seventh Form: Beneficent Radiance – The user jumps into the air with a swirling upward slash. Eighth Form: Sunflower Thrust – A powerful thrust that uses the tip of the blade to strike. Ninth Form: Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance – The user performs a series of consecutive slashes that can decapitate multiple targets. Tenth Form: Fire Wheel – The user flips up behind a target ahead of quickly swinging their sword in a circle to split at target in two.

Eleventh Form: Fake Rainbow – The user moves rapidly enough to create evasive afterimages that even work on those with incredible senses. Twelfth Form: Flame Dance – A vertical slash that leads into a horizontal one. And The Mysterious Thirteenth Form – The endless performance of the previous 12 that becomes more accurate and swift with each continued use. This form was perfectly created to destroy Muzan and his seven hearts and five brains. ??????!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Now, Yoriichi didn’t intend to teach the early Kamados Sun Breathing at all. But, Tanjiro’s Super Grandpa was so moved by Yoriichi’s story that he decided to never.

Forget Yoriichi’s otherworldly performance. When Yoriichi gave them the Hanafuda earrings his mother made for him as a child, the early Kamados knew they’d never see him again. Moved to tears by their friend's departure, and truly believing him to be a man of incredible worth, Sumiyoshi would vow to pass Yoriichi’s Sun Breathing and Earrings down to future generations. Something that made Yoriichi incredibly happy. For hundreds of years, the Kamado family would live as charcoal burners in the same location. And for just as long, they’d perform and pass down The Hinokami Kagura.

A dance that secretly taught Sun breathing to every Kamado male. And because Tanjiro had three younger brothers, there could have been four Sun Breathers if they survived. Tanjiro’s father Tanjuro wasn’t a Demon Slayer, but he was incredibly powerful! We’re talking Hashira level here! With just the swing of an ax and his ailing body, Tanjuro managed to decapitate an abnormally big, man-eating bear. What’s even crazier is that the disease Tanjiro’s dad had wasn’t a disease at all!.

In reality, like Yoriichi, he was born with a Demon Slayer Mark and could see into the transparent world. But those who awaken the mark are said to die before the age of 25 without exception. Except… that’s not really true. It’s the reason The Golden Age of Demon Slayers came crashing down, but Yoriichi actually lived to be over 80 years old. Either way, with 6 kids, Tanjiro’s dad was sure to make the most of the life he had. But listen, if he became a Demon Slayer, he could have been the strongest one since Yoriichi. And although his son Tanjiro was never exactly their strongest, his resemblance to Yoriichi.

Was absolutely horrific in the eyes of Muzan. At some point, Muzan discovered The Kamado family’s Sun Breathing secret and decided to go after them personally. But unlike your typical demon attack, none of Tanjiro’s family members were eaten. Instead, in hopes of creating a demon that could withstand the sun, that he could absorb, Muzan gave each of them a dose of his poisonous blood, which ultimately killed them. He didn’t realize that Nezuko was a demon because, unlike other demons, she was immune to his influence. Although she never learned the Hinokami Kagura, as a Kamado, Nezuko, instead of becoming Muzan’s.

Subject, became a Demon Queen in her own right. Besides later developing Sun resistance, Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art generated pink flames that only brought harm to demons. Descending from several generations of Sun Breathers, the Kamado family stopped being your average humans. If there was nothing special about them, Muzan would have never suspected that they’d be able to overcome his weakness to sunlight, which, both Tanjiro and Nezuko did actually manage to do as Demons. In the world of Demon Slayer, when a person is on the brink of death, they may have sudden.

Memories of the past or even meet with those in the afterlife. In the case of Tanjiro, this allowed him to recall and make use of his father’s teachings against Rui. He even used the Hinokami Kagura to decapitate Akaza of The Upper Moons. At this time, Tanjiro was still performing a bunch of unnecessary movements, which limited his damage potential. But when he was infected by Muzan’s poison, Tanjiro experienced his ancestors' memories of Yoriichi, and this not only taught him how to use Sun Breathing more accurately, but also the secret 13th Form.

Tanjiro would admit that he was nowhere near his father’s, let alone Yoriichi’s capabilities, so his use of Sun Breathing was a lot weaker. But seeing it still really frustrated Muzan. Either way, Tanjiro was still just a child, and had only learned the completed forms a few seconds beforehand, so the King of Demons wasn’t too worried. But when he realized that additional factors were making him weaker and slower, the danger of Tanjiro’s moves began to set in. Now, when it comes to breathing styles, the creation or modification of a form is a big deal, and incredibly difficult to pull off.

Yet Tanjiro actually managed to do this by recalling Zenitsu’s signature Thunderclap and Flash Technique. Combining this with The First Form of Sun Breathing, Tanjiro created the ‘Dancing Flash’. By inhaling major amounts of oxygen and increasing the flow of blood throughout the body and concentrating it on the legs, he was able to move at extreme speeds to deliver a flaming slash. And this was brilliant because both techniques were the first forms of their respective breathing styles.

And remember, Yoriichi created both of them. But sadly, it looks like Flame Breathing may be dead in the future. Becayse Tanjiro’s Hanafuda Earrings have been hung up, and the story of The Demon Slayers is more like an old folk tale in the modern era, it doesn’t seem like The Hinokami Kagura Dance has been passed on to Tanjiro’s descendants. In a world without Demons it’s not really needed, but I think having it remain a cultural dance would have been really cool. We’ve also got plenty of other really cool Demon Slayer videos for you to enjoy, and even more on the way!.