30 minutes before we open we only have four flavors on the tray so we need to get going how many flavors you usually have 25. that is 21 to go okay so because I'm a overachiever I did try my hand at making donuts literally last week and they were not good I can now appreciate the craft of what it takes to make a donut I want.

To do a good job I want to make sure that I feel like a useful valuable member of the team but there's a lot of room for error if I get into that kitchen so I'm outside the donut project it's 5 45 it's a crackle Dawn I'm gonna go inside learn what it's like to work a shift and be a donut maker for a day.

Hello how are you doing today good morning good morning it's very early as you can feel in your body right it's early but I'm excited welcome to the darkness because that's when Donuts happened do you have any pastry experience I have moderate pastry experience a lot of enthusiasm that's required as well we learn by doing so.

You're going to be doing you're going to be rolling out the donuts roughly how many donuts are we going to be making today probably around 500 500 okay today's a quiet day on the weekends you'll do like up to 1500. oh my gosh and I know we're in a time crunch so let's get used let's do it yeah yeah let's go.

Do I need anything else no you're good okay fine let's get this going because where should we start already yeah put me to work we're gonna get our water hot turn on our proofer turn on the fryer and the hot water will help make our sugar kind of melt down mix this up a little bit and then we're gonna take this and throw it into our big old.

Mixing bowl dump and milk so everything's licensed so I've got everything measured for Trade Secrets exactly okay exactly all right you're good all right so this mix right now we can probably get 200 300 Donuts okay then we'll have the trim that we saved that'll turn into bars of rolls ah okay waste not long time.

Exactly got it exactly and you also do like a lot of collaborations with other like Brands and like spirits too I think I saw or like uh restaurants they give us turn this into a donut yeah absolutely so fun and sometimes really challenging and always very very rewarding okay so our timer just ended so I can open the.

Cage open that up and then dump this all on it all the fat this feels wrong like I should not be doing it this is our shortening so our fat so this will make the donut melt in your mouth and I'll hand you your yeast and just dump that in oh my God this dumping method is really sending it we want to make things as.

Easy as possible when we're sleep deprived and walk in the door stands that makes sense seems like we're on a bit of a time crunch I went on to the flow of the day like what what are we working towards here so we open at nine which means all of these different varieties of dough everything has to be ready to go at night and orders that.

Already came in yes we already have two big orders and today is a little bit of everything we're already running a little behind schedule I apologize are you stressed I'm a little I just want to do a good job for you so that I can come back and also I want to keep the shirt I'll take away the shirt if your Donuts are no good that's true.

Honestly all right we're good okay so we want to do this in about 12 pound balls and scrape it off of the hook and we can get that hook aside we're going to take a knife and you're just going to try to cut off a little section so next we're gonna ball this up okay get it nice and tight and ready to proof and if I'm honest with you we are very behind okay.

Press it all in the middle okay make yourself a little ball like this pinch the seam together flip it over okay flip we're just gathering together in a bottle and it's gonna go into the proofer got it is it seven oh my God but yes I'm gonna put those in these buckets okay so normally this.

Is how we proof all the dough since we're running a little behind it's like the ones exactly these are going to go a lot faster than this got it got it our dough in the proofer is ready we're gonna be shocked and what it looks like so turn around oh God it's so big it's like a baby yeah like fully exploded exactly child exactly is that how babies.

Work I don't know so we're ready to roll and we gotta roll fast let's do it okay those are like the colors and they look incredible don't they look great yeah we're we're at the multitasking stage so we're gonna there's gonna be a lot going on all at the same time amazed that you can do more than one thing at one time so there's basically never a moment.

Where we're standing still is you want to kind of start in the middle and push out to the edges okay and then every once in a while we're gonna stop rolling and we're going to just relax the dough we usually just grab it give it a little like flip I need that on my shoulders like a little like and that just uh basically we just want.

To make sure that the gluten stays nice and loose got it okay you know if I was cold this morning waking up I'm definitely warm yeah and I'm gonna have you take care of our rounds I don't know what that means yet so no holes they're a donut and there's going to be no hole in the center got it do you want to just go straight down.

Straight down yes and then give it a little twist so and let's just see how we look I know beautiful not bad okay so we're just gonna go straight around to the edge that's usually what I do and start pulling them off oh yeah oops the hardest part right now is feeling like I've let my teammates down but also consistency yeah we want.

Everything to look uniform exactly all right and we just want them spaced out in the proofer as well so they have room to rise so these will be ready at 8 12 and yours will be ready at 8 17. I'm laughing you basically oh no but it's okay you're you're almost there and then you can take all of these pieces and dump them in this bucket the.

Little balls too yep the little balls as well this feels really nice I feel like one day I'll be a donut Master but maybe not today you want to do some minis yes they work the same way as the regular rounds that you just did but they're smaller two four six eight ten twelve fourteen.

Sixteen eighteen twenty I could make donuts now for as long as they'll have me around honestly if you ever want to come back on a Saturday oh my you know I don't know if you want me back on a Saturday that's that's the question I think you'll never come back we'll never see you again okay so what's our next thing if we.

Hustle yes we can get our apple cider in before our dough I believe it is this dough is sticky so we're gonna need a lot of flour on the table see okay so what's the difference between the dough that we see here versus what we were just working with so this dough is an old-fashioned base can be made in advance it needs to be refrigerated.

Doesn't have any yeast in it so it does not need to rise it's basically a cake donut flour is your friend and you can really bang it on a table to get it got it okay really get as close as humanly possible got it so we make use of every bit of the dough you really just did that very quickly okay okay I'm gonna tray out.

While you cut so you're doing pretty good these are looking looking good how do you feel you know what I'm just gonna forgive myself for what I don't know in this process exactly just chalk it up to learning so everything for the fryer is timed so these are our hooks okay they're a pain in the butt once I pick it up I kind of.

Test it and then we're going to drop it into the fryer this will be two and a half minutes okay and 350 degree oil and then we're gonna flip them oh my God they look like they're ready not yet they're still raw okay no holes a12 rounds 817 minis 8 30. this is when they need to drop into the fryer if they don't drop in a fryer then.

I'm fired so just grab there and there perfect and just pull straight up straight up yes and then you're gonna land right next to you wow this is really not there you go I don't realize that would be my setback for the day and then bring over slowly down and drop in beautiful I'm just going to set up your timer for you and.

We're gonna hand them off and those are gonna get glazed now you have 15 seconds the pressure is on grab your chopsticks Chopsticks this is the fun part oh my God this is great we're a little past eight o'clock we got an hour until open we've got our um.

Apple cider donuts here oh two fell off and then we're gonna pick them up right just get them out of there gonna get them out of there and then I'm gonna drop yeah and I got your timer set up so you just need to press Start okay start okay so that's three minutes for these on each side uh no.

It'll be three minutes total so you've got a minute and then they flip God so you are you can actually put down the tongs for a second oh yeah oh so what do you think how do these look to you okay this one looks insane like I had a night out oh my God I'm sorry no all right so from what I can see some of them look a little a little tight.

Yeah and that usually means that they just needed one more little relaxing so the dough is a little too we'll try off a few more trays and then we're gonna switch over to glazing it's got about 40 minutes okay before open how long does it take to get them glazed it depends excuse me I'm working excuse me I'm.

Working we're gonna run out of time so we're gonna start doing things at the same time so these are our Knolls we're gonna split these up into a few different flavors and then we're just literally gonna poke it in and kind of wiggle it around got it make a little space go ahead we'll also glaze some rounds okay just making holes in my toes.

Hopefully this is Jessica approved we could be okay I need to get out of my head get in the game is right yeah they look nice and tall and fluffy also the drippage little like glistening moment beautiful 30 minutes before we open we only have four flavors on the tray so we need to get going how.

Many flavors do you usually have 25. that is 21 to go 30 minutes we're gonna do 10 of these with pastry cream okay just pick it up find your hole and fill it in okay I make I've made pastry before in my life let me not undersell myself this is our lemon love letter so it's lemon glaze sea salt and lemon zest and then your.

Next 10 are is going to be a little bit of jam and our peanut butter we're in tight quarters and we gotta dance around each other 10 10 I'm moving on to my ricotta whip ricotta for The Minis ricotta right there for The Minis yes okay I think two four two four six eight ten I did eleven my bad you filled an.

Extra one no the large one it's okay I wanted a snack so for glazing we just want to get chocolate right on the top just nice and even when you have excess you just let it drip yeah and you can kind of scrape it on the side a little bit but that looks beautiful so we're gonna glaze our Manhattan creams with chocolate and I'm gonna hand you your.

Blackberry okay those look fantastic so you can set that glaze aside and then you're gonna grab your beet which is this other pink one here we go so close we're so close to getting caught up we got to get this out to Leslie because she's got a few rolls on so just get like a little bit of buttercream on our spatula and then just smear it on top.

Okay okay so I'm just gonna bring the cinnamon rolls out to the front okay we'll do oh come through coming through thank you I appreciate it so we just need to fry off the last bit of vegan dough they gotta just get all fried off or they die we turn on and then we just.

Click it down oh can I just move it whatever yeah you just swivel it around there you go straight money with this thing yeah why didn't we start with this one the vegan donut day are another cake donut and they are so delicious you'd never tell if they're vegan do you have the real donut maker yet I'm.

A student of the donut institution timer is up so it is 9 A.M we are open so vegans came out great they're done you're gonna graduate now to piping out some colors have you done any piping before I have done piping before okay I wouldn't say I was proud of what I did we just want to like cut off a little bit because it's a lot.

Easier to pipe just a small amount okay so the curlers are our number one seller by far they are the most popular everybody loves them so we always want to make sure we've got plenty of crawlers so we're all set on that we're gonna go put this in the refrigerator and then you're going to report to Leslie up front and learn how to work.

Some of the front of house do I get to make a little cappuccino yeah for the heart yeah oh you could if you can do that you're better I can everyone who works for me has to know how to do every position so not only making the dough glazing Donuts but also serving Donuts knowing the POS and how.

Things work so our POS is here you just press the buttons and it tallies it all up and then you press charge and it's easy breezy I'm going to show you how to make an espresso coffee drink it may look intimidating but it is very easy to use once you know how to do it it's like making a cocktail right that I understand the next customer that comes.

In you're in charge okay amazing um perfect I will do a great job thanks Leslie let me get a cinnamon roll please cinnamon roll okay let me do the Maple crueler let me try the PB J anything else remember the drink tab drink tab Americano I think I'm getting the hang of this I.

Feel like Liz if you want to take off tomorrow totally could I wish I could I don't ever get any time off fill it up not all the way to the top but like a little bit more like okay crawler PB and J and a cinnamon roll would you like to add a tip of course I would thank you so much there is your receipt.

Thank you so much take care please come back again your first day this is literally my first day can you tell okay great did you say vanilla latte as well okay here we go sorry I had to start my latte over I didn't do the timing right oh you know it could have been kind of.

Looks like a falcon taking off thank you so much and then on this one yeah on this restaurant I was coming to tell you you have to make sure that it kind of releases because if not it'll keep going oh no I'm literally walking here to tell you promise this never happens oh that's where it went oh my God yeah I get that.

Oh dear not on the first day oh okay all right thank you yes of course all right so we're getting close to two when we close and it seems like we've done a great job but I want to call Jess up here to get her feedback on how you did in the kitchen oh no this is like a report card yes it is like a report card.

I gotta only hire a pluses got it is it a plus there is plenty of room for improvement but you did a great job thank you well you did an A plus up here with me and so you made a good impression well thank you so much for having me I feel like I learned so much about working in a donut shop and like you both have been amazing yeah thank.

You so much thank you you're a huge help thanks right so the day is over as you can see it's light out I don't even know how many hours have passed I've been here since like what 5 30. I don't know what time it is but I've learned so much from working with the donut project everyone's been so incredible I am so tired I'm gonna go home take a long much.

Deserved nap and I got to keep the shirt okay I kind of love what if we did like a little roll and Tuck moment like a little does that work like a kind of giving like sexy pastry do you know what I mean no it's not working is it it's not working okay