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One piece took the cover of the magazine this time with a cool shot of Luffy atop a pile of riches while holding a hairless brook-like skull and considering the contents of the chapter itself this is surprisingly fitting speaking of which we also received a color spread that fits several of the more free-spirited one-piece ladies.

Which actually managed to spark up a bit of controversy since Yamato is here too I really want to know what you guys think do you see any issue with Yamato being here either way I'm much more interested in BB to her lap kicking things off several guards inside Pangea Castle have been defeated by fiery attacks once he's taken them all down.

Sabo tried to catch his breath but just then a woman rushed through the door confident that the man in front of her was Sabo recognizing her to be jewelry Bonnie with a smile on her face she told him that since they're after the same thing they should skip the small talk while they ran through the castle it would be said that they broke into the.

Guard's corners and stole the slave collar Keys Sabo would Express that he had heard Kuma had a daughter her but this was their first time meeting apparently Bonnie had always kept tabs on the activity of the Revolutionary Army which is why she knew Sabo and his forces could be trusted to get Kuma's body to safety at first I wondered why.

She didn't just join up with the revolutionaries but considering her number one priority was getting her dad back as soon as possible their objectives didn't align entirely besides being a pirate provided a lot more freedom freedom will see on full display later on in the chapter scattering some soot Saba would call upon karsu in the.

Form of one of his sick crows much to Bonnie's astonishment Sabo confirmed the completion of his mission and asked for the keys to be delivered along with more or less the curing of Kuma and the others before finally heading back to headquarters as he took the keys elsewhere carsu wondered about Sabo who would assure him that he wouldn't be far.

Behind now the ability to manipulate the element of his fruit from this grid of a distance is incredible not to mention the fact that even just a piece of him can see hear and speak also he seems to maintain this whole Crow thing for aesthetic purposes this is a very skill devil for user that we are dealing with Sabo would then looked at Bonnie.

Wondering what she would be doing next she planned on heading over to Egghead Island to see if vegapunk would be able to restore Kuma's mind and just before she could finish expressing her homicidal thoughts the two were noticed by a guard who'd call out to more grabbing hold of Bonnie like the princess we now know her to be Samo.

Managed to hide them up above because of this the guard who spotted them began to second-guess himself like an NPC during these stealth part of a video game another who was only just catching up remarked that it felt like there were less guards than ever these days believing they were too short-handed to effectively secure the entire Place.

Another question how in the loop their comrade happened to be then saying that they can blame you know what for that problem when they didn't seem to get it the other added that they're all gone because of it seeing them still confused the informant would name it to be the legendary Phantom room something the third guard dismissed to be complete.

Nonsense but listening in this supposedly hazardous location caught sabo's attention immediately I'm guessing they're talking about imu's room or where we saw the giant Straw Hat what do you guys think shortly afterwards the two are back outside and Bonnie was quick to thank Sabo for his help taking a look at some papers Sabo.

Would tell her that since Egghead was in the new world she was headed in the opposite direction so he just wish her safe travels there and thankfully his brother's crew got there before she ended up drowning Bonnie was clearly kept away from her father's previous companions as she found it a bit strange that a so-called radical revolutionary.

Was being so friendly to her not looking to make himself out to be a hero just like Luffy Samoa would just remind her that they're both set on saving the same person so their objectives align which again reassured her as she asked him to look after her dad again before heading to the Seas but my friends it is time for the gorse meeting of the century.

Standing before this needed Sovereign the five Elders recognized king cobra the ruler of alabasta and immediately wanted to know what he had come to ask of them to this king cobra prepared to start from the very beginning he'd begin with some information they already knew that the world government was founded 800 years ago when 20 different monarchs.

All came together under a single banner from then on their families all moved to the Holy Land so they could all live as one people one clan they are known as the celestial dragons for the ones responsible for the creation of the world as it is known they have furthermore ruled over their Creations since then internally the 20 families.

Were all considered to be equal and as a testament to that promise to ensure that no one Tyrant could ever arise from among them the empty Throne was established and in front of it each of the founding monarchs placed a single sword symbolizing their Eternal vow to never sit upon it while simultaneously new monarch families were carefully.

Crafted to rule the many nations of the world that these Celestial dragons themselves could no longer directly control and those very families remained in power even now for the sake of ensuring a smooth transition of power any and all references to the previous Dynasty's Reign removed from each of the founders representative home countries.

They were no longer to be seen as humans but as gods that was with the sole exception of his kingdom alabaster's Monarch at the time was a woman by the name of Queen Lily of house nefertari and while her name was forever immortalized as one of the founding 20 families unlike the others she didn't stay to become a Celestial Dragon and.

Let me just say that this silhouette is not only ominous it looks especially similar to the outline of emu that being said Oda already has us all fighting for our lives against possibly misleading Silhouettes but lilina fertari and Phoebe nefertari three sound pretty damn similar to me I used to joke about Vivi being IMU for some dumb reason and.

Although that is clearly not the case being anywhere close to that is downright ridiculous that being said we can't just forget that after tearing up the images of Luffy Blackbeard and shirohoshi IMU decides to keep bibi's photo fully intact as they made their way to the empty Throne so we've got joy boy a relative of this clearly important.

Queen an ancient weapon and whatever Blackbeard is Oda is a very clever man when crocodile was on a call with Mr prince in alabasta he held and destroyed a flower but not just any old flower it was a Lily and later on with a cover page the very same flower was placed in front of King Cobra as he read the paper and smiled with Vivi who is now with the.

Big bird behind the papers I seriously can't blame anyone for coming up with tinfoil hat theories when it comes to this series since things like this exist anyways instead of settling in the Holy Land we when Lily returns were home valabasta to continue as their ruler which is precisely why his family the nefertari remained in power there which.

Meant that only 19 of the swords were ever placed around the empty Throne The Lorax of Angora say would confirm everything Cobra had said to be factual but questioned the point of his statements gen Cobra admitted to having scoured all of his Kingdom's ancient texts but based on his findings all known accounts had chronicled the period.

Of time directly after the void Century had one thing in common her name was never once mentioned something that immediately caught the gorus day off guard and listen this whole dot dot dot thing has to end the sheer amount of stress they invoke is downright criminal this man Oda really knows how to tell a good story it would seem that Queen Lily.

Never made it home to alabasta as such the responsibility of ruling the country was left to her younger brother with all this Cobra would ask for his question wondering if they had any record of what happened to her Saint J Garcia Saturn would finally speak putting it bluntly he'd say that 800 years is quite a long time ago again it was true that out of.

The 20 families the nefertard family did not move to Mary joa but it was believed that Queen Lily made her way back to alabasta after making that decision and and after regurgitating everything Cobra had just said like a politician that really didn't want to tell the truth he'd apologize adding that the details of her motives and journey had been lost.

To history so they were just as clueless about it all as he was pausing clearly knowing there was no turning back king cobra would then question what was the meaning of d which was a different sort of reaction no question marks at all they were now alert the intent behind the question to be asked of first as the collective demeanor of them all shifted.

To one of extreme tension being even more truthful king cobra would informed them that a short letter written by Queen Lily had been passed down from generation to generation for all those years something that judging by the question mark with this one they were not aware of emu had been listening in this entire time so the contents of this.

Letter will be very important indeed now there is more Insanity from the throne room to come but before then we have this Straw Hat Grand Fleet issuing a declaration of war back in the public Courtyard of the castle a loud and pleading female voice would be heard as a mangled Kuma headed to the chains around her princess jirohoshi was in the.

Process of being captured yet again by the filthy Saint Charles in front of several admirers beaming with Glee Saint Charles could not help but wonder what shirohoshi eats seeing her more like an exotic pet than a person adding in that he planned to ride her to town every day and if she didn't listen she would only know pain all she could do now was cry.

Out for help from all those around her but seeing as her father and all the guards were still in the meeting Tower and they were absolutely terrified all these men made a run for it was your Hoshi could only see as heartless as far as they were concerned they didn't see anything meanwhile Saint Charles was preoccupied by the fact that his mermaid.

Had told him no unwilling to tolerate any sort of defiance to rationalize their cowardice these unsightly Nobles would remind themselves that she is a stranger and probably wasn't going to accept any of their marriage proposals anyways as the bust onto the scene was her older brother fukabushi who command the losers to clear a path but to this.

They'd warned him that to defy a Celestial Dragon would only Doom Fishman Island fukamoshi would apologize to shirahoshi for letting her out of their sight proposing that they go home and never come back to such a horrible place again cursing at these not no Celestial Dragon the brotherly Trio charged forward as Kumo was commanded to.

Eradicate them charging up a beam attack immediately the Royal Brothers just barely man to evade the onslaught as the crowd of cowards seemed to be absolutely eviscerated recognizing the then War Lord Of The Seas Bartholomew Kuma fukaboshi would Express how sad it was to see how far he had fallen but unfortunately they could not afford to.

Give up this fight so all three were prepared for the worst Saint Charles would call upon Kuma to destroy them all not caring about their Royal statuses he figured nobody would complain about some fried fish if they paid the country off with enough money just then Rebecca and the torontada Pirates showed up to help out shirooshi Leo even recognized he.

Feed responsible as Mio's guard promised to take full responsibility for what Psy was about to do but just then he stand in the way of fukamoshi telling him that a royal like him needed to show restraint say Mio's guard who had hit him earlier Saint Charles commanded Kuma to kill his fellow Celestial but instead focused on each other fukuboshi would.

Demand to know what the difference was stating their refusal to watch him treat their sister like this Mio's guard would respond with the fact that escaping would be much easier for them since they didn't have a country to worry about at the end of the day they are pirates as Leo and PSY spun up in the air preparing their respective attacks sharing a look.

Of ferocity meeting high-speed velocity shirooshi would then notice the two fellows just as he remaining onlookers begged them not to do what they were about to do as the look on Saint Charles's face was one he may never be able to express again as like a pair of world champion whack-a-mole players they slam down on the celestial dragon's head.

With Incredible Force embedding him into the ground Saint Charles now looks like something fresh out of Hunter Hunter crying out the crowd knew that they were all done for hitting a Celestial Dragon was bad enough killing one was unheard of as Kuma's Blaster charged the crowd of onlookers were certain that an admiral would be soon to appear but.

Before he could fire Morley emerged from the ground embracing his former friend while telling them all to stop picking on Kuma assuring him that he wouldn't need to list listen to anyone's orders ever again A Cheerful Morley was prepared to bring his friend home these sudden immersions of a giant just took things from bad to worse in the eyes of.

The crowd just then Carlos's Crow would appear informing more or less they'd gotten the keys then realizing that these were Intruders it wouldn't be long before they recognized Morley to be a commander of the Revolutionary Army as he Rebels made their Swift Escape meanwhile Saint Roswell was in an utter uproar over what they had done to his.

Son the straw hat Grand Fleet is now involved in this declaration of war between the Revolutionary Army and the world government based on the fact that the title the chapter is the attempted murder of a Celestial Dragon and the fact that this is one piece unfortunately Saint Charles is probably still alive but what a mess I mean Luffy.

Probably wouldn't have had it any other way since they were protecting his friend and he's Punchy seamless Steel Dragon and declared war on the Royal government during and his lobby but still this isn't a light offense but adding back to the goris day meeting emu slowly approached the empty Throne bewildered the gorus they would cry out.

To the great emu the king cobra was still in attendance completely shocked Cobra would lean forward as nothing but dread washed over his face and then emu spoke repeating Queen Lily's name the red hawk-like eyes would appear at The Sovereign below then without hesitation sit Atop The Empty Throne a grandiose declaration in and of.

Itself the time may have finally come for one of the biggest reveals in one piece history drop your craziest emu identity theories in the comments since it might just be the last chance we get if anyone's right or at least right enough expect to see your comments show up in the next one as always I'm slice botaku thank you all so much for.

Watching and have an awesome day I love you