So this latest chapter of black clover was an interesting one for a few reasons but more than anything the implications to the future of yami are tremendous what we uncovered with this one may very well set the tone for future events with the character in a number of ways ways that aren't necessarily good or bad but this is most definitely something to.

Keep an eye out for with the previous chapter austin refused to back down he had been beaten and battered by lucifero being forced to accept the unbridled onslaught of the fiend by way of several meteoric stomps and with him being in no condition to fight yet fully intent on doing so he went to support him would be the vice captain of the black bulls.

Knocked who would offer to aid asta attacking right alongside him and that's because even despite the danger knock knew in his heart of hearts the only one who stood a chance at defeating the devilish tyrant would be asta to be fair this spade kingdom conflict for them has deviated quite radically from their intended goals and things have only gone.

From bad to really bad two even worse than that but his tutelage of asta still retains his value the belief in him remains but the situation has only become more and more precarious even while asa had not prepared themselves for what was to come yuno and mereo leona were still going at it with lucifero their invasion on account of.

Unistar magic was on another level but even still despite delivering so many blows onto the monster they could not cause any meaningful damage they were more like nuisances than anything else yet if lucifer were to return the favor with even just a single direct hit it would run the risk of being fatal and so that just goes to show how ruined asta.

Is right now but obviously these who could not afford to back down in the slightest and for lucifero this was ridiculous creatures beneath him having the gall to engage at all is a sort of culture shock for the devil but to even have a semblance of difficulty in dismissing them is a whole new brand of frustration especially when such.

Intervention serves to bar him from doing as he pleases a king does and takes what he wants right now lucifero desires to take us life but he can't and he really cannot process that very well to the point where he would turn to a subject and command them to figure things out for him to deal with these two humans but a dramelec whose name we.

Then received and decided to conveniently nickname addy refused stating that it was a whole lot more fun to simply watch the sofaro fight and i have to wonder if this is simply the odd temperament of the creature or a sort of opportunistic outlook because if lucifer were to perish here i'd imagine a sort of power vacuum would be found within.

The underworld even if the humans can't manage to defeat lucifero if they come close enough why not take advantage of the situation and close the deal for yourself beyond that he also has a sort of look and feel to him that motivates me to consider the possibility of him joining our cast as an ally in the future but only time will tell me leona.

Would continue her pursuit of attacking but would find some unforeseen difficulties as despite clearly being on the cusp of something even more astonishing her body ultimately failed her as according to addie she seemed to have gotten too close to mana exceeding her human limitations which sucks for now but over here we are mere leona.

Stans and certainly expect her to go beyond this in some way or another as all of this seems to imply a new level of power to come beyond this arc which i am really excited for and is something i expect to apply to several other characters as well either way this would endanger her in the moment before yuno managed to relocate her only to then be.

Knocked away by lucifero himself lucifera would then try looking for osta but would be unable to find him after all asta does not possess any magic so it's not like he could be easily detected however in his stead there would be knocked in a brand new devil union mode the first of its kind in fact a combination between the powers of his.

Kanus and eku's forms as he begins to crucify lucifero all for the sake of providing asta with an opportunity to strike expressing that he was even willing to exchange his very life however lucifera would wave this threat with ease and proceed to target asta who had made his presence known now at that knocked as a character i really like.

With a ton of incredible abilities but i will admit that his fights do make him seem pretty underwhelming in terms of power he is working with lower level devils to be fair but still it is a bit unfortunate but despite a lack of power he is an incredible character that was willing to give his life for asta's but just as he expected to perish yami came.

To his rescue telling him not to die with this latest chapter we would have vanessa concerned for yami's well-being while being pressured by lucifer's gravitational magic as rogue began to act managing to assist gray who would express that she could heal him now due to the inherent nature of the magic rogue has not been all too noticeably.

Relevant lately but this is most definitely a power i have always been a fan of i love its independence and ability to act even beyond the purview of vanessa herself and truly i would argue that the only reason they fared as well as they did while up against the lucifero blob monster was on account of its intervention so don't sleep on this.

Thing is essentially the personification of plot armor but when grey took a look at yami's body she noticed something very major and that's the fact the very structure of yami's body has been altered and altered to the point of resembling liby who is of course a devil that despite his body being incredibly damaged he was overflowing with mana.

Yami has always been powerful but it seems like this experience has shaped him up to be even more so asta may have surpassed his previous point but where we go from here with the ami will be very exciting especially in tandem with his dark magic once recovered yami would use his black moon spell to negate the impact of lucifero's magic from there.

These three would be joined by the likes of longris hatoli and william for as much as patholi wanted to assist he no longer had a grimoire so he'd really be of no use to them in this fight however william would express that with yami's magic they would still have a fighting chance as he would then extend to him a new sword one forged by weight of his.

World tree magic this was the blade of mistelton what is named after a legendary sword of icelandic lore the very sword used to fell the mighty balder son of odin and brother to thor william had placed all the magic he had left in it entrusting yami with its power now yami would admit that he still hadn't forgiven william for all the.

Elf-related issues that he had caused but since they were both pulled into this situation together he figured it only made sense that they worked together to end it proposing that if they both made it out of here alive they should have a drink together but this would then take us back to the present where yami was holding lucifero back.

Lucifera would be surprised by this and come to recognize that yami possesses dark magic furthermore promising to handle him in due time as he would suddenly up the power of his fist and send yami and knocked flying before again setting his sights on a terribly injured asta but before he could kill him rogue zora and sekrei would get in.

The way and once lucifero hit zora these three would use a combination attack reverse counter trap and mana method sealing magic they were both doing their absolute best but knew that they only had a few seconds at most however we wouldn't see the full expression of this just yet as we would have more from knock and yami in particular as not.

Wanted yami to leave him be stating that he was not afraid to die while on the inside how he truly felt was whenever he looked at yami he was reminded of his former self the version of himself that he resented so much and so he wanted yami to just leave him be and so he'd express that yami did not need to save him at his core noct felt guilty he was.

The one who took morgan from yami the two of them having been so close a dynamic duo of light and dark magic that could have gone so far and so he refused to have yami die for his sake and even more than that he considered yami to be his precious friend and truly growing up yami was his only friend the only person he could relate to and be himself with.

But to all this yami would really think knock was a complete idiot so much so that he would give him a command as his captain since he was so dumb that he could not be trusted with the direction of his own life yami would tell him that he's not only going to continue living but he's also going to save people the way his brother morgan did and on top of.

All that a man does not need a reason to risk himself for a friend which would widen knox eyes as you would remember his beloved brother who believed that he and yami were very much alike and not just on account of their similar magic stating that despite being his twin yami understood knock more than he did he'd say this sort of stuff to both of them.

Who would both dismiss him saying that he was just being weird we would then be reminded of another thing that morgan once said that despite it being frustrating to admit he believed yami was more suited to be his brother's partner than him with a really really kind smile both yami and nacht would remember him at this point and noct who.

Was now tearing up will tell yami that he can't keep acting like a kid forever which is funny because this is sort of like a reoccurring gag between yami and others from his past whenever things get a bit too sentimental and or emotional as they will point out their age like when wizard king julius believed himself to be dying but here yami would admit to.

Being a man while also being young at heart and with this they were both now ready these two former hooligans of unsavory magical abilities would stand tall together prepare to give this fight their all not much progress on the lucifero front but again these are some major developments for yami also knocked remaining as a present figure of the.

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