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Yami Killed His Family! His Darkest Secret Revealed – Black Clover Chapter 341


Well we've got something a bit deeper than lighthearted hosta getting kicked around like a football this week things got downright somber in Black Clover but there's some fun times too keeping things nice and rounded let's get to it we open chapter 341 and find dramatic style it is time for us to be introduced to three more members of ichika's.

Warrior team through using seven these are heroes of the land of the Sun so of course they'll make a big impression first up we have hanakasuji JoJo sporting a kick-ass Oni mask with an x-shaped missing chunk it is clear this guy has been in a fight or two next it's okadai zaimon a big guy with a mile wide smile he's just happy to be here and.

Finally we have imari Kamari a gyaru wearing flower print and fishnets well she might be anachronistic but she is also clearly pumped for this all three are here to train Asta and we see the results right away jozo knocks the Black Bull Skyward with his attack the demon Warrior delivers an impressive left hook zymon blasts him back with another's.

Attend the merry monk not his sparring partner to the ground with a simple jab komari goes for the third pushing Astor right back into the sky before a lighting in an acrobatic twirl you can tell she likes to finish her foes in style that three impacts of this mountain splitting move in a matter of minutes even us that can only take so.

Much punishment soon enough he's down on the ground unconscious once again not much has changed since his fight with ichika still there's less malice to this fight than we saw last chapter the other members of the ReUse in seven understand the point of a training match and Arch is going to slam his head into the ground jozu is hanging back with uruya.

And ichika the Zion and komari are happy to talk with their new friend oh could I welcomes Austin to the land of the sun laughing merrily at the black Bull's unusual rival imari is crouched Down By The Stranger side chattering away she has a vitally important question for Asta one that cannot even wait for fumita healing is his hair natural after.

All hers has died but this guy is a stranger who couldn't have brought any sort of Cosmetics with him Asta confirms while inside the fish spirit that it is a bit more complex than that there are all sorts of hair colors in his homeland there's silver orange and all sorts of other Shades and you know what it sounds to me like asa's first thoughts went to.

Noel and Mimosa but this idea only gets imari even more pumped up there are so many more possibilities for different shades of dye things she hadn't even considered for someone so clearly fashion forward this has to be invigorating she looks like she's about to run off and start experimenting this very minute JoJo is starting to lose his.

Patience with his hyperactive teammate the mass Warrior calls out her look referring to her clothes and make up as gaudy as far as the demon Mass we're using is concerned this is clearly an appropriate dress for a sparring session not to mention that Kamari is apparently supposed to be their teen Shinobi which I have to say is perfect who would ever.

Suspect this person is a Shinobi she's wearing bright clothes is super outgoing and friendly it just seems like some sort of street performer it's the perfect disguise and Mari swiftly claps back pointing out hanagatsuji's Oni mask if someone is going to find one of these suspicious they're probably going to be worried about the obvious warrior with.

The face of a demon not the cute girl in flower print and makeup her friend is just being a dour old stick in the mud though perhaps I've given this more consideration than Kamari has ninja proudly proclaims that sometimes you just have to not think so hard about a situation and make it through she gets into this with gusto speaking.

Happily about the virtues of shutting your brain off and going with the flow jozo despairs at the whole display not only is it terrible advice but it is a terrible look this is their first interaction with a foreigner the start of diplomatic relations with a new kingdom and his teammate is talking about the importance of acting like an.

Idiot as far as he's concerned imari is clearly giving ASA a terrible impression about what people in the land of the sun are like the loudmouth ninja however is fine with that she does not want to be like the rest of her Homeland as far as komari is concerned people on the left of the sun are seriously lacking in energy they're mostly dour straight.

Laced and very focused on tradition like jozo that's why she's resolved to pump everyone up with enthusiasm bright clothing and constant cheer fumito Chuckles at this the Placid healer clearly enjoyed the positivity for someone prone towards nervousness it's got to be nice to have him already around sort of like an anti-itchika he.

Speculates that one day the ninja style might just catch on with the water population you could start a whole fashioned movement maybe even a subculture jozo groans inwardly at that finally thought of multiple imari's horrific imari however does not get the problem she's proud of her work you know she would.

Enjoy the company as would her teammates I'm on though for perhaps less than ideal reasons the big man happily proclaims his approval as such risque clothing even in mari's grossed out by that reaction that's done more to make her reconsider her life choices in hanagatsuji Ever Could stale before the argument between the reusen can spiral.

Out of control any further ryuya walks over to join the group the Shogun is happy to see that they're having fun but apologizes for making this request of them the trio don't mind one bit however all of them are happy to see ryuya they're Lord their brother their friend they greet him with wide grins for the Shogun of the land of the sun they would.

Do anything and as such attention turns to Asta ryuya has a simple question for the Black Bull do you want to go again as much as he usually enjoys training even asta's eyes go wide at the prospect of receiving another Beatdown like that the ReUse in seven are all Savage opponents he's been knocked unconscious repeatedly just today still he knows.

What he has to do he is here to train to get strong enough to beat Lucius this is going to take some real determination he won't get anywhere if he calls it quits every time he gets knocked down as such Asta confirms suryuya that yes he is down for another round the group keeps training for the rest of the day as hard as ever before come nighttime a full.

Moon has risen over the river the lunar orb shrouded behind heavy Club cover a flock of gently hooting owls has perched Atop The bamboo ready for their nocturnal hunt Asta is laying sprawled out on the stones beneath the waterfall clearly exhausted it wasn't even close no matter how many times he fought them the three were used in all wiped the.

Floor with him what's worse they did it all without using a single spell this was for once an entirely fair fight strictly physical combat there's a 10 against zostas and he wasn't able to keep up that has his thing still this hasn't been educational for Asta he's worked out something that ryuya and the rest hadn't even told him visit 10 is.

More complex than it seemed ichika released her magic all at once but that was simply her personal style the other reusen were able to distribute their power into multiple blows they all have a version that best fits how they like to fight that sort of flexibility means there are options with the zitana if you can control the release of energy there.

Are all sorts of techniques you could perform pasta size he still got a long way to go before he can really get into this advanced stuff the regular Z10 is already tough to use that kind of key Mastery takes concentration he has to get it down perfectly and be sure he is ready to find an opening to use it that is the first step towards getting ready.

For fighting Lucius he can worry about creating a purse personal version of the Z10 after that he's got a lot to get through it'll have to be one step at a time still that doesn't make it easier to accept how tough the road's going to be the young black bull looks up at the night sky asa's thoughts drift briefly towards home his friends his village.

What are the members of his Squad doing right now do they know he's all right are they fighting Lucius are they safe what would Captain yami's reaction be if he could see him here in his homeland stargazing like this however gives Asta a curious realization it is always cloudy here there has been persistent cloud cover ever since he first looked.

Outside something very odd for a place known as the land of the sun were the people who named this country just being ironic it's not like they're in the mountains either all the terrain he has seen has been flat it's quite odd before Asta can speculate anymore however a figure steps Out of the Shadows to join him ichika and for once she doesn't look.

Like she's about to rip his head off ASA is happy to see her and is about to offer a greeting before getting his tongue caught in his mouth he's not sure what honorific to give her son Sama don't know John I think Sensei is probably the right call here for your instructor Asta ichika simply looks at him still the Black Bolt doesn't let the.

Awkward silence get him down instead he goes for an awkward topic change sharing his age before asking for hers when she confirms that she's 24 Asta is shocked he'd figured that they were about the same age while ichigo's attention had previously drifted towards a small nearby Shrine asa's words draw a withering glance from.

The younger Yami she is perpetually serious and focused she doesn't like any sort of accusation that she's being childish Austin says that he just saw her as youthful before returning to a search for an honorific it takes him a second to throw out another idea but soon enough one comes to him when calling her ichika naysan be all right.

At this point even the easily irritated ichika can't stay mad at the idiot it's clear he's trying to be polite at least she makes it clear that just using her name is fine much to us is relief she explains that she has come out here at Rio's request the Shogun had asked her to look after their foreign guest she can't just leave him lying around.

Outside in the middle of the night he would have rather done it by himself but that simply wasn't an option while he can come off as an idol slacker in search of a fun time ryuya is extremely busy after all he is the ruler of an entire nation what's more the land of the sun isn't exactly stable ryuya uses his tengetsu the Clairvoyance granted by.

His magical lie to govern the entire nation thanks to that he can see everything happening at the present point in time simultaneously it's an invaluable tool for the leader of a Nation hasta is awed by that idea he can barely process the concept even with ichika's explanation that sort of ability would pretty much amount to.

Omnipotence you'd have to process so much information simultaneously he wonders aloud if for you the site could really work like that it seems too incredible to be real to Asta in other words he just implied the Shogun signature ability and greatest tool was a lie this was not a smart thing to say in front of ichika the woman entirely.

Devoted to him the samurai tenses muttering the Black Bull is a fool before descending into a magnificent display of unhinged fangirl rage at this insult of her Idol somehow this is infinitely less intimidating than anything we've seen out of her before all of ichika's stoicism and dignity has left her in an instant the image of the.

Battle hardened Warrior went along with it you can't maintain murder's intent while sounding like this much of a nerd she's just yelling at Austin now proclaiming how awesome ryuya is and why shouldn't she this man has no yaruko yet he still United the land of the Sun in the midst of civil unrest as far as ichika is concerned he is the greatest.

Hero who ever was he used his sight wisdom and people's love to accomplish what others couldn't he brought peace to the land of the sun surely Asta couldn't possibly understand what that's like he couldn't get how amazing that sort of accomplishment is hasta is just some loser Foreigner who got his butt kicked by some other loser Foreigner baruya.

Ryuya is great he's amazing the best person ichika has ever met and it's at that point that ichika realizes what she has been sounding like she calls taking a step back and re-adoping her usual stoic manner the important part of her speech is that well ryuya is pretty cool and he has asked her to look out for Rasta and even though she dislikes a.

Black bull quite a bit she will go to the wall over this if ryuya asked her to that's just how much he trusts him Ichigo looks away from Asta for the first time seeming honestly embarrassed it's bizarre to see someone so consumed by rage and irritation finally open up a bit she admitted her devotion ryuya goes beyond just respect for his role and.

Accomplishments he saved her personally she is still deeply indebted to him for that hosta Smiles at the admission for the first time he's gotten a sense of who ichika is under all these scowling and hostility he understands her and likes what he sees ichika looks up to ryuya just like Asta looked up to the wizard King she doesn't want to surpass.

Him but she appreciates him for all her anger and contempt Yami ichika is a good person trying to do her best with the card she has been dealt Austin remembers that both ichika and ryuya's Ki resemble sukihiro's quite closed captioning not available chica Cuts him off her voice is cold again she orders us to stop talking.

About that man Asta is confused by this she means her brother right why wouldn't she want to learn more about her family he tries to think this over remembering what Yami said of his origin according to the captain he ended up in the Clover Kingdom after being Shipwrecked while on a fishing trip Ichigo dismisses that idea as pure nonsense it sounds like.

Something sukihiro just made up later she doesn't know what took her brother from her what's more she doesn't care as far as she's concerned tsukihiroyami is the worst kind of scum she does not want to hear one more word spoken about her good for nothing brother even having said this much has clearly annoyed her the harsh words take Asta back when he.

Regains himself though the Black Bull is defiant hakunichika say something like that about her brother she's talking about Captain Yami a Great Hero of the Clover Kingdom this is Austin's Father Figure Sherry's a bit rough around the edges but he has done nothing to deserve this level of resentment ASA won't let the man who did so much for him be.

Insulted like this Ichigo glares at Asta she is taking nothing back she stands behind her judgment and makes her reasoning Crystal Clear when they were younger tsukihiroyami annihilated their entire Clan he wiped out their family murdered each and every one of them the blood of an entire lineage is on his hands we follow ichika's eyes back to.

That time when she was with her brother the young Captain Yami stood beneath a Tori encouraging his sister to stay close his fishing rod is slung over his shoulder his face is set whatever lies before him he is ready for it and that's where we leave Black Clover chapter 341 with far too many unanswered questions did Yami really go withachi on his.

Family why and if you didn't go attaching his family well Itachi wouldn't Hitachi and his family for a reason but hey there are so many different ways the story can go from here leave us your predictions in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.