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Yami’s 100% Devil Power Revealed! He’s Stronger Than Everyone Now!


Yami tsukihiro captain of the black bulls and user of dark magic has been through a lot within the pages of Black Clover from being stolen away from his homeland at just 13 to being one of the literal Keys behind the dark triad's Plans the man has been through it all but to him all these were just opportunities to surpass his limits and.

That is precisely what we are going to discuss here today Yami and his limits just how powerful is the man dub the God of destruction and how exactly does he rank when compared to his allies maybe even to the Wizard game the life of Yami to understand how strong Captain Yami truly is we must first take a look back at his life or at least what has been.

Revealed to us thus far looking at what we know it is not that extreme of a stretch to say that yami's life could be a series all on its own I mean there is good reason why fans theorize that Yami himself could be an isakai character after being swept away from his home country he landed the sun tsukehiro finds himself all alone and stranded in.

The Clover Kingdom despite originally dealing with issues due to the cultural difference is the young boy's face with Yami was quick to adapt and fight his way to the top eventually the young wizard received his own grimoire and joined the magic Knight alongside William and Morgan led by none other than the current wizard King Julius Nova.

Crono many years later Yami earns the right to become captain of his own magic Knight Squad and well the rest is history of course as we know yami's story is still being revealed to us and we are constantly learning new things about him case in point the latest few chapters of Black Clover where we get to meet the captain's childhood friend and.

Younger sister there is still so much to learn about his early life which compared to his lifetime in the Clover Kingdom has remained mysterious we know he came to create his own magic Squad after serving under Julius for years as a member of the gray deer Squad upon the sudden death of his friend and longtime Ally Morgan fost the land of the sun.

Native promised to create his own magic Squad the black Bulls one that he is certain he and his Vice Captain not bossed will be laughed at for and of course laugh that they were after creating the black Bulls successfully putting together together a bunch of Misfit Wizards and witches yami's goal of having a magical Squad was complete.

Even if the squad held no respect seeing as how the group was always in last place and ending negatives with stars their squad consisted of an outsider a bunch of Misfits and those deemed to be failures with the creation of the black Bulls essentially a family the Yami we know and love today was born but still it does make us wonder what was his life.

Like in the land of the sun was he the same roughneck he is today or did he have a completely different lifestyle clearly ryudo and the man's own sister ichika have some of the juicy details we have been looking for and boy oh boy I cannot wait to hear them in what is currently the final Arc of the Black Clover story we will finally be able to.

Understand the puzzle that is Captain Yami yami's magic with that out of the way let's get into one of the main things that makes someone powerful within the Clover Kingdom they're magic and with Yami being one of the most powerful captains around you already know his magic is quite the tree to witness as most of us know Yami uses.

Dark magic something that is so so far been unique to him alone dark magic essentially allows its user to generate and manipulate Darkness at will and it doesn't even require a grimoire however to use specific spells and bring out the magic and user's full potential the user would need to possess a grimoire although not as important to the plot.

Anymore yami's dark magic used to be key in many earlier arcs within the series seeing as how this magic type is the polar opposite to the leader of the Midnight Sun and head of the elf Invasion pottery and his light magic you can already see the importance funnily enough this contrast between them has actually helped Yami further his own.

Magic he actually discovered how to increase his speed of his own slow and time-consuming dark magic to keep up with Potter's insanely fast light magic and after the whole elf Invasion Yami once again found himself at the center at all when the dark Trad came looking for him and William to use his keys to open the underworld since as they reveal.

The power of the underworld is set to dwell in dark magic due to its connection to the underworld this magic is actually part of the arctane stage making it effective against Devils so we've gotten into what dark magic is but now let's get into how exactly Captain Yami uses it as we mentioned on its own this magic is particularly slow so to.

Cover for this Yami uses reinforcement magic and channels his magic through a weapon mainly his Katana with dark magic flowing through his sword he can essentially use slashes and Strikes that are powered by his dark magic similarly to us that uses anti-magic fuel swords to launch his attacks but before we go any further be sure to subscribe to the.

Channel notifications on to never miss upload and smash that like button for some plumber today when it comes to taking down opponents Yami has a number of offensive techniques at his disposal one such attack is dark cloaked Avidia slash a long-range spell that can send out aerial slashes of dark magic extending his katana's reach send out.

Thrust of dark waves and even cut through Dimensions Yes you heard that right cut through Dimensions using one of his Advanced Techniques dark cloak dimensional slash Yami is able to slice through spatial magic space and even Mana itself although we usually see Yami on the offensive end he does have a few powerful and interesting the techniques.

Available to him within his grimoire one such technique is black hole which does just about what it is named after her that is it creates a black hole the technique is used to absorb and draw in all spells within its short 5 meter radius in certain instances black hole can even paralyze he made to release the spell black cocoon is another simple yet.

Effective protective technique in the Wizard's repertoire the spell itself can create a spear-like shell around the user that defends him from powerful beams or attacks we have also seen Yami use this technique as a means of transportation while carrying around julius's supposed Corpse The Last of yami's notable solo techniques is his.

Mana Zone spell Black Moon similar to his defensive spell black hole this technique also creates a black hole but directly above the user instead of swallowing up any and all spells this version of spell is able to discriminate between spells which will be absorbed and which will pass through this essentially makes it the Ultimate.

Defense to cover him and his allies while they launch spells of their own unlike the original black hole spell Black Moon Moon has a much greater range and can actually hold multiple allies within its safe almost bubble-like area and hey some of you may have noticed how we said the last of yami's individual techniques when referring to Black Moon.

And that is because Captain Yami has two Union Magic based attacks with his reliable Vice Captain not the first of these being kids playground but before we get into that we should briefly explain what union magic is as it would be understandable for many fans to confuse it with asta's devil Union form I know we have a couple of times but the.

Best way to think of Union magic is to think of it as a combination in this case two magic types are combined to create a powerful attack and a pretty awesome looking one here its playground starts off with Yami launching Black Moon while knock used to the shadowy castle expand his own magic and cause several buildings and designs to rise.

Out of the darkness with this combination both Mages are now completely free to LEAP into any of these shadow created surfaces and spring out of any other catching their opponent off guard if Knox is united with his devil give Modelo he can also create copies of both himself and Yami to distract opponent and with that this.

Technique is one of my personal favorites if only it was used on someone other than lucifero who could easily walk off the attack the scene can be said for the Duo's other Union based attack doppelganger sadly we were unable to see this attack completed due to lucifera putting a stop to it enduring both Yami and not and so hopefully one.

Day we will be able to see the combined might of Yami and knocked again as he launched a fully realized version of this attack power comparisons with all that said about yami's magic and more leaves us with one major question where does that rank Yami without a doubt the captain is one of the strongest within the world of Black Clover but just how.

Powerful is he and that is the question we are looking to answer here to try and figure out how powerful Captain Yami truly is we've got to compare him to some other big shots within the series World namely the other captains it's clear that Yami is among the more powerful of the captains and due to his being in charge of the black Bulls he is.

Also the one we know the most about with that said I believe we can automatically strike out the captain the purple Orca Kaiser Grand vorka simply because we do not know enough about him replacing the previous Captain goldray after he was revealed to be selling the Clover Kingdom out for a few quick bucks we simply haven't heard or seen enough of.

This guy to even attempt to rank him similarly to Kaiser real Captain Lee akodir is another candidate that can immediately be taken out of the running due to his young age although powerful Yami has nearly 10 years of experience and training overly painting magic wizard the next person we can remove would be Captain the coral peacock.

Dorothy unsworth although a very powerful and deserving Captain unfortunately for her Yami is just a bad matchup in terms of magic you see Dorothy utilizes Dream Magic a type of magic that allows users to manifest and manipulate a world of dreams for Yami however this type of magic doesn't pose too much of a threat to him as he can.

Simply Escape by creating an exit with dark cloak Dimension slash with the more obvious choices out of the way the sleeves five captains Jack Charlotte nuzelle fugelion Vera Leona and William now I know I just said six names but seeing as how fugelion and Maria Leona both the captains of the same Squad and pretty evenly matched we will count them.

As one entry and now that we've removed some of the obvious choices we can really get into the rankings starting with the next two We Believe Yami outranks there is Jack the Ripper Captain the green mantis and Kathie Lee blue rose Charlotte roselli although powerful Jack simply doesn't have the variety and amount of Mana that Yami.

Brings to the table furthermore Yami is said to have more magical power than Nobles and is just under the royalty level although the two have had numerous fights and battles whether that be physically or financially we believe that overall Yami is more powerful than his drinking buddy as for Captain Charlotte we have already seen the two.

Go at each other twice now although both times were against Charlotte's will the first being on her cursed 18th birthday when Yami slices through the curse Vines who basically yelled her for ruining his food the second time was back when Yami fought the elf possessed Charlotte also known as Sharla although the land of the sun native didn't necessarily come out.

Victorious in these encounters he did manage to overpower and outmaneuver her cold and prickly Majesty with these two out of the race as well this leaves just William the vermilions and ozell all of which we believe rank above Yami in power as some may notice the three Wizards that rank above him all have one thing in common that's right all three.

Come from or are royalty the vermilions and ozell are actually members of the real family while William is the illegitimate son of a noble this alone already puts him above Yami in terms of magical power due to the sheer amount of Mana that comes from having any kind of royal blood that and also the fact that their captains were offered the position.

Of wizard King which is already more than enough to show the difference between Yami and them hell he said it himself that royalty has more magical power than he does this lazy captain of the black Bulls right acting number four spots nowhere near the level of say the wizard King that is for now what's next Captain Yami has been through the ringer.

He's been used to open the literal Gates of Hell fought the most powerful of devils and made it back to tell the tale what could possibly be next to the captain of the black Bulls currently in the manga Yami is morningly supposed to death of Asta while Simon continuously preparing himself for the promise of soul that is to come from Lucius he has.

Just found out that one of his closest allies was killed and he was too late to do anything the worst part is that the villain behind the whole thing inhabits the body of the only man he looks up to Julius the wizard King I'm sure this is all taking a heavy toll on the captain but hopefully he can use all the emotions he is feeling to break through.

And surpass his limits in time for the big battle as of chapter 338 we know that nothing the rest of the black Bulls are off in search of Asta refusing to believe he is truly dead but interestingly enough we don't see Yami Noel or Nero with them perhaps these three having actually witnessed Asus final moments and the enemy they are.

Soon to face have decided to put their time into vigorous training currently we have no idea what Yami May unlock or even what aspects of his magic he is training but if we were to try and guess I would say the captain is going to be working on his key and key control key is all about reading emotions body language and more this is why now more.

Than ever while his emotions are all over the place it is the perfect time to train on his control it would make for the perfect reunion between Asta and Yami later on in the final arc when the two finally see each other again both will have trained up their usage of key there is also the fact that as of the previous ark's conclusion at least.

According to gray the yami's body is more so akin to that of a devil's than a human's this alone stands to potentially provide Yami with a major boost with his capabilities across the board such a reality May essentially be like a Perpetual devil Union mode as we know devil hosts form contracts with fiends for the sake of tapping into their.

Incredible power Yami would have no need for such a thing as he himself is already in possession of said devilish power and hey this may also prove to be useful in dealing with the soul-altering abilities of Lucius but that's just our Theory let us know what you think the next steps are for Yami following the latest chapters of Black Clover what do.

You think you will end up training the most let us know in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you