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Yami’s Devil Dragon Powers Shakes Black Clover! Asta’s Devil Ki Training – Black Clover Chapter 342


It's time for us to learn just what went down back in the past of the land of the sun why does ichika think that Yami killed their family will it be enough to convince Asta let's get to it we start chapter 342 with ichika explaining the history of the Yami clanta hasta apparently their distant ancestors were a group of Assassins known as ikijin it.

Makes sense that a family known for dark magic would stick to the Shadows interestingly there may be an unearthly Heritage lock within the Yami bloodline the term kijin comes primarily from Japanese Buddhism and usually refers to some kind of demon is the Yami family descended from some inhuman creature or did their ancestors just use that for.

Their group name either way these ancient Oni made quite a name for themselves they fought on battlefields all across the land of the sun prior to the current time of unification they weren't just silent Killers for proud Warriors anything that involved Bloodshed was fair game for the key gen and it won them a good deal of respect.

As brutal as they were the kitchen were considered to be samurai were the Nobles and Warrior Lords as such they were charged with the protection of one of the land of the sun's five great provinces specifically they were assigned to defend the province ryuya's family ruled over this is what led to tsukihiro ichika and ryuya growing up.

Together as good friends there is a legend associated with this particular Province ichika takes a second to share with Asta once long ago a five-headed dragon rampaged across the land however in the province her family lived in a Celestial Maiden was able to appease it she may have ended the conflict but scars remained the dragons your Yuko.

Dark and stagnant leaked out into the sea that turned the water to the Bay black and stagnant it is said that this Coastline distorted time and space connecting the land of the sun directly to hell if any Province required a powerful group of Warriors for protection it was this one that Strange Magic could lead to all kinds of.

Monsters invading who knows what effect it would have on the people living nearby but the head of the Yami Clan could not accept his duty tsukehiro and ijika's father was not a kind or gentle man we see him lash out at his son during training his mind more focused on the indignity of his position he doesn't have anything useful to share about zuka.

Hero's technique the old Warrior just keeps growsing over the expectation that he has to stick around some Backwater spot of land there's a whole family really need to babysit some pampered feudal lord it's unfair the Yami Clan were demon sword wielders their blood and your Yuko cry out for excitement and battle they should be all fighting.

Someone the old man clearly misses the days of war and until another war starts up he will have to settle for violently knocking his son to the ground but the large jug of alcohol in his hand may have something to do with that misjudgment Captain Yami may enjoy the odd drink too but whatever else you might say about Yami tsukihiro he never.

Treated his black Bulls this way it's clear even at this early stage that his father is a total scumbag and even as a kid tsuke hero isn't shy about letting him know that he calls his old man out directly writing his moaning off as worthless Babble his father snarls at him for that but tsukihiro has no intent of backing down Ichigo cowers behind her.

Brother clearly scared of their old drunken side of a father it's obvious at a glance that she is a very different person at this point not the badass samurai that a weak and scared little girl did she ever intend to become a warrior she looks like she would be happier sitting around and riding Haiku yet somehow just seeing ichika sends a.

Yami patriarch into a cold Fury he notes that her eyes remind him of their mothers and that resemblance infuriates him lady Yami had to go and die giving birth to this weak little girl who can't fight the patriarch is enraged at this idea they lost a warrior and gained a wimp someone who can fight does not belong in his precious Warrior family so.

He brings his sword down right at ichika while it is not a steel Blade the bamboo sword or bokeh it is more than capable of killing someone when used with this kind of force Yami senior just tried to slay his own daughter even by drunken idiot father standards this man is downright contemptible and so if Yami did kill him shouldn't we let him off.

The hook at this point thankfully it hasn't come to that just yet tsukihiro is as good a brother as he is a captain Father Figure he counters his father's blow with one of his own holding strong against the bigger man's attack the bulging veins and wisps of dark magic suggests a tsukihiro may have actually been using this at 10 here does he know.

The land of the sun's trademark super move either way his block is still impressive enough this display of strength gets a wide grin from the older Yami and ichigo's existence is temporarily forgotten he Roars gleefully the tsukihiro must be even more powerful than the ryudo Clan's air the patriarch grins promising his son that he will be.

The one to someday become the Yami Clan's strongest kijit and yeah sukihiro will be the greatest kill in your family's history so be careful what you wish for maybe just sit down and have another drink however tsukihiro could not care less about his father's Wishes the young Yami waives all this talk of titles and strength away as a bunch of.

Pointless fluff he has no interest in following the wishes of a drunken abusive old man instead tsukihiro just tells his father that he is going to go fish heading out with ichika and not giving a damn about his old man the Yami patriarch doesn't seem to understand how much his family hates him because he raises no objection to this he calls.

After the pair happily promising to train superhero more when they get back and with that he pretty much ensured that his son and daughter will stay away for as long as possible ichika and tsukihiro have indeed headed out to the coast and the water looks as bad as he Legend suggested it is jet black and the tide seems sluggish some Shrine Gates.

Have been set up on the beach seemingly trying to purify the waters they haven't done much if so the whole area looks like it has been hit by the world's worst oil spill he would have to be a completely Reckless idiot to want to try fishing in this desolate hell's game so of course yamisuki Hero has gone out on these extremely uninviting Waters to try.

And catch some fish perhaps his dark magic has helped protect him either way we see him return with a spectacular prize the young Yami somehow caught an Oni puffer fish and a big one at that his friends were marked that specimens of this size are difficult to retrieve testifying to tsuka Hero skill unfortunately the vast majority of the.

Fish is poisonous and inedible still supposedly those bits that can be consumed are extremely delicious it's a little bit hard to tell if this thing has been affected by the Shadow Magic or not most of those descriptions work for regular puffer fish too after all still regular puffer fish don't reach these size of a man's torso tsuka hero just.

Holds it up studying the creature skeptically as his fishing buddies gushed about how impressive this was ivirichika is excited by this display and I must say it is so odd to see these Sullen reserved woman as his excitable innocent little girl she really did change a lot over time but someone a good deal more consistent comes bounding.

Up to join the conversation in short order young Lord ryuya is here and he is just as relaxed and friendly as a kid being the son of a local ruler does nothing to make him act poised or dignified in the slightest even Yami has more of an understanding of social attack he warns ryuya that he will get his fancy still kimono dirty if he goes.

On This fishing trip the young Lord does not care a bit about such trivialities however he likes fishing he's going to go fishing with them that's all there is to it which is a bit jerkish if you think about it really won't be the one who has to clean the thing that's for the servants to deal with still it's hard to fault a kid for not thinking.

Things through tsukihiro can't argue with his friend even if he does give a warning that ryuya's family will look upon this who kindly that doesn't make the noble pause for even an instant before clamoring up to join their little group ichika is happy to welcome her brother's Noble friend aboard their expedition though he insists she tried.

To be less formal with him even decades later that Quest has still gotten absolutely nowhere interestingly however one thing is different about young ryuya he is missing his eye patch and there is no sign of anything unusual about his ladder-covered eye has that ability simply not awakened yet or does it come from something that happened to ryuya.

Later down the line either way uruya is still talking the same game of unity and peaceful coexistence that he lived later on as Shogun after tsuka hero knows that trying to get ichiga to be less formal is basically impossible Ryu declares that wrong people can change he's banking on that in fact even now he is planning to change the entire nation the.

Young Noble starts to give a speech right then and there he wants to create a society where the amount of magic you have does not matter where everyone is on equal footing and can laugh together ichika is wowed by such a grand idea blushing and grinning at the Young Lord Ling tsukahira on the other hand is more openly cynical he snarks at only someone.

Ignorant of the world would have a stupid overly ambitious dream like that still he can't hold the mask of contempt for long even the sarcastic and pessimistic yummy has to admit that there is something tempting about that kind of idealism you have to wonder if when he met Julius later on yami's mind turned back to ryuya does tsuke Hero.

Have good memories of his friend it's here that we return to ichika and Asta in the present Ichigo admits that she had these same thoughts as her brother even though she didn't voice them it would have been hard for someone growing up in the Yami Clan to believe in other people still she too thought that ryuya's dreams were admirable however in.

Retrospect ichika thinks that Yami lying on that day according to her his later actions proved that he never believed through Julia's dream as far as ichika is concerned tsukihiroyami was exactly what her father taught him to be perhaps even more than the patriarch ever dreamed the greatest kitchen of them all the one who brought the Yami Clan to a.

Final bloody end we get another glimpse of the moment when this crime was discovered ichika was barely conscious but ryuya was seemingly carrying her to the site the future Shogun was clearly shocked unable to believe what he was seeing tsukahiroyami was standing on the same Beach as before under a crescent moon.

His blade and clothes alike are heavily blood-stained the Yami Clan lay scattered around him all violently slain despite their bloody robes these Sands of the beach were remarkably pristine as such each of these kills must have been extremely quick to ensure everyone fell without leaving additional bloodstains Yami took down his family with a single.

Blow each time considering the were all well-trained Warriors that is highly impressive the murderous tsuki hero turned towards ichika and ryuya even now his sister can still remember that moment he was speckled with blood his eye bore into her a demon's eye fall to the brim of killing intent astikan barely believe the detail he had just.

Heard he's just standing there by the Riverside mouth a gape as ichika finishes up after that day tsukihiro Yami abandoned the Land of the Rising Sun he left his sister and his best friend behind and fled to some far-off land living with a bunch of stupid foreigners rather than face Justice for what he did and asked to trust him the.

Very idea of that is enough to enrage ichika how could anyone trust a cold-hearted killer like that someone who slaughtered his own kin left was nothing tsukihiro became everything she hated about the Yami Clan he actually listened to their father took all that training to heart and became the ruthless killer and murderer she.

Despised he was ichika's Big Brother her protector her role model the only person in her life that could stand up to their father let her down a wound like that cut deep and never Fades as far as she's concerned no one should ever trust tsukahiro Yami again they are just opening themselves as a pain just like.

She did as a kid but Asta simply cannot accept this he mutters that there must be some mistake here although he's got no idea what that mistake could be of course it's hard to misinterpret standing over a field of fresh corpses with a bloodstained blade clasp in your hand still Austin's never let anything as sound as logic stand in the way of.

Him following his heart and on this matter his heart does not waver for a second he fought beside Captain Yami venturing into life or death battles without hesitation 2K hero saw potential in him when none of the other magic Knight captains did Austin's faith in his captain is too strong to be broken by something like this instead of the.

Captain he doubts the evidence even with no realistic way to argue his case hasta doubles down on it saying as much to ichika he believes in the Catherine tell me that he's seen during his adventures in the Clover Kingdom and that Captain Yami could not be the same tsukihiroyami they callously slaughtered his family the man Austin knows is a hero he won't.

Doubt him hechika looks away at that the two don't talk for a second leaving only the rush of the waterfall to underscore the silence when the younger Yami does speak again her words are as cold as ice don't screw with me you cretan this conflict continues to build into something cataclysmic there is no way either side can find Common Ground here.

Ichika cannot back down from her stance hasta has no evidence to support his faith in Yami Beyond his personal fond feelings for the man she has personally witnessed the slaughter of the Yami Clan it is an unassailable truth whatever Yami did later his crimes are not disputable Asta however is standing by his guns his faith in kathyami is.

Absolute even if ichika is his little sister he won't accept the idea that things went down the way she said it's simple does not fit as such he can't believe that Captain Yami killed his family like that ishika goes silent again after that her eyes narrow as she studies the insulin Foreigner does Asta realize that he is basically calling her.

A liar whatever he intended Asta has told ichika that one of the most defined tragic moments of her life simply didn't happen does he understand what that must feel like probably not us has got a ton of great qualities but thinking things through isn't his Forte because yes this leads to exactly what you would expect given how much of a temper ichika is.

Shown throughout the story so far with a scarily calm voice the younger Yami accepts us challenge if the Black Bull is going to insist on standing by those words Ichigo will give him an opportunity to defend them as such the younger Yami request ought to show her the strength he gained from training under that man at this point that kind.

Of display is the only thing that could hope to steadily score between them but hey isn't this what after wanted more training that's it's a fight well he'll get his wish now ichika withdraws her scroll from her kimono she unfurlsly black parchment for the first time the dark magic Rises around the younger Yami as she continues talking to Asta they.

Are going to resume training right here and now and this time she will truly be going all out as proof of that we see her first spell of the fight dark yojutsu dark cloaked black Musha the result is a full transformation the dark magic in shrouding ichika is a near demonic suit of armor black wings rise from her back a Helm and a half mask.

Obscure her face and her sword is now entirely made of Shadows this is a true power level in heir of the kitchen can achieve it looks akin to same stage or devil Union all it takes is a spot of murderous intent and ichiga admits as much to Asta she no longer cares if he dies fighting her as much as she tries to honor yuya's wishes and requests for.

Hospitality the Black Bull has finally pushed her to VAR now she is the one living up to her family's expectations their drunken father would be so proud if he could see her right now and that is where we leave chapter 342. wow that got insane intense and the next chapter promises one hell of a rematch there were complaints in the comments section.

Previously in regards to ichika's capabilities against Asta but now hopefully with this rematch he can prove himself to be capable of going Beyond her capabilities and in the comments let us know if you think that tsuke hiroyami actually did it do you think he really went through and slaughtered his own family of his own volition I doubt he.

Did as much it's more likely that the water or dragon or whatever influences actions something of that sort but yeah as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you