Oh my goodness it's chapters like these that make me so proud to be a black clover fan nothing short of one piece in the magazine right now can even hope to emulate this sort of fulfillment with the previous chapter yuno finally put an end to xenon's devilish reign of terror and with that every member of the dark.

Triad have now been defeated yet even still the advent of the tree's progression had not yet halted as countless devils continued to pour out of the underworld's depths meanwhile in the clover kingdom wizard king julius would express that something was amiss and was on the verge of emergence now this was very alarming he for some.

Reason seemed to be the only one feeling this way it's unclear exactly what he's referring to here but for him to feel this way from a distance so estranged from the spade kingdom it is more than likely that something directly related to him is on the verge of happening which is pretty damn exciting however unfortunately for dorothy and her.

Virtually invincible dream magic the opponent she'd come to face was pretty much the only adversary that could actually contest and repel her as morris stood before her now capable of utilizing magic that could even impact intangible concepts now before him stood lotus who had recently lost an arm and if you remember he was a smoke attribute.

Mage of the diamond kingdom who faced luck during the very early days of the series a man who very deeply cherishes his wife and three daughters so much so that he would even stand against a monster like morris on the verge of plunging the world as they know it into a devilish age of endless death carnage and mayhem all of which being done for.

The sake of the supreme devil lucifero who now split open the forehead of morris for the sake of providing himself a mouth in the mortal world as he considered morris to be even more reasonable than dante and as it turns out despite miguel's beliefs lucifero knew all about her plans to be released by her lonesome however he didn't mind.

As she served as a rather useful stress test the fact of the matter being that they no longer needed the dark triad to advance the progression of the tree that so long as they had yami and william the gate of the underworld would be forced open morris would then make use of his own modification magic operation to spawn a horrifying devil minion that.

Would immediately attack lotus who could only think of his beloved family as just then crashing the party and simultaneously obliterating the fiend it would be the black bulls and the entirety of their guild building as they were here to get their captain back which takes us to our latest chapter as we would arguably have the least popular.

And or commonly talked about members of our main guild crash through and banter a bit as they usually do which i absolutely love i mean even despite having such limited screen time these characters absolutely make the most of it while they can and so i am way more attached to them than i would be for characters of plenty other series with.

Similar degrees of focus lotus was grateful that his life had been saved although it was very clear that at this point even crazier editions had entered the fray dorothy was happy to see them as well and hell even morris was happy with their appearance as he knew from dante that there were two arcane stage mages among them not to.

Mention that they all possessed some pretty fascinating magical abilities which made them rather worthy of dissection as far as he was concerned vanessa would remark that this guy had similar magic to the dark triad but definitely wasn't one of the three so she wondered who in the world he was as gauche would dismiss the notion as.

Regardless of who he was he was in their way so he needed to be knocked aside morris would have his power outstretched tendrils towards the bulls as unfortunately vanessa's cat was unable to combat the threat considering again morse's magic could now interfere with even concepts and so yeah if the guy so much as touched them it would all be.

Over as just then we would finally get the reveal i have been patiently awaiting for months the true nature of grey's magic it would be revealed that her power was in fact far greater than transformation magic which was more or less just topical indifference that in reality she possessed a magic never before seen.

Capable of changing the very structure of a target this my friends was transmutation magic what is downright incredible as she turned these appendages into a bouquet of flowers i mean this is such a powerful ability and truly there isn't another series in the game that can power balance the overpowered like black clover can there.

Are so many powers and abilities in this series that in most cases would be unbeatable yet even still they still managed to be challenged and pushed to the extent that they do without things ever feeling like a drag or a reach absolutely master class but despite this grey would be unable to do the same when it came to each and every one of these.

Things and so gauche would assist her as by looking at him he was able to create several mirror duplicates of her which completely quelled the onslaught of the fiend and this is the kind of stuff that makes black clover so damn good even these relatively simple powers when combined with one another are so fascinating to observe for such a simple.

Power system it is remarkable how much diversity intrigue and overall creativity tabata is able to present us all with but with this attempt no longer working morris who was still amused would employ the powers of lucifero himself gravity magic presence of the demon king gravity being a fundamental force.

Therefore making it impossible to be transmuted but as a guild building was being crushed under the pressure henry would begin to speak and say that back when dante attacked he couldn't protect his friends but this time things would be different as gordon would grip onto his shoulder gordon who had finally returned from training with his family.

After six long months of research and training he had finally learned how to use his own curse magic to turn the curses of others into power as oh my goodness he would join together with henry and channel the curse's expression as we would see henry with his hair at a normal length and with his newfound control over his power henry.

Was now able to choose where he wanted to drain magic from as suddenly the overwhelming magical power of morris would be stolen and absorbed into the giant bull which would then slam its fist directly into the madman morris was at a loss this was unbelievable as he was supposed to be the one with the strongest power.

Imaginable as at the very same time several more oddballs would flood onto the scene again all carrying their own banter and morris would continue with his own banter speaking of how he was on a different plane of existence from the rest of them and all that kind of stuff as boom again this man would be pimp slapped across the room they did not.

Care if he was a final devil host or morris of the diamond kingdom none of that stuff mattered because they only had one thing left to say to this man as gang gang we had the whole squad mobbing in here telling this man to give them back the captain of the black bulls and that was the chapter.

Oh my goodness i love love love this chapter for me personally this was the most exciting chapter of the week and i know that that is blasphemous considering what my hero academia has been up to but again this chapter exemplified all the amazing things black clover is able to.

Do and so if you love this series this chapter was no doubt a whole lot of fun the gang is all here and ready to strike fear into the dark hearts of these devils of course more madness is to ensue but for right now at least disrespecting this man morris just feels oh so good and satisfying this is where and when.

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