The last chapter of one piece before the story goes on a four week long hiatus was absolutely monumental and what a major way to start it all off as again we find ourselves within the company of the five elders and boy were they pissed luffy's wanted posers received an updated photograph which they had never approved first and foremost not to.

Mention they demanded the removal of the initial d in his name which had not been done however this particular demand of theirs actually never came to pass as it was never actually truly conveyed in fact this particular photo of luffy was taken by the cp zero agent that fled the first of the mass agents who actually have their name confirmed guernica now.

The inspiration behind this particular name is truly fascinating as it may further serve to express the intentions of this character obviously there is the fact that guernica sounds like sun god nika but there is more gernika is the name of an oil painting by the late great pablo picasso like the agent the painting is especially long but more.

Importantly it is not only one of picasso's most famous works but arguably the most notorious anti were painting in history which is to say that guernica upon the untimely and wasted demise of his comrade which he'd been shown to someone honor has come to question the commands of his superiors and you have to understand that the cp zero are like.

A group of boogeymen they are the most secretive operatives available to the world government so you already know they have all seen their fair share of atrocities this betrayal is pretty monumental or at least it has the potential to be first off recall that this man confirmed their ability to capture nico robin and set as such with.

A bit of hesitation so robin should be safe for the time being which we will go on to see later on in the chapter secondly it's not as if this guy turned himself in after expressing insubordination again this is one of the most secretive operatives in the entire world who knows what sort of data and information he may be able to leak and.

Provide this is such a major development in regards to our uncovering of this world's many secrets and so i for one cannot wait to see this guy again but yeah the marines would be told to reprint the papers but despite their attempt to contact the printers it was already too late to spread these documents could not be concluded but boy.

Oh boy was morgan's excited to get this news to the entire world he would express what we had seen in the previous chapter with some added details the fact that cp's hero's transmission was interrupted after encountering big mom's ship it was his belief that the gears of the world could not stop turning he had no intention to allow the propaganda of.

The world government to prevail when the truth was this exciting the incredible news of the yonko big mom and kaido having been defeated would spread all throughout the world which of course resulted in the monumental new bounties of luffy law and kid all set equally at 3 billion bury and what a gross underestimation this is of luffy here.

They definitely did not want him to stand out amongst the others and instead play it off as more of a collective effort than it truly was but either way each of them received some pretty major bouncy increases so naturally the crew members of the docks would rejoice in excitement for these changes however it would be worried where exactly kid.

Rushed off to after receiving the news hitler would express that he probably made his way to the flower capital as there could only be one thing on his mind and so they all plan to follow his lead meanwhile law was more concerned about this newfound complication of their situation elsewhere an especially marvelous and well-crafted meal would be.

Prepared however this incredible cuisine would only be enjoyed by the likes of jinbe as his friends had already departed long ago on account of their impatience and excitement to enter the capital and things were of course more interesting over there as for the entirety of the night everything was free as we would see luffy chopper and.

Yamato enjoying all the pleasures to be had all the while brooke and hiyori would play a musical number for the masses the song being a favorite of her father's titled moon princess from which point we would then see robin in the basement of the castle as tengu would make his way down as well and somehow he knew her name tengu presumed robin to be.

Admiring his personal collection of kokeshi dolls which she wasn't really fascinated by in the slightest however the notion of his collection being in such a place was certainly perplexing tango would then elaborate by saying that this location was once a secret hobby room of his although he would later be imprisoned in that very same.

Location this only raised more questions for robin as she was under the impression that the man was only but a swordsmith however that was only a hobby of his as governing was always such a weary task for him from which one he would finally remove his mass reveal the unbelievable truth all along tengo is actually kozuki sukiyaki the father of.

Kozuki odin and the previous shogun of wano now robin with her finance would immediately consider whether or not minosuke was aware of this reality which he was not and had no intentions of doing so however he could imagine how some of the boys retainers may have discerned his true identity but even then he couldn't possibly show his face.

To anyone on account of being the one responsible for orochi coming into power he just barely managed to escape from his confines and by then his son was already dead and wano had already been severely altered he'd speak of how he had contemplated taking his own life but less interested in that robin would interrupt him to ask an absolutely.

Terrifying inquiry according to the pornoglyph in arabasta the ancient weapon pluton was somewhere in wano which tsukiaki would confirm my goodness it has been so long since the arabas the arc of the story in the span of time between that arc and this one so many other manga series have lived thrived and even died it's astounding how it's.

Still of such incredible relevance even now this is unreal as in theory this could mean that the straw hat pirates have deep ties to two of the three ancient weapons both of which being unbeknownst to both his peers and adversaries and again the underestimation of luffy by weight of his bounty is absolutely criminal yet.

Our boons from this particular arc have been plentiful and this looks to be yet another now with this confirmation of the ancient weapons location i am left to further question the intentions of the king of the world imu and why he had a picture of the arabasta princess vivi in hand if puton is not actually in arabasta as always you get one question.

Answered and then from there you have a million more to go through but this was far from being the last major reveal of this chapter suddenly the former prison mino udon would be severely assaulted here many of the remaining beast pirate members will be propped up on foliage-based spikes and tendrils with the depth of the liquids in their bodies.

Being apparent a course of action additionally extended to the likes of the superstars king and queen leaving them in horrendous shape and this looks to be somewhat narratively performative for the sake of making this admiral appear to be especially capable being able to effortlessly dwarf the likes of two pirates with bounties well beyond 1.

Billion bury that gave our boy zorro and sanji tough time simultaneously but given the fact that they got bodied as severely as they had just days prior i just concluded they didn't have a fair shot now this latest admiral will prove himself to be especially unsavory in his deliverance of justice as he spoke ill of the two while stomping queen out and.

Drinking all their booze and if we had received that alone in the previous chapter i'm sure the prospect that many have been throwing around that this admiral mate and fat beauty biological father of zorro would have plenty more premature celebrations only for this man to look nothing like him at all this was admiral ryokugu and as he finished.

Laying these guys out with his plant-based devil fruit he'll confirm to a subordinate that he was presently in wano he'd call for a warship but specify that they should not inform the fleet admiral of what he was up to apparently this guy was a big fan of his and was yearning for his approval and boy oh boy is this a bad sign considering how much.

Of a bastard his so-called hero has been over the course of the series yokugu's fatherlessness would be furthered by his intentions of defeating luffy for a bit of admiration and attention meanwhile luffy would absolutely buy this man with a simple red hawk at this point i am of course exaggerating as this is still of course an admiral but come on luffy just.

Whooped kaido let's not get too ambitious here new guy but during the festival luffy would have a populist cheer for everyone who had played a part in making a difference in taking down their seemingly insurmountable adversary kaido luffy at this point has become a world-class hype man and party animal and in overhearing him momonosuke would.

Recall what luffy had told him just before he appeared before the people luffy did not want momo to tell these citizens of wano about him as he wasn't interested in being a hero from his perspective he helped out those he cared for and felt for but despite the magnitude of his contributions ultimately he wasn't someone who'd so.

Deeply suffered through their tragic circumstances this victory was observed by the people of wano and as such it wasn't one he intended to claim for himself and this is why instead of speaking of luffy's aid these civilians spoke of the legendary joy boy instead luffy is real beyond compare like this is why people love him this is why he.

Commands so much respect because he has so much respect for others but this man kid was not satisfied with his bounty alone he decided to for some reason target luffy to add to his own infamy that much more however luffy was in party mode and so he just grabbed hold on to kid with a constricting side hug the fireworks would go off and oda's.

Beautiful art and the many precious spaces of enjoyment and jubilation would be on full display this was just perfect and oh so deserved i am so happy to be concluding the longest arc in the story's history in such a joyous way also it looks like hamlet will be joining speed and remaining with tama and the like i am very grateful it would.

Seem as though tama has emerged from all this with both a mother and a father it is tear inducing stuff we are dealing with here people but in the midst of the turn up kid really wasn't having it as he'd expressed his intention to kill luffy while showing him the paper i for one am convinced kidd is some manner of tsundere and really just wants to.

Congratulate luffy in person subconsciously and this news made luffy's eyes pop out of his skull and guys i am happier than you could possibly imagine and that is because luffy is now among the four emperors of the seas but more importantly than that right there along with him shanks and blackbeard is my all-time favorite.

Character in all of one piece our lord and savior the mastery of trickery renowned to be the bombastic clown buggy this man not only finessed his way into becoming a warlord but he finessed his way into becoming a yonko as well what a legend i cannot wait to see how this all came to pass this is who usopp wishes he was this man most definitely gives.

Hercule and king a run for their money ryukyu was not much for the festivities and instead intended to crash a party and we'll see how well that plays out for him and there you have it buggy is finally getting the respect he so rightfully deserves and all the yonko are now connected to shanks what a time to be a one piece fan indeed as always.

I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you