– This episode is sponsored by Disney Dreamlight Valley. Explore a world filledwith the magic of Disney as you build your neighborhood alongside Disney andPixar heroes and villains. I really like how calming thisgame is, especially cooking. Cooking in this gamecan be quite relaxing, as you can find ingredients,discover new recipes, and also cook and hand over dishes.

To a lot of the characters in the game. It's something that I findmyself doing quite often, especially with a really nice and calm soundtrack in the background, which I particularly love. To try it for yourself, headto the link in the description. (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language).

(speaks foreign language) (chopping sounds) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (ominous music) – Hello there. Welcome back to anotherepisode of Anime with Alvin.

Today I'll be making Yor Briar's stew from one of my personal favorites, and one of this year's mostpopular anime, Spy x Family. Ah, I must have left oneof my weapons on the table. You know, to a trained assassin, knife movement is child's play. It should feel like theextension of one's own arm. Manipulation andmaneuvering of this weapon is second nature to, oh, God.

Don't ever do that infront of kids, y'all. I'm just gonna' leave this overhere while I start to cook. This should be easier, right? This stew seems to beYor's take on a minestrone, which she makes with alot of different items she's found at the grocery store. I think I'll use myprimary weapon for this. One of the most important things about being an assassin is speed.

We're trained to use precision and mercy, making sure to strike quickly so the target does not feel any pain. This will also allowcleaner and smoother cuts which makes cleanup a lot easier. Ah, yes, I forgot to cutthis head of romaine lettuce. Looks like I owe Andrewa new cutting board. No one saw that. In a large sauce pan over medium heat,.

I'm adding in the mangledskins of carrots and potatoes, followed by a coupleof clean tomato slices, one bisected red apple, the arms and legs of one large jalapeno, an obliterated chunk of Swiss cheese, a cut up torso of romaine lettuce, a heaping tablespoon of tomato paste. Make sure to cover theingredients with enough water so that all of them drown.

I will give this stew about15 minutes on the heat in the water. That should be sufficientfor all the flavor to die. It has now been 15 minutes and things are smelling quite deadly. Oh God, it smells so bad. I'm gonna' serve up a coupleladle fulls of this soup and attempt to plate it in such a way that it does not looksuspicious whatsoever.

There is a quite unpleasantaroma of melted chocolate and tomato in the air. Ah, excuse me, dear sir, would you like to try some free stew? I promise it's my first time making it. The unsuspecting targetseems to be going for it. Task failed successfully. (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language).

(speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (chopping sounds) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language).

(speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) – Hello there, welcomeback to anime with Alvin. For my second mission I will be making Yor Briar's family stew. This is a stew that hermother made for her growing up so I'm guessing it was notas deadly as the first one. It seems to be a spin on goulash. Also, the fact that the anime is based.

In a European countrysupports this theory. I'm first starting byusing my primary weapon to separate some beefshanks into one inch cubes, roughly chopped. What do we have here? There's five of you, but only one of me. One can hardly call that a fair fight. I guess I should call anambulance, but not for me. Targets eliminated.

In a large Dutch oven orsauce pan over low heat I'm melting down four ounces of lard, and slowly cooking these onions with one tablespoon of kosher salt. The goal here is to tryto get them to melt down so they almost dissolve. This will take constant stirring over the course ofapproximately one to two hours. Unlike my main profession,.

The desired end result isnot a dark, brown crisp. While the onion slowly melt away, I'm going to unsheathemy secondary weapon, a vegetable peeler, and for the first time in this job actually use it for thepurpose it was designed for, peeling two Yukon goldpotatoes and two large carrots. Once the vegetables had beenseparated from their skins, I now return to my primaryweapon to finish the job.

Using a rolling cut technique to get nice chunks that look like jewels. One of the signature ingredients that seems to be characteristicof goulash is paprika. I'm throwing in 1/3 ofa cup of sweet paprika and three teaspoons of hot paprika. Once the onions and paprika have melted into a delicious redpaste, I must now resort to my heavy weapon, a mortarand pestle to crush the heads.

Of a tablespoon of caraway seeds. This weapon has armorpiercing capabilities, useful for enemies withtough shells to crack like spices or peppercorns. Into the pot they goalong with one tablespoon of dried margarine and threetablespoons of tomato paste. I'm cooking this on lowheat for about a minute just so that the rawness ofthe tomato paste cooks out. This is followed byeight cups of beef stock.

Both the beef stocks and the beef shank came from a cow I encounteredon a previous mission. I was walking down the street one day when a cow suddenly charged wildly at me, but I neutralized it byhitting its pressure points and tossing it into the air. I'm letting the stew simmerfor approximately three hours on low heat, almost fully covered, just so that my oldopponent is nice and tender.

After three hours, I'm now adding in thepotatoes and the carrots. If we added the vegetablestoo early in the process it would've broken them down completely and made the stew a little bit too sludgy. The vegetables cook forapproximately 30 minutes. Now for the fun stuff. I'm gonna' add in somethingusually not found in goulash. Little hotdogs cut into octopus shapes.

This non-traditional touch is definitely somethingthat Yor's mother did. And it's a great way touse up leftover hotdogs. Two tablespoons of sourcream are also added as that seems to be a secret ingredient to her mother's stew, butwe're not done quite yet. The final touch on Yor's stew is a beautiful sunny side up egg. So in a small pan with justa little touch of butter,.

We fry an egg. I like to cover mine and turn off the heat when it's about 70% done, just so that the top barely cooks through. Now that all of our ingredients are ready, it's time to serve. Something like this has to be served in a big bowl with huge spoonfuls of it, making sure our little hotdogfriends are clearly visible,.

And finally topped off with the fried egg. And I present to you YorBriar's stew from Spy x Family. A comforting dish thather mother made for her and her brother growing up. Which now she makes forher family, spy family. Yeah, let's give this a taste. Hopefully it does not take me out. I really like this. My mom never really mademe anything like this.

But I can definitely feelhow comforting this is. The warm spices, the simple vegetables, the way that the beef is soft and tender, along with that strongtaste of paprika is so good. I will have to say I lovethe hotdog and the egg. That's what separatesa traditional goulash from something thatyour mom makes for you. And if I have a family one day, I'm definitely puttinghot dogs in my food.

Thanks again to Disney Dreamlight Valley for sponsoring this episode. Disney Dreamlight Valley isa life sim and adventure game where you can build your own home, neighborhood, avatar, and more. One of my favorite partsabout this game is cooking. You can also make a lot ofmoney by selling those dishes and I particularly love the market and economy aspect of games like this.

I've really enjoyed playing it and I think you should check it out, head to the link in thedescription to try it for yourself. (calm music)