If a piece of cork breaks off and falls into a bottle and you want to be able to remove it you slide this into the bottle as you get close to the Cork and it's in your grass you slide down this and that closes onto the Cork and then you pull it out soap into this vintage bottle of California Cabernet oh my God the cork broke off in it and I want to be able to.

Remove the cork then the professional setting when you want to be able to present this bottle of wine to someone you don't want to present it with cork in it so I push down and now I see that it's inside of the arm so I can see it as I start to pull it up and then I start to pull slowly.

Pressing down this little lever here as we have the Cork and our grass and we pull voila that was actually pretty easy these things run under 10 bucks and for a bottle of this price point like over 200 um you really don't want to be caught without having one of these kind of.

Tools just to make your presentation right


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