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You Don’t Understand The God of Bleach! Quincy King Yhwach Explained


The final antagonist of bleach has arrived the Quincy King has been a long time coming but now he's back to burn Soul Society to the ground but who is this guy how'd he survive the destruction of the Quincy what's his goal in the Thousand-Year blood War in this video we'll be explaining you havoc's backstory and power set let's.

Get to it background birth of a god long ago a strange child was born his life was wretched for many years this newborn could not see could not hear could not move could not speak he couldn't even cry all he knew was nothingness you'd think this baby had no chance of survival he was cursed since birth to this strange life killing him would.

Almost be a mercy yet the child knew that he would not die indeed the people of its home Village consider considered him a treasure one touched from this bizarre baby would heal any ailments ailing lungs would be repaired the lonely would find companionship the Cowardly would be granted courage even severed limbs could be regrown this.

Child held the power to impart pieces of his soul to others each time someone touched the boy they would receive a fragment of his being one that would fill whatever they were missing he could treat any ailment physical or spiritual but while the people healed the fragment of Soul absorbed whatever it could of the individual it retained their skills.

Talents and knowledge when they died all that new information returned to the child to strengthen him and these people all died quickly some took a few years some a couple months for a few it was only a matter of days yet still people came to receive the child's miraculous blessing no one ever realized the curse that came with it and as the cycle.

Continued the child's broken body slowly began to heal every new piece of Soul slowly strengthened the youth soon for the first time the boy could hear the people talk of him he knew the name they'd given him you have the name of their God it seemed appropriate to the boy he was happy to take that title as his own this strange creature would go.

On to be the father of the Quincy the hollow killing Spirit monks can all Trace their ancestry and powers back to you in time the would-be God brought his descendants together by force unifying the Quincy and consolidating his power into a mighty Empire the lichten right but even then he had a higher goal a Brazen plan that defied all reason.

Attacking Soul Society johovach LED his armies of Quincy against the Shinigami realm personally squaring off with Captain General shigekuni Yamamoto that fight did not end in the king's favor the original gote 13 were ruthless killers and the invading Army tasted bitter defeat Jehovah did not die but he was sealed away his threat removed.

Without him most of the Quincy were wiped out uhvok's most loyal followers retreated into the Shadows of the cerate building the Vanden rack and preparing to one day restart the war against Soul Society those that remained on Earth were purged by the Shinigami even those not loyal to yehovah who had taken no parts in this war stood by their.

Insistence on purging Hollows the death Gods had no other choice yahuwa could not help his children he was back to where he began but that proved his salvation he simply needed time to regain his powers once more all Quincy as his descendants bear pieces of his soul his return was just a matter of time the Quincy prophesies as much.

Passing down a legend of the 999 years it would take their lord to return to full strength those few words however do not reveal the full extent of what this would require nine years ago in accordance with this prophecy the Tyrant juhavak took his power back from those he deemed impure and he did so by force his targets were mixed blood Quincy.

Living on Earth those not directly in service to the vandenreich most did not survive the experience those who did so died shortly thereafter you have however was not concerned about the deaths of his family these distant kin were simply a regrettable sacrifice he had not lost sight of his goal it was far more important that he personally returned to.

Lead the vandenreich he's proven his Acumen since returning to power already taking control of hueco Mundo and now the next step in his plan has arrived yehovak will throw whatever he has at the goatee 13 in order to reach his final targets the soul King himself his long absent father the world of the living the soul society and hueco Mundo.

Jehovah is a threat to all three but before we get into more detail on how make sure you're subscribed have hit the like button and have wronged the notification spell now back to the war personality the Eternal King Jehovah is the one man in Bleach who can make sosuke Eisen look humble jokes aside comparing the two villains is a good way.

To explain you havoc's perspective these two are both heavily defined by their pride however how it manifests is quite different eisen's flaw has always been his ambition the former Captain sought to break down the barriers between Shinigami and Hollow becoming something greater than either he saw himself as someone who could claim dominion over.

The universe one who could take the Throne of God Eisen aspired to achieve Transcendence and godhood being willing to sacrifice anyone else that gets in his way Eisen is a man of ultimate ego he might have Associates if they prove useful to him but his first intent is always to grow stronger he never lost sight of chasing Divinity but all this.

Is ultimately a sign of insecurity Eisen believes that he needs more that he deserves more there's a fear underlying that idea if you need more strength you aren't content with what you got if you aspire to God's Throne it's because you think it's empty when Eisen confronts urahara about it he can't process the other shinigami's attitude how can.

Someone simply accept things the way they are you Havoc however doesn't have to Aspire to more he doesn't need to get stronger he's been told he was a God ever since he was a child his followers returned to him after death and every time it strengthens him you Havoc knows he's a God and he's absolutely at peace with it there's a security to his.

Self-belief that Eisen lacks yahovac has a sense of self-righteous certainty every aspect of the vandenreich exists to reinforce his self-confidence he has loyal soldiers who are devoted to his personal service and it gives him strengths that Eisen lacked Jehovah does trust his subordinates even granting his right hand man control of his.

Accumulated power can you imagine Eisen opening himself up to anyone like this that doesn't make you Havoc a kind ruler however he's just more secure in his position you who sees his followers even the most loyal and devoted of the Quincy as pieces on a game board he will sacrifice his most elite soldiers if it serves his ends after all he is above.

Them he's a greater being so it doesn't matter if his disciples fall they live for him so they can die for him their comrades in a greater fight all working together towards one purpose that being the destruction of the Soul King while Eisen sought to step into the role of ruling Divinity uhvok's goal has always been to Dethrone the Shinigami God and.

Leave no one in his place the soul King's presence is key to maintaining the barriers between the worlds of the living and the dead it's his presence that regulates the flow of souls from one world to the next to the Shinigami this duty is sacrosanct the barrier must be preserved the alternative is apocalyptic yehovah however sees his.

Father's fate as humiliation the soul King has been sealed away and used as a tool by the Shinigami he'll bring that to an end and if this disrupts the cycle of life and death so what let the Border fall let life death and afterlife be combined into one all this cycle brings is pain and fear if it takes a God to build a a better world than Jehovah will.

See that done and he's got the strength to make good on that promise Powers Quincy King you don't get to become bleach's final villain if you're a weakling you strength is multi-faceted however this guy has so much power we're going to need to break it down piece by piece the roots of youhavox power comes from his soul.

Imbuement this is the same ability he had since birth and works the same way he gives a piece of his soul to others with a touch lets them cultivate it then retrieves this fragment when needed think of this as the badass Shonen version of a blown replacement scheme he's not the only Quincy with such abilities but they're vanishingly rare.

No one can compete with Jehovah in this area as the father of all Quincy all of them bear a portion of his soul and after death all of those fragments return to yehovah by living and dying the vandenreich makes himself stronger what's more the Quincy King has to developed a more powerful version of the power sharing technique by directly.

Inscribing a letter onto the target's soul and sharing his blood with them he can grant more potent specific abilities his most powerful agents all bear a specific letter and ability granted through this method even you Havoc himself holds the letter A signifying him as Almighty though who imbued him remains mysterious you might think.

That's his weak spot if you kill these subordinate Quincy the ones with letters you rob you have more significant pieces of his soul no dice even with the death of these empowered followers their souls flow right back to the Quincy King complete with their granted power the Pursuits of War only makes you Havoc personally stronger even if he had no.

Ideological goal to work towards he would still live a life of battle the deaths of his loyal Sons literally really keep him alive and all of this is before you reach the height of yehovok's Soul manipulation powers that comes with the dreaded Aus villain or holy selection this is what the sealed King used nine years ago to mass execute the.

Remaining mixed blood Quincy redistributing power to himself all it takes is a beam of projected light and all of the target's life force is Stripped Away even now yehovah can do the same thing to any Quincy he deems Superfluous there's no way for the Quincy to escape this effect even proximity to the lights is enough for.

The Aus velen to drain them dry this was likely the seed that started the developments of the Quincy medallions the devices they use to steal a shinigami's ban Kai you have however can go one better than even that the Quincy King has a personal spell no known as the sanct altar when cast it forms a gigantic zygen that absorbs whatever.

Power comes into contact with it yuhavak is the only Quincy able to steal a ban Kai using only his own power not only that he alone may be able to steal techniques other than Bankai keto full bring nothings off limits in theory the only thing that you Havoc absolutely shouldn't steal are the abilities of Hollows Hollow energy is anathemic to.

The Quincy any attempt to absorb it would be akin to drinking poison even a God has his limits Powers personal combats the Aus villain makes you Havoc extremely hard to kill the power he drains from the Quincy can be used to heal him pure Soul energy allows the Quincy King to repair even strange ailments that regular healing.

Wouldn't help with with how many Quincy you have to draw from any injury is going to be temporary he simply needs time to repair it and more souls to draw upon but more than healing uh walks raw strength helps him Barrel through most obstacles the energy he's absorbed at this point has gone far beyond letting him move the king's spiritual pressure.

Is more than enough to bring normal people to their knees the Quincy and Shinigami have always been counterparts and among the Quincy duhovok sits at the Pinnacle as such he knows Rishi manipulation techniques too difficult for many of his children to use the first of these is plutvin which routes spiritual energy through his veins this.

Has some limitations it can only enhance either attack or defense at a given instance however it's still extremely useful and you walk has taken it further than most his Bluetooth Vina alphabin technique projects the defensive brutes Beyond his own body it's an almost impenetrable force field consuming everything that touches the barrier in.

Order to sustain itself all of this comes before the regular Quincy method of combat spiritual Weaponry While most Quincy manifest a bow of some kind yuhovok's primary weapon is a sword the x-shaped guard provides one more reference to the Quincy zyken that shouldn't be seen as a limitation however he can still fire energy blasts.

Like any other Quincy even without a bow his rate of fire and overall spread are quite impressive to 2. keeping your distance won't save you from you when he does have to go for a big impressive shot that's when the sanct Bogan comes out this gigantic weapon can launch a volley of massive arrows at impressive speed this is less a bow and more a.

Siege engine the only flaw with it is that it's simply too large to be practical in one versus one combat should you Havoc be faced with an army however this will prove a useful attack while he never used it in the manga it's almost certain that johak was able to adopt the Quincy volstandig a heightened Angelic form used by many of his.

Disciples this enables the mass conversion of Rishi into fuel amplifying all Quincy attacks to a great extent it's essentially a perfected version of the let's this deal granting the same boost without the following loss of powers while you have personal command of Rishi was always extreme should he ever shift into the volstandig things.

Will get downright apocalyptic make sure to watch out for that powers Almighty all that is enough for you most of the time but this isn't the upper limit of the Quincy King's power like his subordinates yugovac Bears a letter of empowerment when he activates the abilities of a the almighty he grows beyond ridiculous he gains a whole host.

Of new powers all of which far outclass anything bestowed upon his subordinates let's start with what we already went over with the almighty active you have Ox Soul manipulation is boosted to the point of full-on consumption the Quincy King can absorb Fallen enemies outright adding their power directly to his own in a protracted battle with multiple.

Foes to claim yehovah could get very strong very quickly that's not the heart of the almighty however the simplest way to describe disability is precognition when the almighty is active can see all possible Futures not just the most probable every possibility is laid out for him thus it is literally impossible to surprise yuhavak when the almighty is.

Activated whatever is about to happen he already sees it coming be it a lunge with a sword or a sudden explosion you can't possibly hit this guy but wait it gets infinitely worse if you who box sees a power through his foresight he will know it and no power or ability he knows in this way can harm him he doesn't even have to dodge your blows or.

Avoid your attacks jehovok is quite literally Indestructible with the Almighty active how could you make an attack that God did not see coming this is one defense no amount of power-ups can penetrate it's absolute and somehow that just wasn't broken enough no a perfect immunity to everything and borderline omniscience aren't even you.

Have Heights of power that's in his ability to manipulate the future it's not as big a gap as you might think from being able to see the future to being able to rewrite it say you somehow circumvent the almighty defenses even if you land a blow strong enough to slay this monster it's still not enough ten years from now you have will return.

He'll be weaker sealed and lesser for it but he won't be gone even the future is his to control yeah are you surprised Yamamoto couldn't take this guy this is a Ludacris Chris power set how could it possibly get stronger powers Soul King The Almighty allows you Havoc to absorb a Target our one sealed King is trying to eliminate the soul King should you.

Havoc be able to absorb his father's Soul it would actually make an already desperate situation entirely hopeless the one thing holding you Havoc back is his innate curse he does lose energy slowly over time he can slow he can tire for all his power the Quincy king is not a God but the soul King is this would be enough to perfect yugovac's abilities.

And grants him a ton of additional energy at the same time as far as the Shinigami are concerned this is the worst case scenario if you have was able to pull this off he would be unrivaled in terms of strength his spirit pressure alone would be enough to reduce buildings to Rubble that raw ability would be potent in a fight serving as a.

Near impenetrable shield against his enemies there'd be so much force it'd be clearly visible the veil of Darkness empowering his every action this Godly Evolution would also increase uhvok's command of Rishi to Total Mastery he could imprints lasting orders on the spiritual particles affecting their base properties imagine if you have could.

Remove Rishi from Shinigami control across a wide area he could build structures from spiritual matter even encapsulate the entire serite within an impenetrable barrier imprisoning all the Death gods in a stroke Almighty Soul King Jehovah would have absolute power and absolute control wrapped up into one downright devastating package the scope.

Of his abilities would also grow yuvak would have full Mastery over the boundaries between worlds the same barriers the soul King once regulated he could open portals with a wave of his hands letting him Escape any situation he could force the worlds together speeding up the breakdown that would follow the loss of the king this is a.

Man who could devastate entire worlds just imagine all that might be pitted against the Defenders of the Soul Society how will our heroes fare against you could anything stop this guy let us know your thoughts in the comments below thanks for watching I've been Anthony fan have an awesome day