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You Missed These Details About The Next Wizard King! Asta Won’t Be Wizard King – Black Clover


Since the very beginning of black clover has been yelling his dreams into manifestation he will become the wizard king and standing right beside him with that goal in mind is his childhood friend and rival yuno but what if we told you the next wizard king won't be either of these two mages what if we went further and told you the clover.

Tina's prized position of wizard king might even cease to exist with the damage lucius has done to the position and his plans to become the final wizard king is not too extreme of a conclusion to reach and of course there is a fact that the clover kingdom might not survive their upcoming battle but let's not be too pessimistic i mean we are.

Talking about the wizard king here a symbol of hope and power so instead let's take a look at who amongst the magic knights could potentially replace julius as the 29th wizard king a new wizard king before we begin however there is a large elephant in the room that we must address why does the clover kingdom even need a new wizard.

King the answer to this question is quite simple and honestly makes me wonder how we haven't seen a push for julius be replaced already after his death at the hands of patri back during the elf invasion arc julius was able to be restored thanks to swallowtail this is a magical device he had found during his wanderings and funnily enough.

Something that was created by the very first wizard king using his time magic julius was able to link the device and store his time and magic in the emblem on his forehead a technique that is in some way similar to tsunade's hundred healing jutsu from naruto however as we know julius's backup plan didn't end up working as perfectly as he had hoped.

Upon healing and using the time he had saved up the 42 year old man now appeared to be 13. as julius explains himself not only was this a massive blow to his magical power he had lost a majority of the influence he once held over the rich nobles of the kingdom surprisingly julius was able to remain wizard king despite being in this.

Weakened form he must have had to pull some strings with his remaining high-ranking connections otherwise this would have been the perfect opportunity for the nobles to replace a peasant with someone of more stature although julius was still able to cover most of his wizzy king duties he fell short in the recent fake kingdom mark and in front of.

The clover kingdom citizens nonetheless during the battle against one of the ancient demons had sprouted up julius used to save the time to age himself to his former appearance thus becoming able to use his magic abilities in full however due to a miscalculation in the amount of time he had saved up or perhaps some other hidden forces julius.

Ran out of time and transformed back to his child form right before the big spell luckily asta was able to step in and save the kingdom with his newfound power of devil union but this failure on julius's part conveyed a clear message the current wizard king was no longer able to protect them from the threats that they faced which is why it is about.

Time to instate a new one but who could possibly fill that role but before we go any further subscribe to the channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot platinum today wizard king candidates now there are quite a few potential magic knights who could become the next wizard king but before we get.

Into those options let's clarify why it won't be asta or yuno just yet put it simply the two of them are just too young currently both asta and yuno are just 18 years of age although they have progressed rather quickly through the ranks with yuno becoming a grand magic knight breaking real's record and assa just being award the rank of senior.

Magic knight the two of them are not prepared for the role especially when comparing them to the next best candidates for the position the magic knight captains i mean each of them already has years of experience leading their squads and fighting in battle as of right now both asta and yuno are in a position similar to that of naruto by.

The end of naruto shippuden they have fought and come out victorious in great battles but don't yet have the many years of experience and responsibility needed for the position unfortunately the prize position of wizard king cannot lie empty until they are ready to take it but perhaps they will be ready when the time comes to the 30th wizard king.

To be inaugurated but for now a new wizard king must be selected furthermore with lucy is declaring himself to be final wizard king his intended president being resisted implies that future individuals will one day assume the rule despite him here go our young heroes asta and yuno however in the present some fan favorites for the position.

Include nozzle silva fugueleon vermillion and mario leona vermillion amongst the magic knights and captains we have seen in action so far these three are clearly or at least appear to be the most powerful and responsible mages that the clover kingdom has on hand any of the three would be an excellent choice for the wichita king.

Position and it's not just fans who think that these three are the best fit for the position either because many within the clover kingdom definitely agree in fact all three of the mentioned captains were nominated for the position of wizard king but after the non-stop fighting against devils in the spade kingdom two of them had declined the.

Offer preferring to spend time to recover and grow even stronger and moneo leona declined because it was too much of a hassle fugalian briefly mentions that the main reason he rejected the position was due to his realization of how inadequate he is though it is him who says this i'm willing to bet nozelle shares that belief for himself and.

Perhaps to an even more extreme level as a fellow noble in the fight against lucifero noesel was quite literally tossed aside by the king of devils but lucifero didn't just stop there he also evaded all of nozzles attacks before calling him and the onslaught useless this complete shutdown by his opponent will have definitely left some lingering.

Feelings for him and to make matters worse the only one who could deal damage to lucifero turned out to be asta this means that he the powerful noble needed to rely on a peasant like asta at this point in the story nozelle has learned to accept osta and those below him as he says so himself but deep down inside i'm sure it still affects him heavily and it.

Likely caused him to reject the position of wizard king it is important to note that both the offer to the three and the rejection come at a point that fugaleon dubs a time of peace with the spate kingdom and heart kingdom finally recovering and reaching a time of stability this could mean that the nobles and king may have wanted to.

Switch julius out sooner but couldn't due to the situation at hand however once the continent was peaceful looks like those pesky nobles immediately started searching for potential replacements speaking of potential candidates there are plenty of others aside from these three that could have what it takes to become the next wizard.

King or queen you never know starting us off here's another fan favorite choice the captain of the black bulls yami as someone with years of experience leading fellow mages yami has all the traits needed to become a great wizard king aside from his crude attitude however there is one pretty major issue yami is a foreigner from hino country although.

He has spent many years in the clover kingdom as one of their own the fact that he comes from a far away land already puts him at a disadvantage on top of his foreigner status xiaomi is also well known for all the wrong reasons whether that beat for his foul mouth refuses to follow any rules his large debts or his reputation as the.

Leader of the unruly black bulls yami being inaugurated as the next wizard king might not go over well with everyone civilians and nobles alike with yami seemingly out of the race another great choice for the title of wizard king would be the captain of the blue rose charlotte throughout the series she has proven herself as a force to be.

Reckoned with you know when she's not freaking out over yami and unlike him she comes from a family of nobility in short she is powerful responsible has experience and comes from nobility isn't she the perfect candidate to become the wizard king well the answer to that is that she is but if she were a perfect fit for the position wouldn't that mean.

All the other captains would also be acceptable choices i mean aside from the few bad apples yummy pretty much all the captains have the qualifications that we've mentioned and could in theory take the title of wizard king however out of all the captains many either wouldn't take the position or couldn't due to the fact that the public wouldn't accept.

Them let's go back to the example of charlotte she is known as the commanding beauty of the blue rose squad bad reputation combined with her intimidating attitude and thorny brighter magic makes her cold and prickly majesty as yami has dubbed her not quite an ideal choice for wizard king but each of the captains has their.

Own reasons and issues as to why they can't fill the position so let's touch on each of them and explain why that is let's look to dorothy captain of the coral peacock right out of the gate dorothy is a witch who hails from the witch's forest this simple fact puts her in a position very similar to yami's although she doesn't have a nasty.

Reputation like her fellow foreigner the fact that she comes from outside the kingdom is more than enough to keep her away from the role of wizard king plus apparently all she does is sleep most of the time anyway so i don't think it would be the greatest position for her the captain of the golden dawn william however would be an excellent choice for.

Wizard king and unlike dorothy and yami the public would lovingly accept him i mean why wouldn't they he's no more born is one of the most powerful of the captains and is hailed as a hero of the elf invasion loved by nobles and civilians alike william would be a perfect choice in fact it was even said that william was the closest to becoming.

The next wizard king earlier on in the series with that said william himself would never accept the position of wizard king especially after he brought the enemy right to the current wizard king leading to his opposed death and subsequently the elf invasion this leads three magic knight captains that in theory could fill out the position of.

Wizard king thursday griman this is jack the ripper the purple orcas kaiser and the aqua deer's real almost immediately jack is out of consideration seeing as how just like his old pal yami this captain is known for his foul mouth and crazy antics to add to that jack is known to be a commoner something he shows no shame in being but that.

Alongside everything else almost certainly ruins his chances of taking the position as for kaiser both us fans and those in the world of black clover simply don't know enough about him for this captain to claim such a high ranking position especially after his predecessor gouldray betrayed the kingdom to the eye of the midnight sun.

For some riches that must have had a negative effect on the squad's popularity and influence which also affected the current captain needless to say kaiser has to prove himself to quite a couple of people before being considered for the title of wizard king this leaves rill as the last standing captain despite being much younger than.

The others and having less experience surprisingly he is he one captain who could most likely become the 29th wizard king wizard king real as we've just covered real fellow captains all have reasons that prevent them from taking out the title of wizard king but surprisingly real is the one captain that doesn't in fact aside from the.

Obvious age gap real shares the most similarities with julius the current wizard king as we know both wizards have that fun and enthusiastic outlook towards magic both of their own and their allies and funny enough they are both known for their childlike behavior especially real as he has left yuna questioning his position as a magic.

Knight captain many times throughout the series and as we've seen multiple times julius is just as childlike when it comes to any and all interesting new magic lastly both will and julius have a bad tendency to ignore the actual responsibilities and instead chase after their own hobbies real has his paintings to attend to and julius has his.

Incognito wanderings to go on these hobbies have proven to be fruitful and have helped the wizards grow more powerful but they also cause tons of work to be ignored left to pile up for their vice captain and advisor respectively interestingly real has actually succeeded julius once before taking his place as captain of what was.

At the time called the great deer squad since becoming the youngest captain in history claiming the role at just the age of 19 the young wizard with painting magic has changed his name to the aqua deer if he was able to replace julius as captain at such a young age perhaps he might even be able to do it once more this time at the age of 21 and for the.

Role of wizard king it may be a slight stretch to say that real is destined to be the next wizard king solely due to his age but out of all the captains he may be the only one who could fill a position without issues then again who said the next wizard king had to be from the captains and who said they had to come without problems lucius the final.

Wizard king now we couldn't do a video on the next wizard king without mentioning lucius ogratus especially after his daring statement of becoming the final wizard king ruling over his remade and perfect version of humanity thanks to lucius his non-stop villainous monologuing we learned quite a bit about him in chapter 333 after revealing the.

Fact that he and julius are two souls that share a body disproving all the theories that julius was a traitor lucy explains his master plan to osta while keeping everyone else in an enormous chronostasis spell lucio's plan starts with one simple task destroying the human race once that is done he will recreate those he has destroyed using.

His siblings magic at first this may not make a whole lot of sense but if you take a look at the other zobruxes individual magic types the brilliance of lucius's plan starts to show xenon had bone magic vernica had blood magic and dante had body magic with his siblings and his own recently revealed soul magic lucius could quite literally remake.

Humanity after the planned destruction however this villain doesn't just want to recreate humanity he wants to elevate them bringing happiness and equality while leading them to ensure that nothing ever goes wrong again his new breed of humans equipped with purified devil magic will be named paladins as they fight on behalf of the world and as.

We mentioned he will rule over them as the final wizard king but as he says to himself the title of wizard king is beneath him and doesn't compare to his plans so instead he shall be known as the greatest wizard king although he may be the villain lucius's plans for the human race don't sound all that bad you know aside from the whole death and.

Rebirth thing if he succeeds in his planning the world he would create would be quite an interesting one however the odds of such a villain entirely succeeding are narratively slim to none but never zero it would be a crazy ride witnessing it all go down in the upcoming chapters of black clover will lucius truly become the greatest wizard.

King we'll just have to wait and see final predictions with so many potential options for the position and characters from all over the series yelling out their plans to become the next wizard king it's quite difficult to zero in on one specific character who is most likely to take on the responsibilities with that said we hear that plot armor.

Have come up with not one but two characters who we think are most likely to hold the title the two are captain of the silver eagles noesel and get ready for this seke and no this is not a joke just hear us out in our opinion the final decision on who will replace julius as the 29th wizard king will come down to two scenarios the first being.

The nozelle is forced to take on the role of wizard king by house silva after they learn of his decline the offer i mean what royal family would pass up having their eldest become the wizard king upon learning that he refused a position if they don't already know the silva family might attempt to force nozelle to change his mind no matter the.

Means as we are already aware the royal families are pretty trashy and would go to any lengths to get what they want i'm sure they managed to find a way to force nozel to seek the position maybe by involving his younger siblings something similar could be done over in house vermillion with mario leona and pugelian.

But those two wouldn't waver on their decision after all mario leona straight up refused becoming a magic knight and only stepped in to become a temporary captain after her brother fell into a coma and the crimson lions fell in ranking legend might have accepted his house's wishes and taken the position before but after this fake kingdom.

Battle and as he says how inadequate he proved to be we doubt that he would be pushed into the position this leaves nozelle who would do exactly as his house asks it might take some back and forth but if he were to be forced to do it we believe that nozelle isn't one to step out of line and refuse as for our second scenario it may sound crazy but.

Sekei could actually take the title the definition of fake it till you make it seke has made his way up to the magic knights by barely doing anything the only feat the young mage has for himself is saving the king during the elf invasion it was an undertaking he pulled off completely by chance but one that he still gets praised for from the king due.

To this he is promoted to senior magic knight a rank he and his colleagues know full well he does not deserve this becomes a repeated situation for sekei getting put on dangerous missions by the king because he believes the knight to be incredibly strong seeing as he's somehow returned for these missions alive and usually successful no thanks.

To him it wouldn't be too much of a reach for king augustus iii to give sekke his most loyal knight the highest ranked title he can wizard king with julius always overshadowing the king of popularity it would make sense for him to want to choose the next wizard king and someone like seke who he views as powerful and extremely loyal to him.

Would be the perfect choice in his mind he might just be a wizard king that gets no respect from those below him and rightfully so the imposter does not deserve the position needless to say i doubt any of the knights would actually listen to him instead going to someone like marks for their instructions and missions in sekkei's hands the title of.

Wizard king would be just that a title that is if he gets the position then again the wizard did have some serious development within the pages of the spade arc after witnessing austin's tenacity and yuna's power for his hand on the battlefield sakei thinks back on his career as a maddie knight and how much time he has wasted the three of.

Them joined the knights at around the same time but while asenuno put in the effort to get stronger sekei stood by and did nothing as he slowly realizes this he begins to cry and ask himself why he didn't try to become stronger sekai managed to survive that battlefield and return home hopefully now a different man perhaps if he was.

Given the position of wizard king by augustus he would finally stand up and admit that he isn't who the king thinks he is or who knows with his new development sequence could grow to become a respectable and worthy wizard king once again that is if he gets a position a pretty big if especially following judo's recent and powerful.

Declaration of defeating lucius and becoming the wizard king following asa's supposed death as we have seen there are many people that could feel the position of wizard king or even forcefully take it as for who this person will be we'll just have to wait and see just like the first wizard king we hear a plot armor wonder which of the many options could.

Become the next wizard king and since we may not get that answer any time soon we would love to hear what you guys may think in the comments down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you