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You Won’t Believe How Different Deku is NOW in My Hero Academia


Deku is the greatest hero the world has ever seen or at least he will be if he can avoid losing all his powers to the best villain in the series the end of my hero Academia is almost here so now's the best time to look back at how far its many characters have come to kick things off we have the evolution of izuku midoriya from scrawny nerd to the.

World's Last Hope deku's original Quirk izuku's Journey began with a childhood Obsession like many others he grew up worshiping all might but when he learns that he would never develop a quirk his dreams of becoming a hero like his Idol began to look pretty unrealistic but after attempting to rescue his classmates katsuki bakugo from a villain.

A chance meeting with all might lead to the opportunity of a lifetime the ailing all might decided to make the naturally heroic izuku his successor and the wielder of his core work one for all and after months of grueling physical training he was admitted into UA the hero school he always dreamed of attending at that point deku's handle on.

His powerful new Quirk was shaky at best during UA's entrance exam he wasn't confident enough to use it until a fellow test taker was in danger and when he did it immediately shattered his arm and this isn't a one-time issue during his early days at UA most of izaku's attempts at controlling his Quirk ended in Failure more broken bones and.

Lectures from izawa though he was as devoted to saving others sadly his execution was lacking but unsurprisingly for someone who has spent his whole life analyzing Heroes Deku has always been good at devising clever ways to defeat villains something that came in handy back when using one for all even once resulted in multiple broken bones we see.

That especially in the usj incident which was his first real encounter with a villain people downplay deku's cleverness a bit too much once his Quirk starts developing but he continues to take this to a whole new level as he becomes stronger and stronger deku's true power everyone knows that the sports festival was a major moment for.

Deku but I bet you don't know the real reason why sure it's a great Showcase of his resourcefulness and ability to use his head to make up for his weaknesses but what's way more important than that is the way it changes his perspective on what a hero's job is do you remember how insane Deku vs Shoto was at that time shoto's much stronger than him and.

What's even worse is that shoto's holding back vowing to win the battle with only his ice and as we'll see Deku would return the favor and disrespect Shoto much judged more only a few months later even back then Deku didn't want to win against an opponent who wasn't giving it his all and so winning was no longer his.

Entire goal he was determined to make Todoroki give the fight everything he had using both parts of his Quirk eventually deku's goading got the better of Shoto and he ultimately defeated Deku using his fire Quirk and Out Come the loser of the battle was satisfied with one of deku's most endearing beliefs is that Heroes don't just save others.

Physically that getting through to someone emotionally or psychologically is just as important though he never verbalizes this idea outright we see it pop up a lot in the way he talks about wanting to save villains this was Where it All Began Deku breaks the mold by being as interested in villain Redemption as he is in typical hero work.

During the sports festival he saw firsthand how rewarding it could be to fight not only for victory but for someone else's growth and healing because of him Todoroki was able to get closer to reaching his full potential but because deku's own potential was still unfulfilled he found the perfect teacher to help take him to the next.

Level let me do the same for you tap your finger where it says subscribe if not try clicking on it deku's new master what Deku really needed at this point was to figure out how to use one for all without destroying his body all might's former Mentor Gran Torino would prove to be a slightly more helpful Mentor than all mites giving him a key Insight.

Quirks are physiological traits so he will have more success controlling one for all if he views it as an extension of his body though it's simple advice it increases deku's understanding of his Quirk dramatically it teaches him how to utilize the flow of a smaller percentage of one for all throughout his body and instead of funneling 100 of its power.

Into a single point thanks to this full cowling Deku is finally able to use it without completely breaking himself at this point Deku can finally hold his own in a real fight first with stain during his work study and later when he faces overhaul he was only able to safely useful cowling at 100 against overhaul thanks to Aries rewind Quirk but that's.

Nothing compared to what he can do now the death of all mites too much of deku's identity was wrapped up in his connection to all might all might not only inspired him but also sent him off on his hero's journey which is why he would never be the same after the end of all might after a career-ending final blow against all for one all might gives.

The watching crowd a vague message You're Next it sounds like a threat to the villains of the world but Deku and US fans know that all might is actually telling his successor that it's time to step up and take his place no pressure right deku's tears in the aftermath of all might's retirement says it all times were changing and Deku had to become a.

Fully proficient one for all user as soon as possible he can't afford to not come into his own as a hero and quickly being the number one hero is no longer simply his lifelong dream but a responsibility so next he'd be completely focused on growing in power deku's new technique to prepare for the provisional license exam Deku is tasked.

With coming up with signature moves using his Quirk but because his ability to use one for all without breaking bones is still limited he's at a loss and the recently retired all might believes that this mental block is because midoriya is still trying to copy him but it's a comment from hatsume May that makes him realize that he needs to.

Start thinking outside the box this is huge for his Quirk development before he hadn't looked beyond all might's punching based fighting style but realizes that he doesn't have to fight like all might to succeed him so deku's big brain genius level idea that would change his career forever was to use his legs deku's shoot style is kicking based.

Which spares his arms from strain finding a way to use one for all that doesn't destroy his body makes Deku way more effective as a hero but that's obvious Deku realizing he doesn't have to literally become all might is even bigger additionally Deku is sometimes not the most composed in a crisis but the provisional license exam showed him.

How important it is to keep his head on straight understanding that part of being a hero is making Seville aliens feel secure deku's new quirks some time later Deku unlocked the mysterious Vestige world of one for all this starts with a vision of the origins of the Quirk this doesn't tell him very much since he already knew.

The gist of things from all mites but it reveals that he can interact with the first user something neither he nor almights were aware he would ever be able to do and later in the dream he is able to see the other seven users these apparitions are vestiges of the quirk's past wielders but Deku is the first user to be able to communicate with them not.

Only that but he will soon be able to use the past users quirks shortly after Deku lost control of one for all and emitted tendrils of energy something he had never done before and couldn't stop thankfully shinso's brainwashing Quirk caused him to lose Consciousness and while he was unconscious he interacts with a former user the previous Wilder's.

Quirks are then revealed to be dormants and growing stronger within one for all this knowledge Alters deku's understanding of his power black whip would add a whole new dimension to his capabilities once he learned how to control it he was Now set on a linear Quirk development trajectory almight tells him that the next Quirk he unlocks.

Will be floats so he'll continue refining his skills with black whip so that he can focus on float when it's unlocked in fact he recruits cedo uraraka and suyu to help him train with black whip since their quirks are helpful for the kind of training he wants to do that willingness to learn from his classmates and their eagerness.

To help out give us an idea of how his relationships have changed since the beginning of the series he's grown much more confidence in his place at UA Deku versus chigaraki although he took it pretty seriously Deku really didn't understand the scope of what it meant to be a wielder of one for all until his fight against shigaraki during the first.

War when tomura attempts to steal deku's Quirk he ends up bringing the two inside the Vestige World instead while in the Vestige World Deku saw first hand that all for one had yet to fully merge with tomura shikaraki there were traces of his younger self still present in his Consciousness there Deku saw the frightened and rejected young boy within.

Who became tumura shigaraki and because of this he made a decision the villain once known as tenko shimura needs to be saved not defeated it's the culmination of the lessons he's learned up to this point his take on heroism has never only been about defeating villains and protecting the Innocents those ideals find their perfect Target in the.

Undeniably evil but horribly mistreated shigaraki there's already a ton of pressure but then there's the bombshell we received from the previous users Deku learns the truth Deku is the final wielder of one for all probably if a user already has a quirk of their own when they inherit one for all their lifespan is shortened dramatically by.

The strain of possessing multiple quirks Deku and all mites who were both quirklists don't face this side effect but with the shrinking number of corkless children being born it's unlikely that Deku will ever find someone to pass the power onto the fact that he's now able to have such complex interactions with the vestiges shows how.

Much he's been able to make the Quirk his own but it also shifts how Deku views himself he can't see himself as a quirkless kid who got lucky anymore he has a vital role to play that no one else can take responsibility for that's a heavy realization and one that Deku reacts to the same way all might used to by playing the Lone Wolf the we'll get.

Back to that in a minute because first we have some Quirk developments to look at deku's biggest power up deca's power is growing much faster now after the war the percentage of one for all that he can safely use has shot up from five percent to 45 he's mastered black Whip and he has now unlocked the sixth user's smoke screen the fourth user's danger.

Sense shimura Nana's floats and the third user's fajin he uses them all in a fight against his old enemy muscular last time defeating muscular took everything he had and more this time he took him out with a single punch and didn't even break a sweat yeah later Deku teamed up with all might Endeavor Hawks and best genist in an attempt to.

Draw out one for all and shigaraki so he could deal with them once and for all at this point Deku without even being a Pro Hero is the equal and colleague of those he once idolized not to mention he's also the most powerful member of that group oh and he's only been a hero in training for less than a year yeah he's he's pretty overpowered however.

Realizing how powerful he is and how much only he is capable of doing made deku's insistence on doing everything by himself much stronger he left UA to hunt down shigaraki without endangering his friends when all might tries to encourage him to take care of himself Deku coldly leaves him behind I mean plenty of fans still haven't forgiven.

Him for throwing away that benzo how unimaginable would that have been before the war Arc rejecting the strong bonds he's formed with others deku's new approach to Hero work seems to be running him into the ground Deku surpasses everyone Deku had to be dragged back to UA unconscious by his classmates but that's not because they.

Knocked him out or anything in fact despite bringing no harm to anyone in class 1a while they tried to capture him an already exhausted Deku easily defeated them all at the same time he only passed out because he'd been hunting all for one and fighting his minions for several days with no breaks and only after accepting the words of.

His friends Deku has now truly learned to put Faith in others all mice didn't learn this lesson until after his career was over Deku no longer shoulders the burdens of the world he's okay with letting other people do their share build power of friendship their way out of this or die trying shigaraki's personality is separating from all for.

One again and all for one clearly isn't very happy about that so for Deku to make good on his desire to save him something drastic has to happen in a very short window of time deku's Outlook will be proven right or wrong by the outcome of his final clash with shigaraki I'm Anthony fan thanks for watching.