We have here is consider the predecessor of the champagne flute this is called a coupe it's a short squatty glass pretty thick not a seamless Rim Legend has it that it is the shape of Marie Antoinette's breast I'll leave you with that this is a little floral cider looks beautiful in this glass but you know there's all of.

This surface area to release bubbles you know so it's got kind of like the complete opposite of a champagne flute it all kind of comes rushing to the top it doesn't allow you to swirl you know I mean you still can sniff it's kind of hard to maneuver too right you know but it just reminds me of like you know getting a cocktail and you know the.

First thing you do you pick it up and if you zip it like that the glass lends more to a cocktail a sparkling wine that doesn't need to be evaluated and that's why I always think it's cool to pour something like this in it some real sparkling cider still fun and still serious


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