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Yuji Breaks Sukuna’s Soul! Yuta Domain Expansion & Kenjaku’s Death – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 249


Jujutsu kaisen chapter 249 the decisive battle in the uninhibited demon infest Shinjuku part 21 begins outside of Shinjuku instead we're going back to the aftermath of Utah ambushing Kaku in the lake goo Colony we're at the last part of their fight we saw originally with kaku's severed head claiming his will shall be inherited UT silent for a.

Second just standing over the dead body of suguru ghetto trying to work out what that means but then he calls for ra they've got bigger problems to deal with now because Kaku lost gto's body he's lost control of everything he did with cursed Spirit manipulation so every remaining Spirit he had bound is immediately rampaging right here in the.

Countryside a bunch of high-grade curses have already appeared a bird Toad and lion emerging from ghetto Shadow these creatures are not a big worry to Utah he slashes right through the first spirit that tries to attack him like it's nothing but there are a ton of them and they aren't just going for him a bunch have run out of the forest and have.

Reach the road the whole cloud of curses aishi bridge over Lake goo in no time and start to head across it looking for civilians since these curses are not calling game players they can leave the colony and there aren't any powerful Sorcerers left outside to stop them the last time this many curses went on the attack at once was the aftermath of the.

Shabuya incident and that death toll went into the millions thankfully Ra's fast enough to reach the bridge before the rest of the cursed Spirits she swoops down at the mob from above like she's some kind of giant Twisted Batman even the curses creatures composed of hatred and hunger are visibly scared of this and they should be Ra's first.

Attack is just grabbing one curse in her hand and squeezing it a bit that's enough to reduce his head to a bloody mess the curses don't stop coming b r holds her ground splashing a fountain of blood all over the road but this whole fight was just a distraction kju is not dead he's lost ghetto body but the brain can still control the head and is flying.

Through the air with it it suspended on some kind of dark energy far above the battlefield there's no sign of what it is this looks like a cursed Spirit but kju lost control of them all right regardless now that he's out of easy stabbing range he has an instruction for kogan this is when he adds the rule giving meami the power to activate the.

Merger between humanity and tenan he really has been forced to pin his hopes on sakuna UT's caught up with the weird curs tree thing pulling takaba corpse with him but it is too late kogan happily registers new rule just like all the ones before now that he's done with that kinjaku gloats at Utah he had this insurance ready all along he's completed.

The ritual of succession with sakuna in advance just to make sure this handing off of control thing would work the only thing left to do is to transfer control of the culling game's heart to sakuna so he's ready for the ritual to show up what that means the black energy recedes revealing a strange creature inside there is a membrane around it this thin.

Transparent layer separating it from the world it's warped looking almost like a human fetus but UTA recognizes it shocked it's Master tenen now reduced to this tiny creature the item that will make everyone merge together no legs just a slim tail and eyes which look like sakuna tenen should have been freed by Kaku losing gto's body but it's not.

That easy the culling game is a more complex ritual it's basically a second cage for the old sorcerer even without Cur Spirit manipulation the merger could still happen before UTA can free the captured sorcerer tenens rocketed into the sky hatching from this bizarre egg the black energy that surrounds him the foundation of the culling game is being.

Transferred to Shinjuku that was kaku's last move no more Tower means nothing separating him from Utah sending it was as good as accepting his death now with a sword in his head the ancient sorcerer has a few last words for his killer Kaku grins this hasn't been too fun for him but he's still happy about his comedy time with takaba it's a good way to end.

Things now though it's a different era it's up to UT and his friends to decide what happens next K jaku is content though Utah and his friends beating sakuna the new world with tenen however it plays out it is sure going to be fun back in the fight with zakuna things have gotten vertical R's on one side of zakuna hovering in the air UT's opposite.

Her standing on a girder that runs over the building every everyone just staying still for now waiting for one of the other fighters to move sakuna is the first to act using reverse curse technique to heal his hands it's taking the forearmed sorcerer a second to heal that last wound even after all the damage and exertion he took with Gojo.

He's had such an easy time with the fight since then that he's managed to get that ability back which means that his ability to use malev and Shrine is probably going to return pretty soon too no one here has a way to fully suppress that the best they can hope for is to limit it with simple domain this fight is going to to be significantly harder.

And they've already lost higuma the guy who had a chance at ending this with one hit the fight's gone terribly for jiutu High's forces and UT is convinced that it is because he didn't stay here he starts second guessing himself a bit he could have stuck with this group would that have been enough to turn things around could Maki have handled the.

Kinjaku attack instead of him ultimately he decides that no Maki wouldn't have been up to that she could have killed Kaku sure but with how many cursed Spirits Kaku Unleashed it had to be ra and him that handled that fight otherwise the civilian casualties would have been really high but now that her names come up here where is maki during.

All this does she have another job like UTA did is she helping hakari or something or is she just waiting for her turn to join Yuji in fighting sakuna with choso and kusakabe left in the dust this is kind of turned into sakuna beats up The Supporting Cast one by one Jujutsu High really needs to stick together better than this the gerder utu.

Standing on starts to crumble Trumble it's not going to last much longer it's time to attack R flies forward circling around sakuna to block his line of sight UTA doesn't waste this chance charging forwards with his sword he's striking out of the Shadows even with multiple eyes sakuna shouldn't be able to see this attack coming but the king of.

Curses is way too fast he ducks to one side and catches the blade in his hand it doesn't even take him effort to break it UTA can tell that sakuna managed to come up with a chainsaw technique using a bunch of tiny regular slashes to grab the blade but this fight is not ending with one failed stab Ra's coming up behind sakuna who's still focused on UTA.

And his sword they can still pull a sneak attack here UTA lets his Katana Hilt go leaving the remains of the blade in sakuna hands that way he can get some space from the coming impact zakuna Wheels feeling the spirit coming up behind him he's almost too late Ra's right there in front of him now sukuna is having to block both sides at once he.

Does a decent job of it punching Ra's head back with one right hand blocking her punch with his other and keeping hold of 's katana but he's finally had too much to do UT manages to land a punch right at his gut sakuna second mouth grimaces winded by taking a direct hit now UTA has a second to grab his drop sword before it hits the floor he.

Slashes at zakuna just a second too slow to catch him but now sukuna is kneeling and R's grabbed an air conditioning unit ra to smash it down on him kuna is able to break the AC with dismantle but that gives UTA the chance to land a kick on his back ra closes with a massive punch while UTA slashes at sakuna sign they are in perfect sync each time one.

Attacks even if it fails it gives the other an opening to exploit this whole fight has been a display of how much good teamwork can do against a single powerful opponent but UT is not smiling all that stuff about how he had to miss the earlier fight was just an excuse and sakuna is grinning at him he can taste the guilt UT wanted to kill Kaku.

Personally he insisted on that mission he suddenly convinced that everything that happened after he left is his fault zuna's eyes sense something changing as UTA readies his resolve for the next step turning his ring it's finally time for Utah otu's domain expansion all encompassing unequivocal love a realm of crosses and swords it says so much about.

You that his idea of true love looks like a graveyard either that or he's a massive unlimited blade Works fan before any attack can hit sakuna activates Hollow wicker basket the ancient version of simple domain UTA doesn't care he grabs one of the katanas on the ground glaring at sakuna with Fury as he takes his.

First swipe at the king of curses sakuna blocks just like all those times before but he can see something strange the air next to him starting to crap UTA still has access to thin ice breaker the attack he copied from takako uro during the culling game for once he wasn't attacking sakuna but the air next to him the strike explodes in the middle of.

Uta's domain the light blindingly bright as it clears UTA is still standing there the sword used to deliver that attack fading away no big deal he's got plenty more the whole domain is full of them and he's resolved he'll do whatever it takes to kill sakuna inside this domain it's his way of making up for not being here and kind of causing this situation.

In the distance the Smoke's clearing and of course sakuna is still standing that attacked drew blood but he still got three eyes staring right at Utah He's grinning this plan is still one he can understand he knows uta's technique is copied thanks to megami's Memories if the domain can deliver a copied attack that is terrible news for sakuna Megami.

Could have copied Angel's technique and used unequivocal love to hit him with Jacob's ladder in megami's body that would basically be a oneit kill so long as that is even a possibility while UT has the domain up sakuna needs to maintain Hollow wicker basket but that limits his ability to make use of his mutated body one set of arms and one.

Mouth are going to be busy with the basket this limits sakuna to using one offensive technique at a time while UTA can pull any attack he's able to copy but there is a weakness UTA has a 5minute time limit on his full connection to ra if zakuna can wait him out this is going to end badly still UT's got one more Advantage here yuji's.

Here attacking two with fists that can strike the soul if that can be combined with Jacob's Ladder they may be able to separate Megami from sakuna the four Fighters take a second sizing each other up sukuna mocks Yuji asking if he's happy to finally get a role in this battle and I swear sukuna is hatred for Yuji is the funniest thing ever he.

Really really does not like this man at all all our boy did will stand up straight and he immediately caught a stray from the king of curses now this is going to be tough for both sides but jokes aside I really hope Yugi can remind us that he is a main character at some point in this fight shout out to UTA for killing at least one major.

Villain though as always I'm slice vaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you