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Yuji Can’t Stop Kenjaku From Violating Gojo and Using Sukuna’s Power! – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240


We start jjk chapter 240 with a pretty cool color spread of Utah Maki hakari and Yuji and it gives us something pretty crazy look at yuji's arm there something seemed to be up with it when we saw him come down to fight sakuna but now we've got it in color and his whole arm looks warped is he wearing a cursed tool did he eat one of the remaining.

Death painting wounds but all this brings up another question are these four technically our main characters now seriously meami possessed by zakuna doar is still MIA and Gojo is dead yuji's lost his regular family these four are pretty much our protagonists right now but only two of them have shown up for this meeting of jiutu high spiders this.

Is just the official and semi-official grade one Sorcerers so we've got UTA and hakari here with Angel kusakabe and mayay they're hanging out on a stairwell listening to Angel make a pitch the ancient sorcerer is the one who suggested having a jiutu sorcerer and Bush kinjaku while the fight is against zakuna still going on it's weird that.

Angel's the one who came up with this plan they're supposed to have a very strong personal grudge against zakuna you'd think that that's what they'd be focused on but Angel's been paying attention kaku's endgame is destroying Humanity or probably just Japan the old sorcerer doesn't want that even if it means Angel has to put their personal.

Grudge on the back burner they want to prioritize kinjaku they need to be ready for him too hakari isn't too worried kaku's new rules make it clear that the calling game only ends when all the regular players are killed so as long as the cast members who enter the colony prior to kinjaku closing registration are still alive the merger shouldn't.

Trigger and that's actually quite a long list Yuji higuma kurusu herself Panda Momo miwa noritoshi and Maki are all registered players kinjaku would basically have to wipe out jitu High's forces to win this he can't just go around taking out isolated Colony Sorcerers UT's with his bro on this hean aari are players too and they're.

Planning to fight tuna if Gojo loses Kaku probably won't interrupt that fight and risk his ally turning on him kusakabe though is already thinking through the bad scenarios even if they win against Akuna the king of curses isn't going down easy he could very well take jiutu High's forces with him if everyone's dead after the sakuna fight.

They won't have anyone left to stop kinjaku sakuna will have done all the killing for him plus UTA and hakari are two of the stronger players there are a few capable players but people like miwa probably aren't at the level where they can fight a thousand-year-old master sorcerer like Kaku they just get slaughtered kusaka Bay everyone as.

Upbeat and positive as ever no sense making everyone depressed when they're already worried Angel though isn't going to hold back she points out that Kaku could Ambush the group after Gojo loses hakari and UTA being busy with zakuna would make sure they weren't around to fight Kenny even if it's not a surprise attack and Kaku politely Waits until.

They're done with sakuna going up against this super superpowered sorcerer while heavily wounded is a terrible idea after all that's exactly what jitu high is planning to do with zakuna had the less powerful Sorcerers Rush him while he's drained from fighting Gojo it' be ironic if kinjaku used the exact same plan against them kusaka Bay knows that.

Maki is probably their best choice for a surprise assassin sensible call considering her abilities acting as a sort of counter to Cursed energy still it's probably a bit too optimistic kinjaku was right there when Maki fought sakuna with his curse Spirit spies he's got to have some preparations for Heavenly restriction Maki probably isn't.

Taking him down solo still even kusakabe is not fond of this whole idea dividing their forces right now is risky if it's possible it'd be better to confront kinjaku and sakuna as a group if the Assassin gets killed that's one less person to join the fight plus even if they go with this plan they need to find someone they're confident could take.

Down kinjaku alone it's hard to imagine who could pull that off kusakabe doesn't even think his fellow first grade sorcerer could do it mayay snarks that this just means grade one isn't worth what it used to be her colleagues call her out for being unreasonable it's not like she's any better the last time she had to fight kinjaku she ran like hell.

She had to escape to Malaysia fleeing the country just to be safe but yeah mayay admits that she almost got killed in that fight and was so scared that she sold off her Japanese stock portfolio she expected the whole nation to get wrecked even that early on she's surprisingly humble here admitting outright that she couldn't pull off a.

Fascinating kinjaku she's in the same boat as the rest of them but before the argument can continue Angel makes a big suggestion that changes everything they've got the perfect assassin in mind takaba fumihiko the other grade one Sorcerers are skeptical hakari doesn't even understand what the comedian saying half the time kusakabe mumbles with a.

Cigarette that the only thing he remembers about takaba is how his clothes keep falling off unless you think a birthday suit will make kju explode it's not clear how this is supposed to work but Angel has thought this through and they're going to explain this to the rest of the group they have to keep the full explanation.

Of secret from takaba because it would risk his curse technique getting weakened but Angels worked out how it functions and against Kaku it's going to be amazing and with that we finally get back to the fight kaku's not lost his smile but it's gotten thin his eyes are full of Rage glaring at his opponent the master Sorcerers Unleashed a swarm of.

Stied curses on takaba they bite at his leg lunge at his feet once even jumped on his head triying to rip his eyes out it should be a gory violent death but takaba is completely undamaged by all of it just laughing and overacting same as always as long as he's acting like a cartoon he claims Kenny can't harm him he adds a few extra ows but it's clear.

He's not seriously hurt by this bewildered kinjaku calls his curses back trying to work out what's going on all he can do is narat takaba for overselling his owls this weird half-dressed comedian just shuts down curse manipulation somehow Jujitsu sorcery is useless for him in this fight takaba grinning starts rumaging through.

His pockets he's not worried about mullet boy here there's no way Kaku can win against takaba even a kid could beat this guy and takaba will prove it because he's turned Kaku into Bandit Keith from Yu-Gi-Oh Kaku not a fan of that takes the flag off and throws it to the ground it's clear that whatever this guy imagins becomes reality that's.

Insanely dangerous takaba meanwhile is outraged as took off the headband it was a great look for the final boss but this fight is still in the comedian's favor right now no matter how he's acting unless K jaku can work something out his thousand years of jiu experience aren't going to do anything against takaba Kenny tries to Rally Every curse.

Techniques got to have a weak spot right he ask the strange man who he is takaba identifies himself boasting that in last year's P1 he Advanced all the way to round one okay that's kind of a major reveal and it's really surprising for takaba given how awful he is at comedy assuming the P1 is meant to be the M1 grand Pricks Japan's greatest monai.

Contest we can actually work out the stats for how well he did going off the public records for M1 in 2017 takaba was up against 4,093 other contestants from all across Japan he could have been eliminated immediately but if he Advanced to the first Tevis round that would make him a semi-finalist he would have gotten through five sets of.

Elimination and been on one of the final 18 In Contention he would have directly been up against horo sammon the eventual winner does he actually have some skills after all kju however is not a fan in fact he slams the entire show to him P1 is stupid the show is only funny because all the performers are awful takaba snarks at that with that kind of talk.

Kaku just made an enemy of every comedian in Japan but Kaku claims that this was just a joke he was expecting takaba to play the straight man and answer him back he got out of the the P1 at the first round failing at failure that would be funny right but he moves on from that bringing up taka's hometown of NAB nabe kju knows another performer.

Pony from that area who he figures must be tied to this new comedian taka's brain has to shift gears pretty quickly to go from fighting to friendly conversation still he manages bringing up his preferred comedian someone from the cackling dog comedy show canju seem skeptical of that bringing up his preference for a different old TV show V.

Kabula and this makes takaba actually start to reconsider this jusu ha hadn't told him that Kaku understands comedy he's the toughest audience a comedian could ask for a dedicated fan but this all means that Kenny can be talked to a comedy fan can't be that evil right takaba ask Kaku why he's doing this whole calling game plan he's killing a.

Bunch of people to make a giant monster who wants that the old sorcerer is bored by this he already had this whole conversation last chapter and doesn't even want to try and explain it again it's just intellectual curiosity when you boil it down takaba seizes the opportunity there he gives him a way to try and resolve this peacefully if he.

Can give kinjaku something more interesting to do there won't even be a need to fight right kinjaku tries to play cool just giving a non-committal answer but Tak about points and laughs it's all over his face and yeah he's literally written it on Kaku make me laugh Kaku scowls Furious but it's too late takaba has a comedy idea now and.

He's going to run with it but if he's going to pull that off takaba needs to get kinjaku laughing he's already got a plan to get a chuckle out of the old brain Goblin he's going to use his ultimate homemade oneliner gag one that Kenny can use himself Kaku just glares at the comic waiting impatiently takaba even updated the writing to be intrigued.

And it's the same joke maybe is this just a rework of his marryed me and be my Wi-Fi gag either way he really needs some new material kju is not impressed either he sigh and starts to break down takaba joke Kenny can guess exactly where he came up with it sitting around at a cafe the Wi-Fi signal is terrible then a waitress comes up to him trying.

To talk takaba is actually pleased he thinks Kaku got the joke but Kaku claims it is just because he's a pro when it comes to Comedy he could just work out how this happened like an autopsy and then he shoots takaba down giving him the brutal truth that's a word play gag based on a very specific situation it was funny at the time takaba first.

Thought of it but just hearing it said isn't going to work no one would laugh at it if takaba tried this at P1 it's just some word play not part of any kind of routine takaba wines gulping for air he looks like he's just been punched below the belt but we're not done with Professor Kaku scientifically explaining comedy he gives off a counter example to.

Show off exactly why this gag doesn't work there's a joke in Japanese that combines two phrases pull out the spine and you can't stand it's a double meaning gag based on the kanji for spine reading in different ways in English it would be like oh rip the spine of a book you'll fall forever but there's two phrases here the bit about the spine is.

Set up then the falling over bit is a punchline takaba doesn't have a setup like that all that was in the context of his original situation stuck at the coffee shop with no Internet so he's basically only made half an actual joke takaba grimaces wincing in ban kaku's logic swirls around him depression is dragging him down this got under the.

Comedian skin in a way the bug curses never could Kenny's torn apart one of his favorite gags with pure logic takaba feels like he's back on the comedy circuit again with kinjaku being his disappointed partner looking over his routine after a terrible night the same criticism still hit you're just thinking about yourself try to play to the.

Audience for once and that's the game Kaku elbows the comic in the gut so sarcastically complimenting his show as he does so this time the hit does damage takaba is thrown back through the shrub land would an earth thrown up around him Kaku grins this has to have felt good he's figured it out now comedian relies on takaba confidence with his delivery.

If he can convince him his act sucks it's no defense at all but one good hit won't win a fight between jiu Sorcerers takaba gets right back up yelling at kinjaku he's got some defenses against criticism Kaku is just some random amateur who wants to Heckle him the monk might know stuff but he's never been an on-stage comedian well Kaku has been.

Around for centuries he might have been a comedian for all we know he could have had Kori itori have a late night show after giving birth to Yuji but anyway takaba is sticking with his objection you don't have to give in to the haters even if one guy doesn't think his acts funny someone else might but Kaku scows at him to him it's Rich for takaba the.

Failed comedian to to even aim that high forget everyone he's going to struggle to get one guy to laugh and takaba starts to sweat that landed worse than the punch if he's going to win the comedic fight he's going to have to grit his teeth and surpass his funny limits like a Shonen hero he yells a challenge at Kaku a staring challenge the simplest.

Form of Comedy they both just pull a funny expression to try and make the other one Look Away whoever lasts first loses it's a literal Faceoff takaba opens pretty strong half closing his eyes eyes and looking like he's in pain it's a pretty bizarre expression but Kaku Kaku makes this bizarre gopher face he's got a stupid tongue extended grin.

While pulling away the thread hold in the top of ghetto head down and lifting it up even his brain face is grinning he just looks bizarre it's too much for takaba he snorts failing the face off almost immediately kinjaku doesn't give him a chance to recover punching takaba right in the jaw while yelling to look over there he's getting into the whole.

Comedy fight thing takaba is thrown through the forest again he's been knocked a long way from the road by this point and he's not getting up this time he's still trying to work out what's going on why aren't his powers working what did Kaku even just do it was supposed to be a staring contest taking off the top of your head and punching.

The opponent shouldn't that be against the rules but really he's been hit with the most crippling thing a performer can get Envy the idea that Kaku is actually funnier than him talk about just la there thinking about how funny Kenny's whole deal is he's this handsome long-haired guy who dresses like a monk and he's got those weird inhuman.

Stitches on his head the whole thing makes takaba want to laugh just thinking about it but he starts to pick himself up there are two types of comedians that will always be able to find work people who are naturally funny and those who think they're funny and takaba has some confidence in himself he repeats again and again I'm funny I'm funny but before.

Takaba can get on his feet he sees something laying in the undergrowth Yori heni his severed head is just lying on the ground his eyes rolled back blood still trickling from his mouth suddenly all this comedy just vanishes for takaba he's met aori they fought back during the early portion of the culling games so frustrated with his curs technique.

That he didn't want to fight anymore now the oso serious sorcerer is laying there veryy dead this isn't just a comedy show that's gotten out of hand this is a life or death struggle if takaba loses he's going to end up dead just like aori who could laugh at a time like this well K jaku can the old sorcerer has finally caught up with takaba and ask him what's.

Wrong he looks down at his fo and grins telling him to laugh he's a comedian right shouldn't he be able to keep a smile on his face even if he's scared what comic hasn't had to fight through some stage fright but takaba is not laughing he's horrified he finally knows exactly what the stakes are he's no longer an idiot and that might get him.

Killed he can still hear his old partner's words echoing in his head their act wasn't funny he hated the time they spent together at this Bleak point when he most needs to make himself laugh and feel pride in his craft takaba can't even remember why he became a comedian at all this feels like an ending it makes sense as the end of a battle but.

Gay has been a bit of a troll about these oh this guy totally won the fight chapter endings lately could talk about turning this around possibly he has at least some people in his life who have encouraged him like his old colleague Ken takaba might still be able to smile through this Terror start up a new routine and continue the fight there's.

Plenty of stories of comedians getting a second wind recovering from stage fright and delivering a jaw-dropping performance takaba fear is less the audience will laugh at me and more this guy's going to kill me but same principle all he has to do is get his act moving again but don't be too surprised if we end it here in any other.

Manga this would be a textbook death scene kju completely shut down takaba curse technique he could score a one hit kill right now and it would make sense there are a few reasons to Hope though first it's the ending text where our narrator asks Mr comedian what he's going to do next that at least implies this fight will last for more than one.

Chapter and second gagay doesn't usually shy away from showing us a corpse they might cut away from the final blow but it's usually a little clearer than this when the fight is over still it's risky to make guesses like that we could totally just cut back to the sakuna fight next chapter leaving takaba to die so do you think the comedian still got a.

Shot at this or is this his last curtain call let us know in the comments as always I'm SL Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you