Home Anime Yuji Reveals His True Power vs Sukuna! Itadori Gets Revenge for Gojo! – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238

Yuji Reveals His True Power vs Sukuna! Itadori Gets Revenge for Gojo! – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238


We start chapter 238 with kosimo taking a closer look at zuna's new body thanks to his curse technique he can use x-rays to study his opponent's insides the king of curses has fully transformed back to Four Arms two mouths and extra eyes there's an aura radiating off of him dark murderous intent swirling over the battlefield it's almost enough to.

Overwhelm kosimo but he's not frightened he's impressed tashimo a man who lived pretty much just to kill stuff this new body is a amazing to look at with forearms zakuna can make as many hand signs as he wants while still freely able to use cursed tools or block incoming attacks with two mouths He Can chant whatever is needed for his spells.

Without even pausing for a breath it's not just about looking Savage and monstrous sukuna designed this form to give himself the ultimate Competitive Edge in any fight thanks to his x-rays kosimo can confirm that all the extra muscles required by his body don't interfere with sakuna health or ability to move move either it's perfect but.

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Designed to make zakuna the strongest sorcerer not just a strong warrior in general General there are no weaknesses no problems with it it really makes it look like this body was something sakuna intentionally made he has to have thought this out right maybe sakuna forgot his origin he's been around for centuries now but at one point sakuna.

Must have wanted to become strong so he wasn't always like this he used to be weak normal getting to this point took effort what made him want to become strong what put him on this path kosimo thinks back to sakuna history the king of curses f bought a lot of people back in his ERA with his famous curs tools the kamu to and hen he wait the kamu to.

Sakuna had kamut back in his original lifetime that's confusing everyone just assumed that the kamut was the tool Yuzu made as she laid dying we saw her activate her technique then last chapter directly confirmed that she is the one who made kamut it all seemed to line up but that just got contradicted hard zakuna had this thing centuries before.

Yuzu's death was only introduced last chapter this probably isn't a continuity mistake and this doesn't contradict anything yuu is another ancient sorcerer she could have made kamut back during her original life she loves sakuna back then too maybe Ur was just holding on to it for their boss's return but even if we explain it like this the Situation's.

Still weird if sakuna had kamut during his first lifetime what did yoru make while she was dying then what was she trying to do with the final use of her curse technique was she even making something for sakuna at all plus this means that there's another cursed tool of sakuna that he's not using the hean has to be the spear or staff thing it's.

Much bigger than the kamut and would probably require two arms to wield since it would make it harder to make hand signs it was probably something extremely potent so what happened to Heen is sakuna seriously sitting on yet another power up unfortunately kosimo does not know enough to answer that question he just knows the official jutu.

History of sukuna this perfect Warrior body explains a lot about why he was such a threat tuna wiped out the elite Celestial Squad he took down five void generals who under the attack of the fujiwara family sakuna fought off the ab Clan's Desi chin Squad Angel's old faction with the sugara clan the entire jiujitsu world can't stop this guy.

Kosimo just gapes at the sheer power sukuna is able to throw around now that he's got his body back he's up against a monster but looking at this sakuna this warp monstrous body kosimo can only call him one thing beautiful hey dude if that's what you're into there's a flash of energy around kosimo as sakuna opens up with another kamut blast it doesn't.

Do damage but it doesn't have to the force is enough to knock kosimo off of his feet it gives him enough time to get close wrestling Kimo's block away and Landing two Fierce punches at the electrical Warrior clutching kamut in his mouth so he's got all four hands free for this the king of curses doesn't let up lashing out a kosimo again and.

Again with all four hands his punches are enough to land the other man on the ground even with his energy based form the sheer force is overwhelming to kosimo he manages to stay on his feet but only just barely groaning in pain he still got his mind on the fight though starting to focus energy on his hands sakuna hangs back making hand signs with.

His lower pair of arms ready for his next big move fighting through the pain of turning his body into energy Kimo brings his hands together and launches a beam of light at sakuna he's not going to lie down and die even against his perfect body but this whole fight just got very different and it's time for the other benefit of this new form to kick.

In zakuna smirking gut mouth chant a shielding technique repelling Kimo's attack it doesn't even take his main body any effort to nullify that hit now that he's done preparing his technique zakuna fires back immediately taunting kosimo to just try and Dodge his next attack twin meteors dismantle the slash comes from above with with enough Force.

To split a mountain it's like some Angry God reached down into the world the edges of the blast Fray as he technique cuts through space and light even with his body transformed to electricity this hurt kosimo drawing vicious black blood from the Godlike sorcerer cut anything wasn't just zakuna being dramatic he's really at that point now kosimo is still.

Conscious though and he gets a better look at the result of sakuna technique it really is the same move that took down Gojo a powered up dismantle that ripped a gouge right through the entire world perhaps as a reward for surviving that attack sakuna takes a pause from the fight he's ready to talk to kosimo for a bit he's not forgotten the old.

Warriors questions after surviving so long sakuna is willing to try and explain what he thinks about how these strong relate to people he still got Yuzu on his mind she would be so happy to know that sakuna still remembered her even if he refuses to use her name instead calling her a fool who preached to him about love it's still some kind.

Of care Zuna Recaps yuzu's argument for kosimo the idea that someone strong enough can't understand love they're forced to be alone and that keeps them distant from everyone else if you're living in a oneperson world where you're the only one that matters you can't relate to other people zakuna though thinks yoru was wrong he's convinced he.

Does understand people he was just annoyed by yoru so he didn't bother trying to correct her nobody likes being told they don't understand and hey even yours was starting to suspect that sakuna understands what love is she didn't want to admit it and started yelling that he got it wrong but saw some kind of recognition in his eyes.

Sakuna is not just making this up for kosimo now that he's met the other ancient warrior though sakuna throws out the idea that Gojo and kosimo probably would have been better company for Yuzu her view of the world fits theirs better and he's kind of got a point Yuzu just latched onto sakuna after meeting him and seeing his strength assuming that.

Made him lonely she didn't know anything about him what he thought what he wanted she had just felt how powerful he was and everything else was her assumptions if she had been born in another era fallen for kosimo or Gojo yoru might have mellowed out a bit maybe zakuna thinks kosimo actually already knows how the strong can love the weak he just.

Hasn't quite put all the pieces together the old Warrior asked zakuna to explain still not sure where the king of curses is going with us but the explanation is over for now zakuna grips kamut in a clenched fist there's one thing he will admit kosimo was strong he throws another bolt of lightning at his opponent restarting the fight rather.

Than talking further the lightning doesn't hurt doesn't even drive kosimo back but that's not the point it's a distraction before kosimo can fire a Counterattack sukuna darts around fast enough to get behind the other sorcerer Kimo knows what's coming he tries to turn around still charging his attack but he's too slow zakuna is on him and.

This time he's lashing out this time he grips Kimo's arms with his two higher limbs while the lower pair punch the Thunder God again and again and again Kashima coughs the blood from his Twisted fanged mouth even in this form he can still take organ damage zakuna slams the Lightning God to the ground not giving him a moment's rest or chance.

To recover like this he's got more than enough strength to rip even a man-made of electricity to Pieces though what the hell the fight's almost done now he can have a little fun picking kashim up sukuna throws him away one last time kosimo seeing the opportunity raises his hands to try one final desperate attack but before he can complete the technique.

His eyes widen it's already too late that last dismantle hadn't been what finish Gojo that had been one slash something you can dodge this time sukuna unleashed the exact same technique he used to take apart Infinity a wall of slashes crisscrossing through the sky the endless dismantle rumbles moving across a battlefield right at kosimo.

They really do cut everything you can't even see what's on the other side of this massive all-encompassing curse technique there is no way out of this what could anyone do against an attack like that and with this final move just like Gojo before him kosimo returns to a simpler time his mortal life standing on a hill in his original body only kosimo.

Doesn't have any old friends to catch up with instead sukuna shown up on this pretty little mountain side ready to try and finally give him a proper answer the king of curses can understand kosimo they lived lives that were at least kind of similar Kashima was a strong guy who fought many warriors who put their heart and soul into trying to take him down.

We've seen that from the lightning God's memories Kimo's life was nothing but fight after fight leaving blood and Devastation wherever he went but why was that why did so many people try to fight kosimo knowing they'd lose and die tuna's answer is simple these other Warriors wanted recognition validation a chance to prove that they were devoted.

Warriors to sakuna that is love that's caring about other people maybe this week's author comment can give us some insight quote I mentioned there was someone cute and Street Fighter and the person I was talking to guest jury instantly jury jury Han cute uh really gay no disrespect she's cool and sure she goes for a sexy Vibe but cute would.

She even want to be called that I never really thought that was her style okay if you're a jury fan is cute the first thing that comes to mind when you think to describe her bonus points which you call her cute to her face wasn't expecting to talk about Street Fighter here but hey I guess we know gay has a type now but back to sakuna and his love.

Advice what even is this chapter to sakuna all that Bloodshed isn't just the strong showing love to the weak it goes both ways the people who seek them out validate strong Fighters like him and kosimo they give up their lives just to show them that they're strong sakuna and kashim IMO just responds to that in kind their strength makes them loved as much.

As it leaves them isolated that's why he thinks Kimo's greedy for wanting more than that the other guy can't accept Solitude and that love as enough to zakuna the Lightning God just wants everything validation from killing Warriors and the onetoone personal stuff the perks of both the strong and the weak kosimo for this part isn't.

Convinced by this argument he enjoys fighting sure but killing doesn't seem like it holds that kind of emotional payoff to him he's not even sure this idea was enough for sakuna if just slaughtering the weak is supposed to be how the strong show love why did sakuna reject it he split his soul into cursed objects prolonged his life shouldn't he.

Have just fought lived and died with the people of his time and sakuna agrees while he thinks he's got love figured out he views it as a worthless idea sakuna claims he doesn't need that kind of relationship with other people to live a fulfilling life he just does whatever he wants whenever he wants if he wants to eat he eats if something.

Annoys him he kills it if something amuses him he'll play along if other people don't agree that's not his problem huh that's a lie I mean yeah that's how sukuna acts doing whatever he wants but not needing other people not getting anything out of that relationship that part's not true we've seen his reaction to Gojo actually.

Giving him a challenging fight zakuna was happier than he had been at any prior point in the series he didn't insult Gojo or make some kind of wise crack he complimented the other sorcerer and claimed he would never forget him when kosimo showed up zakuna was annoyed at the idea of his good mood being spoiled this whole conversation put.

Zuna's fight with Gojo into a new light it's obvious that connection that Mutual validation was something that he enjoyed it meant something even if sakuna wants to claim he's fine with being isolated he's not being honest with himself because that fight was love at least if we're going by sakuna definition two worthy combatants testing each other's.

Strength proving to one another what they are and that did get a reaction from sakuna Gojo was annoyed that giving this fight his all wasn't enough to make sakuna understand that connection but maybe he did start to make a connection maybe Kimo Smiles he can see why that was enough for sakuna though maybe it was too much the other man sounds bored.

Of it all but sakuna claims he isn't even if he doesn't love them he enjoys messing with other people humans are a diverse Bunch always having some fresh surprises in store they don't last long as individuals but Humanity as a whole always gives him something to enjoy Jo he always has something to do someone to toy with back in the real world this.

First post Gojo fight is over there is no sign of kosimo he didn't have a way out of that last attack he had one final discussion with zakuna that was it the battle in haki's domain is still raging on though it's starting to crack beneath the surface neither fighter has been obviously injured Ur looks extremely frustrated they're probably annoyed at.

Having to have put up with private peer love train all this time especially since while jackpots going on the theme song is supposed to play if hakari had multiple jackpots during this fight it would repeat from the start every time he opens his domain so uram has been stuck listening to someone's sing about Udon hary backs and papaya Paya paa on.

Loop no wonder he looks Furious down on the ground sakuna looks to his next Challenger with a grin or rather Challengers because both Yuji itadori and hiromi higuma are stepping into the ring sakuna laughs he's convinced that brat won't be able to do anything but yuji's looking determined he must have some kind of plan worked out this team.

Up could be very effective in theory Yuma's domain can stop an opponent accessing their cursed energy provided he can prove the target committed a crime in extreme cases he can even get access to the Executioner sword a weapon that kills with just one hit he's got all he needs to take even a powerful sorcerer like sakuna down now higuma is.

A novice at jusu sorcery he's a normal guy who just got swept up by Kaku empowering people people in the culling game the lawyer is powerful sure but he's not a trained fighter and sakuna is he's not going to be easy to fight even with his curs energy restricted we've seen him do surprisingly well last time that happened still the same goes for.

Yuji he can provide the backup muscle and make this fight viable especially if sakuna manages to keep some cursed energy even if he's just here as hiun numa's bodyguard he could be the key to turning this around yuji's looking different though he's wearing forarm bracers and has his teeth pressed against his wrist and his nails have.

Gotten sharp they look like claws now the bracers could be some kind of upgrade or curse tool would you do too high backing Yugi up he could have found some new weapon to use but claws don't fit yuji's fighting style he's a brawler he just punches people and that pose makes it look like he's planning to use his teeth to draw blood is this Yuji.

This could be someone else pretending to be itadori to mess with sakuna if the powerless normal guy suddenly starts using curse energy it'll be a great sneak attack if this is the real Yuji though it looks like got some kind of really weird plan in mind maybe setting up some kind of blood manipulation trap for choso or noritoshi either way this.

Whole plan has one big possible weak spot they have to prove sakuna guilty of something in court Puma's control over his domain is limited and he's forced to follow a strict set of rules he doesn't get to pick the case he doesn't get conclusive evidence and it's judge man the spirit that ultimately decides if the target is innocent or guilty if.

Zakuna can find a way to trick the judge or make some crazy argument as to why he's innocent Yuji and higuma could be in trouble very quickly but hey for all we know they could just be the diversion I wonder what UTA and Maki are up to right now in the comments let us know if you expected kosimo to get bodied this quickly characters are being called.

Frauds left and right but really man sakuna is just that powerful also go ahead and drop all your predictions for what's to come next as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching have an awesome day I love you this video was sponsored by War Thunder available for free on PC Xbox series X and S PS5 or the previous console.

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