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Yuji’s New Power Scares Full Power Sukuna! – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244


We start chapter 244 of jjuu kaisen the decisive battle in the uninhibited demon infested Shinjuku part 16 back where part 15 left off a forearm sakuna is in the middle of the rubble there is no sign of the disintegrated hajim kosimo Yuji and his lawyer friend hiromi higuma are jumping down to face the king of curses yuji's glaring at the ancient.

Sorcerer still furious at everything he's done zuna's grinning completely unbothered by this higuma is the least emotional of the three just getting ready by adjusting his tie but before the battle starts we cut back to the sorcerer's meeting kusaka is outlining their backup plan if Gojo loses which he did he's already explained the takaba.

UTA combo that they're hoping will take down kinjaku but this will require UT to head off and back quickly since they'll need him to fight sakuna UT's already managed to chop off kaku's head but it's clear that the brain monster isn't totally out of options just yet they still need to figure out who is going to join in on the big fight against and.

Sakuna Haim doesn't get why there needs to be any thought about this it's an allout battle they're all going to try and take sakuna down provided he gets to try first but kusakabe doesn't think that makes sense they've got some useless Sorcerers who couldn't make an opening and would probably just get killed immediately like miwa who is.

Standing right here next to him she doesn't have the necessary power plus she made a binding vow to never swing a sword again during shabuya and that attack of hers didn't even do anything as an embarrass miwa points out kusaka B's words are interesting here not about what miwa did that's mostly accurate she put all she had into that attack but.

This should not be a binding vow a vow to yourself is not supposed to have negative consequences like this Kaku brought that up when warning mahito about breaking their vow with mechamaru it's vows between different people that can hurt you vows to yourself are more about setting up more power take nomy overtime for example he uses 80% of his.

Cursed energy during his work hours in order to get 120% of his cursed energy when he goes past that time slot nanami could use more cursed energy during his work hours the only consequence is that the 120% boost would be gone but that's not what miwa did in Shinjuku she just tried really hard to hit Kaku she should be fine but kusaka is known for being a.

Bit of a coward he's trying to keep her out of the fight and kusaka is giving a similar offer to the other remaining Sorcerers he's pretty sure that thanks to C's energy they won't be merged into the giant monster even if kinjaku and sukuna win they'll probably be able to survive for a little while like a few days at most and noritoshi Camo puts his.

Hand up he's going to stay out of this one he doesn't think he can help to begin with plus he's planning to try and take his family out of the country hoping he can find a way to take care of them even if the world ends kusakabe is fine with that he makes it clear that they don't need to hear everyone's explanations they just need to confirm.

Which people are able to fight yui tries to make this easier on noritoshi thanking the older student for teaching him a lot but he takes it a bit too far saying that choso was bad at teaching yuji's big brother was shocked even noritoshi doesn't know what to make of that usaka bay draws the line they need Fighters with reverse curse technique to.

Even have a shot here along with fighters who either want to die or don't care everyone else is either heading home or just here for support the first one to raise his hand is higuma he wants to fight tuna after Kimo's done Yuji turns to look at him curious yaruma explains that he can take zuna's curse technique away that's going to make this.

Fight way easier someone else talking about his Battle Tactics shocks kosimo they're Assuming he's going to lose he can't have that hakari puts a hand to his new friend's shoulder trying to calm him down higuma doesn't react to the angry old guy he just gets back to explaining his technique if he can trigger the death penalty he'll have.

Access to the Executioner sword kusakabe likes that idea a blade that can kill with one shot is pretty useful but there is a weak spot higuma technique needs the verdict to work as Yugi explains it's all down to what crimes the judge brings up once higuma opens his domain that's something The Source work can't really choose Yuji points out the three.

Times sakuna was able to get free the first time was at his high school when Gojo asked him to switch the second time was in the juvenile detention center and the third time was in shabuya a bunch of people died at both shabuya and the juvenile detention center and that's before he started doing what he wanted in megami's body yuji's pretty.

Optimistic that any crimes Akuna committ aded would be serious enough for the death penalty but higuma is skeptical he breaks it all down legally at the high school sakuna harmed itadori and tried to kill Gojo and at the Juvenile Detention Center he killed itadori though that kind of doesn't work since itadori came back to life after that and.

He tried to kill Megami shabuya is the best case scenario sakuna killed gto's adopted daughters he harmed a bunch of civilians at once so he attempted mass murder he completely murdered that guy with a ponytail and a ton of property damage and again megami's body was also taken over that could be charged as bodily harm attempted murder or stealing.

A corpse depending on how you look at it yui agrees that the juvenile detention center was way worse than that the whole building was wiped out but higuma does not accept that all that happened there was because of a spirit that ate sakuna finger they can't charge sakuna for those deaths the same is true for jun's Mom she just found a cursed finger which.

Drew the curses to her there is nothing they can really do about these deaths if sakuna wasn't acting to help it gets worse if you look at the sentencing rates Japan will usually give imprisonment with hard labor for one death two murders leads to life in prison or the death penalty depending on the circumstances you would need to kill.

Three or more people to get the best shot at the death penalty sakuna is cruel harming people freely for his own benefit there is zero chance of Rehabilitation under Japan's nagayama standard that should lead to execution mewa is kind of bewildered by the legal talk and she's amazed that kusaka bay seems to understand it she loudly asks.

Him if he actually understands what higuma just said or is just Faking It even after a day like this kusakabe does not take that well he continues higuma explanation If This Were a normal trial zakuna would be executed for sure but higuma technique only picks one charge to go with going off what they've already listed less than 30% of sakuna.

Crimes could get him the death penalty what's worse each of sakuna Major Crimes includes minor ones stabbing someone would be attempted murder but you may have also damaged their cool hoodie so judge man might try you for property damage that way even if they charge sakuna for the shabuya massacre judge man may just look at him wrecking the.

Building no death penalty for that Yugi starting to see the problem judg man charged him with playing Pachinko as a minor the technique will absolutely work for petty crimes and since the two were linked sakuna could also be charged with things Yuji did that were technically illegal anything while sharing a body should be possible higuma is even more.

Worried about the crimes from sakuna first life back during the haon era 1,000 years ago that one surprises miwa even she's heard of the statute of limitations ancient crimes shouldn't be valid right higuma notes that yeah Japan's modern laws of the ma era included the principle of a statute of limitations so those crimes should be.

Invalid but the criminal procedure law was amended in 2010 to remove the statute for murder so they should be okay for judg man but it's still valid for murders committed prior to 1985 so they can't be tried but the Haan era's law the Oro code didn't include a statute of limitations Yuji has had enough of this back and forth he just.

Asked karuma flat out if there is a statute or not and unfortunately that's the problem even higuma doesn't know this whole thing only gets more confusing if the offender is abroad the progression of the statute of limitations is halted that alone could mess with this if zun being dead is counted as being abroad that time since.

The hon era would be meaningless and all those crimes would stay valid for prosecution judg man is a part of higuma curse technique if he sees something as possible so will judge man so these crimes are probably valid kusaka Bay sums it all up with thousand-year-old crimes judg man getting to pick whatever he wants and all the stuff sakuna has.

Done their odds of an easy death penalty are low bakari still happy with a lesser crime confiscating sakuna curse technique would be useful still higuma is not sure how that'll work when fighting someone who has multiple curse techniques it's a help but this is still really unclear but Yugi has something in mind he's got a plan to make sure that.

No matter what sakuna gets sentenced to death and we're back to the fight mayay is sending a flock of explosive crows down at tuna the ancient sorcerer doesn't look remotely worried about them just easily sidest stepping the explosion mayay still kept one crow back though using it to keep an eye on the battle she has to admit that her power.

Hasn't hasn't done much against these special grade Sorcerers Gojo Kaku and sakuna haven't had to worry about her still they keep dodging her crows if one lands a blast it might actually do some damage either way it's a distraction that should give higuma and Yuji enough time to get close the rest is up to them and they're already breaking ground.

Higuma enhances gavel to massive size bigger than him and smashes down to sakuna with it sakuna Dodges but now he's got Yuji charging through the debris he's punching rocks out of the way one after another like they're nothing sakuna backs up trying to create some space but before he can flex hamut and blast Yuji with lightning Kuma's.

Gabble switches to its hook form holding sakuna back even with four arms sakuna can't get the kamut free in time to blast Yuji away instead he blocks using three arms to catch itad dori's one still something about this blow surprised auna as his body shook he looks a Yuji still trying to work it out those new arms of his are having an.

Effect but before Yuji can land a second hit higuma takes charge of the situation it's time for a retrial the deadly sentencing Courthouse forms around the three the debris giving way to the familiar setting this was yuji's plan an appeal they can retry the shabuya massacre judge man already charged Yuji with mass murder for that if they can.

Appeal that case they can get sakuna with a charge they know judg man will award the death penalty for higuma has to think about that deadly sentencing has a random element but if he applies for a retrial adding zakuna as a codefendant to Yuji he should be able to reopen the case it doesn't benefit higuma he just needs Yuji there to act.

As a target for deadly sentencing even if they can get the shabuya incident it will narrow their options down to stuff sakuna did in yuji's body that takes all the Haan era stuff off the table and judge man accepts the retrial the shikigami reads out the same charge Yuji itadori accused of mass murder in shabuya.

October 31st 2018 Guillotine blades surround the three Sorcerers now a raid in a triangle higuma responds to judg man clarifying that Yuji didn't kill anyone his confession was false and driven by personal accountability the lawyer turns looking right at sakuna the king of curses is grinning he's ready for this so how could sukuna have any.

Defense against the charge of mass murder in shabuya well funny story article 3 six of the Japanese Penal Code quote an act a person was compelled to take to protect the rights of oneself or any other person against imminent and unlawful infringement is not punishable end quote an act exceeding the limits of self-defense may lead to the punishment.

Being reduced or May exculpate the offender in light of the circumstances zuna's mass murder in shabuya was done to protect Megami if what he did was what had to be done to protect himself and others from muraga the minimum use of force to protect himself it is not punishable HG may still be able to argue this into the death penalty but this is.

Going to be a fight that second Clause could still reduce this to the confiscation of at least one curse technique the battle of wits starts here in the comments let us know what you guys expect to happen next as always I'm Saku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you