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Yuno Becomes Wizard King Before Asta – Black Clover Chapter 356


Judgment Day is here it's Lucius versus yuno with plenty of game-changing magical reveals Black Clover chapter 356 titled Neverland begins with the faded confrontation between you know and Lucy's zogratus after having his kingdom busting attack repelled by yuno and his wizard King level counter Lucius would admit that the Young Prince was as.

Strong as expected Lucius is all about punctuality and timing so he definitely made that attack to lure yuno out but for him to have saved the entire Kingdom simultaneously was certainly impressive however according to Lucius that wouldn't be enough to stop them as shortly after several Wing creatures would make their descent much to the.

Concern of the Clover Kingdom's Mages as one of the entities came within range several simultaneous magical assaults of different Elemental affinities will be hurled in its direction however their combined efforts were easily thwarted by the appropriate counter elements it was clear to them all that these things have multiple magical attributes and a ton of.

Mana to boot to offer an explanation would be the roach of the Black Clover world that refuses to stay down Morris who's a paladin now the criminals and renegades of the world have been modified to become its Guardian Angels which is absolutely terrifying and terribly flawed since someone like Morris the guy with a textbook's worth.

Of crimes against humanity gets to be a chosen Paladin with restored Vision in the new world no way do these unnamed criminals deserve all this and as we know from Sister Lily's emotional struggle as a paladin these things must be living a hellish existence indeed their Angelic Terminators intended to keep the world operating according to.

Their Master's Vision each and every one of these things was likely to be around high-grade senior magic Night level and in the face of this many would drop to their knees in defeat a lot of these people had absolutely no faith or hope of their own Victory but not everyone held this Bleak Outlook and of the green mantis Squad despite his fear felt that.

They needed to fight no matter what that they must protect the people of the Clover Kingdom I'm guessing he doesn't know his captain got one shot the moment this thing even started and since he's not Obito he definitely felt that hole through his torso elsewhere with a similar scene it'll be sold from the blue rose Squad here she was thoroughly.

Inspired by the likes of Asta and yuno who despite their lower class never stopped fighting and became much much stronger because of it just wait till they all see what Austin can do now although it might not be much compared to what yuno has now but we'll get to that right now Seoul insisted on being the very same way as her mother earth.

Spell will be set raging forward the unfazed Guardian Angel would unleash a concentrated blast of powerful magic that would collide with the Golem's extended Fist and surprisingly her Golem blocked it Seoul and the others around her couldn't believe it her Golem may have lost an arm but her magic was definitely much stronger out of nowhere.

But that's when Seoul would notice them little fairy looking Sprites floating around this was a work of some incredibly powerful magic distribution hey someone familiar yet slightly more mature female voice would Express that this was The Power of Love shared between her and you know this was a massive Mana Zone one that could.

Manipulate the flow of time and Magic within its space the magic of their allies had become stronger while the magic of their enemies would be weakened this was star and wind spirit magic Never Never Land a kingdom-sized Mana Zone the likes of which we've never seen before speaking of Silph has a brand new more adult proportion form she looks.

Like she's been past from host the host for Generations like the water spirit undyne of the heart Kingdom meanwhile she was in a dungeon for what we can assume to be centuries at least yuno really grew her power tremendously by himself the growth he's seen in just a year is unreal I mean even Yami was blown away by it meanwhile his own Guild.

The black Bulls is full of Mages who have grown exponentially this man you know is so broken it's insane I mean let's just go through it two grimoires Royal Blood Elf Spirit fully matured wind spirit when magic star magic Saint stage magic teleportation a kingdom-sized simultaneous buff and debuff ability and even more coming up.

Later in the chapter Klaus of the Golden Dawn would think back to the early days of the series when yuno was his Junior now that yuno is the captain of the Golden Dawn and has so thoroughly shifted the tone of this battle Klaus had to admit that yuno has what it takes to be the wizard King of the Clover Kingdom we are really in the end game.

Here folks the dream is really really close and on that note Asta really needs to pull up because at this rate you know might just become the most beloved wizard king of all time and I've got to be honest guys this moment for you know might just be too compelling for him to not become the wizard King hasta may have saved them from that massive.

Ancient demon but yuna's protection is a lot more involved he's giving power to the people and inspiring them instead of quickly swinging his sword and leaving to go to another country it's not exactly a democratic process but even with all that we know about these characters that no more civilians don't yuno honestly has my vote over our.

Boyasta I'm sorry he's really cool and strong but yuno wasn't really written with flaws all that being said let's not forget who the main character is you know definitely gets slapped here at some point as far as we know this is the final fight and Lucius is a man of many surprises along with the others Klaus would follow yuno's lead and resist the.

Invasion of Lucius and his angels the morale of this conflict has now been restored as several previously deflated Nobles would rise to their feet newly enriched by this powerful magic as magic Knights it was their responsibility to fight and defend the people so that's exactly what they'd all do but back to the headliners of this conflict Lucius.

Was suddenly teleport behind you know and just as quickly he'd use his Kronos states to spell on him what should have been a win condition after all the core aspect of his time magic was aging controlling and speeding up the flow of time but you know is really him coldly looking over the shoulder he's been using to carry his entire Kingdom you.

Know would Express that in Neverland time doesn't pass this is why Lucy has recognized you know to be the only one who could pose a threat to his plans yuno is a direct counter to his time magic which Lucius wasn't too happy about the combination potential of Asta and yuno here is absolutely insane but then again he still has his soul magic.

Simply touching yuno and turning him into a paladin would be an instant game over and a reason for ASA to take the political lead by finally giving us Asta vs yuno but with this Lucius would recognize you know to be his rival with an emotionally in net smile on his face which was really a distasteful statement you know immediately dismissed as the.

Only man he'd ever considered to be his rival was Asta who as far as he knows Lucy is deluded from existence meanwhile us has just been getting drunk and bathing with foreign girls while all his friends mourn him and fight for their lives and so to avenge his vacationing brother you know what unleash his Spirit dive transformation and slashes at the.

Stick despot with his Spirit of zephyr spell which is kind of funny when you realize that to be honest Lucius was a bit justified in taking out Asta since you now kill lucius's younger brother Xenon with this exact move and even if this isn't fatal yuno Hazmat should successfully cut off a large portion of the antler on lucius's head let me know.

What you think rest of this fight is gonna go as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you