Guys these dark triad battles thus far have been really great when it comes to showing off the capabilities of our various characters it feels like everyone in this conflict is showing off some crazy new powers and finally yuno is getting some of that treatment as well with the previous chapter longris and.

Finral fedded off devil xenon for as long as they possibly could zenon was beginning to anticipate the speed and approximate destination of their spatial magi teleportation but just as he was sure he had figured them out finral in apply mana method was able to boost their speed tremendously allowing the two to find an opening as longris would.

Rend the space before him and tear right through the devil after being unconscious for a number of minutes you know would finally come too and unfortunately the very first sight he would see from there would be longress skewered on xenon's spinal tendril and finra collapsed on the ground as it so happens despite special magic's ability.

To erase everything the hearts of devils are especially difficult to destroy and so xenon was still very much alive this was shaping up to be zenon's victory meanwhile you know as he laid there helplessly and unable to move would for the very first time since he was a young child begin to weep the frustration was too great so many people had placed.

Their faith in him but he would have to question if this was all that he was worth but he could not afford to let things end like this he had already lost so much he swore to avenge so many people he swore to asta he could not afford to stay down he'd force himself back up as blood would pour from his mouth and wounds as just then a voice.

From within would agree with him he was indeed more than this and they were him yes but he still had a strength that was all his own this presence being the child of lyched and lady tetya from there a light would begin to pierce the heavens as you know now with a second royal grimoire this time of the spade kingdom would declare that he would save.

His captain his comrades the spade kingdom and become the wizard king and to do that he'd begin by taking xenon down this little shaft would pick up right from there as he too would stare one another down xenon was dumbfounded how could yuno possibly have two grimoires but without wasting any time you know would fire off two beam attacks.

One would appear xenon's wing and the other would blow right through his head this was yuno's new power at work now this is pretty insane because prior to xenon becoming a devil this would more than likely have been an insta kill for yuno but that is right when xenon realized the truth the spay kingdom's royal family had passed down powerful.

Magics of a similar sword for generations king louise channeled the power of the sun queen ciel harness the power of the moon and the heir to that very bloodline was none other than prince yuno jin bereal who possesses star magic xenon now knew who his opponent truly was at this point silf would finally get.

Back up and express that it feels like she has met the real yuno to which you know would express that for as powerful as his magic was he could not win this fight with it alone he would need her spiritual power as well which would feasibly be his only means of destroying a devil's heart to which silf would happily agree as yet.

Again you know what donned his spirit dive form he would furthermore make a wind boat for longress and finral thanking them for their efforts and telling them to lead the rest to him finral as he clutched onto his wound was absolutely blown away by all this not only did yuno have a four league rumor but he also had another grimoire.

Entirely a reality so insane that longris would have to question what in the world you know was as you know would simply respond by saying that he is the vice captain of the golden dawn but as these two were transported elsewhere xenon would return the favor onto yuno and attempt to strike him as yuno in turn would have his star magic create a.

Massive shield to protect himself xenon would then employ his spatial magic onto yuno as he had been for the entire battle prior but just when xenon believed he had him you know would use his star magic to displace himself to another point by way of instant movement under the stars he would then express that the pages of this grimoire were.

Engraved to specifically defeat him a very interesting relationship between star magic and space magic here yuno would then have four stars appear before him and fire off in tandem to pierce through xenon's form and so a massive hole would be ripped through zenon's body as you know would make it clear that his decisions were.

Correct and he was going to prove it with this fight now this sentiment really really annoyed xenon all he wanted to do now was to crush yuno and he made that very clear because if yuno's choices were right that would serve to effectively invalidate all that xenon is and has done.

The battle to ensue from here would be all out and epic the two were going at it from all angles this was a grudge match plain and simple both of these combatants were insistent on proving their path to be the righteous one the way of this battle was tremendous the chapter would then conclude with the two clashing blades visually this was a.

Power struggle between a devil and an angel and i'm gonna be completely honest with you here i am pretty torn on one hand i find the story of xenon to be far more compelling than that of yuno despite their similarities and so i kind of want to root for him considering all that he had to sacrifice to get to this point devil or not but on the other hand.

Obviously yuno is fighting for the right things so there's that but truly by far the highlight of this chapter was done on expressing his desire to crush yuno the depths of which yuno could not possibly understand because he does not truly understand his opponent here but we of course know how deep this was for xenon now to the point of star magic.

Here being employed by yuno i'm actually a little i wouldn't say disappointed because we haven't seen everything that it has just yet or at least i'm hoping we haven't seen everything it has just yet but honestly i wasn't expecting it to just be another powerhouse of sorts i felt as though he already had that in.

The form of wind magic especially with it being augmented by silph the wind spirit now don't get me wrong star magic has definitely proven itself to be more than just a damage dealer as he has erected shields from it and been able to teleport by way of it but at the same time i don't know man i thought that it would be a bit more specific or even.

Technical i don't know why again his wind magic is so capable and powerful that you wouldn't think he would need another means of ripping holes through things either way right now yuno is very very powerful really and truly he might just be the strongest mage in the clover kingdom right now and so one might argue that his claims for the title of wizard.

King aren't so far-fetched he is actually approaching that point if not already there if we are just talking about his capabilities and with him being the vice captain of the golden dawn that shows he has leadership capabilities as well is he on par with or even perhaps stronger than asta right now.

Well that is debatable and perhaps deserving of a video all its own so yeah black clover as always continues to get better and better if you enjoyed the chapter let us know along with your thoughts on yuno's new star magic in the comments and be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of.

The best black lover content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you