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Yuta is The New Gojo! The Crazy Death of Kenjaku – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 243


Jujutsu kaisen chapter 243 idiot Survivor makes some noise begins with Kaku and fumihiko takaba posing together gjaku is grinning and takaba is grimacing no longer Rivals they are now the comedy duo pinchan entry number 297 for this year's C1 two men walk out onto the stage together the crowd is roaring and clapping over the moon to see these.

Comedic Titans live takaba tries to thank them for their loyal support but kinjaku interrupts him to ask if he's free this Wednesday takaba is outraged at kinjaku for interrupting their introduction but agrees to help he's down for anything that's not helping Kaku move as soon as he says that kinjaku waves him off takaba insulted as.

If all he wanted was free manual labor Kaku just goes tisk at him with that bit of their routine done the two finally introduce themselves Kaku refers to them as pinch and chance hence their name as a team being pinch on takaba tries to correct his partner giving their actual names but moves past it just addressing the audience with a cheery greeting it.

Is time for the comedy to really begin takaba ask kinjaku if he's heard about the story of momotaro the legendary boy who came from a peach kinjaku the thousand-year-old sorcerer is disgusted by this swearing that he has it takaba doesn't buy that though momotaro is one of the most famous folktales in Japan parents tell their kids about it when.

They're little once that's pointed out kinjaku breaks down into tears putting a hand over his mouth he admits that he really hasn't heard the momotaro story he grew up with a single mom who never had time for him takaba looks nervous after having brought that up apologizing to Kaku Kaku gets more upset at the apology complaining that he had a happy.

Childhood and his mom read all kinds of stories to him and now he's even claiming that momotaro was his favorite takaba annoyed as why his partner lied kaku's back to talking about how his mom was always so busy so he just wanted sympathy takaba is annoyed at this calling out Kaku for making the mood hostile kinjaku glares at him annoyed.

Takaba is still mad about the tisk from earlier Kaku does it again then acts like he doesn't know what he's talking about one of the judges grins as the two keep bickering Kaku continues acting like the ignorant guy calling himself a [__] who couldn't appreciate fine literature and then he turns in an instant throwing out a fan Theory maybe.

Momotaro was the biological son of the old couple from the story they could have eaten the magic peaches been rejuvenated and conceived momotaro takaba stunned at Kaku suddenly deciding he knows about momotaro but he's willing to consider the idea a part of me wonders if Kaku read motaro to Yuji when he was a baby back in a kooky mood Kaku.

Yells that since he's dumb he should probably get some firsthand experience so he's off to slay some demons takaba complains about the sudden bit but rolls with it giving his grandson momotaro some Ki Dango Kaku doing his best Brady teen impression tries to turn them down but takaba insists the next judge is laughing hard as kju and takaba keep.

Going through their momar routine Momo insults his grandmother but wishes her a good long life before heading off on his quest first up can Jau Minds finding a golden retriever takaba tries to get him to make it a Japanese dog but Kaku isn't listening he acts out eating one of the Dango almost feeding one to the dog before looking at takaba is it safe to.

Feed Dango to dogs the two swiftly agreed that it isn't now kju decides that this version of momotaro is set in the modern day and the dog has a collar with a phone number takaba tries to insist that it is too off for momotaro the ancient myth but Kaku is busy getting friendly with the dog owner they consider heading off to return the dog.

They're supposed to be offs slaying demons but maybe they can get out of that kju checks his phone and finds a demon's layer on Yelp and the demons only have a 2.1 star rating takaba tries to insist that they can't trust reviews but can ja is already trying to cancel the demon slaying reservation however there is a cancellation fee so Kaku has.

A new plan send momotaro's other companions the monkey and the Pheasant go on ahead takaba objects pointing out that they shouldn't split the party that's just going to get the monkey and feasant beaten up but kaku's already thought this through his plan is simple air superiority taba doesn't get it what can the Pheasant do poop on them and.

Yeah that's kaku's plan even takaba is calling this grade school logic but rather than doubling Down K jaku tries to start taking this seriously do they worry the dog's owner or sacrific the lives of the monkey and pheasant takaba insists that it's pretty obvious they're supposed to choose to save the animals but kaku's got the opposite idea they're.

Going to kill the Pheasant takaba shocked asks why because TK kinjaku worrying about an anxious pet owner would be very un feasant takaba runs with the oneliner claiming that they've got the whole crowd laughing but rather than keep their act going Kaku glances to his partner for the first time since he got up on the stage he's serious is.

Takab about okay the comedian claims he is but he's looking nervous he's just realized that this moment is about to end it's the show he always dreamed of all lights all cameras focused on the two of them takaba admits that he was a failed comedian but right here and now he's happy at the entire audience even these fan girls with signs asking kenun.

To take those stitches off they're all making this great he doesn't want this show to end takaba starts to cry on stage insisting that he doesn't want this moment to ever be over Kaku as smooth as silk just tells him not to cry it'll spoil the mood and gives his partner a gentle pat on the chest for reassurance and that is enough that is.

How fumihiko takaba dies happy the grand C1 stage Fades around them he didn't want to go on living after finally achieving his dream he's just laying there kaku's feet changing into a departed spirit's white robe totally peaceful takaba looks up at Kaku One Last Time thanking his perfect partner for the chance to perform together.

Kinjaku is quiet struggling to know what to say but when he finds the words he's actually kind takaba was extremely funny Kaku really enjoyed being his comedy partner but he is not going to have time to savor the moment though out of nowhere UTA otu appears behind kinjaku hands all ready on his Blade the ancient sorcerer turns to face Utah trying to.

Use a reversal of anti-gravity to lock the young sword sorcerer in place but Kaku is much too late UTA charges past Kaku with a classic eii Jutsu drawing slice flashing through the sorcerer as his neck starts to bleed Kaku curses at his own mistake UT got a massive amount of cursed energy Kaku had set up a ton of precautions to keep an eye on the.

Other sorcerers the cursed Spirit centuries track the volume of cursed energy in the colonies they transmit visual data to kinjaku how could UTA the guy with so much overwhelming power surprise him like this but then he realizes even as his head Falls away from his body it was takaba he didn't want to have his last performance.

Interrupted so he kept the two of them sealed away from the world while it was all going on UTA walks over to kaku's decapitated body sword still out even now kju is curious did jiujitsu High plan this ambush all along utu confirms that yeah this was all worked out takaba is not the kind of guy who would kill people they needed someone to revive him.

Back up and strike the killing blow and this time like a true Avenger UT went for the head kaku's eyes are starting to close he notes that he had almost managed to finally accomplish his objective this was a shame but he's not done yet can jcu's eyes go wide as he declares that his will shall be inherited and the decapitated head is in.

Bluffing even like this he is still a threat for a start K jaku has Cur Spirit manipulation he can give one last order to any cursed Spirit he has bound he can order tenen to continue killing calling game Sorcerers and to begin the merger as soon as possible if that's too complex he can just turn his curses loose try to force an early end to the.

Game or he could order the spirits to obey a chosen successor like sakuna or Ur but inheriting will can mean something very different when you're a body steal brain thing there is a very powerful fresh corpse over in Shinjuku just waiting for gjaku to take him over but Shinjuku is a long way off right now Kaku probably isn't in any position to.

Take over Gojo's body but it's okay he doesn't have to that line about t about not killing people sure would be ironic if Kaku ended up stealing the comedian's body huh we spent an entire chapter showing off the crazy things comedian can do annihilating a special grade curse was just the start Kaku with that kind of power would be terrifying and he.

Just had a whole fight with takaba to learn how to use it kaku's villain was always inspired by his curiosity and sense of humor making whatever he finds funny real it would make the guy almost unbeatable the one thing in his way is the UTA he hasn't sheathed his sword after beheading Kaku he knows that this fight is not over he even put himself.

Between the head and the two dead people trying to make sure that the little brain doesn't just jump into them Kaku won't be able to trick him if he's going to get a new body he needs to kill you to otu while just ahead we've never seen genju forced to fight without gto's extremely powerful Cur Spirit manipulation he usually just throws.

Minions and Uzumaki blasts at his enemies killing them with as little effort as he can get away with but kinjaku doeses have his own innate technique that's how he jumps between bodies in the first place he is also extremely good at reverse curse technique healing it's how he restores the dead bodies he uses to life kinjaku.

Should be able to fight even like like this but will that be enough to defeat Utah the guy who took down the original suguru ghetto it is time to see if kaku's really jiujitsu kaizen's Master villain or just zuna's opening act UT definitely learned his lesson and went for the head but he might have needed to go for the brain this time around.

Whatever the case we now have two goated main character fights coming up UTA versus Kaku and Yuji versus sakuna the jjk hype is real and I hope you guys stick around for all that is to come as always I'm SL motaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you