Zanitsu vs every hashira when we're first introduced to zuritsu agatsuma he is a crybaby who is most useful while asleep so his road to becoming a seriously competent fighter in his own right has been fascinating to watch but it is sometimes hard to measure his abilities relative to other members of the demon slayer core when we are not.

Given a whole lot of context about the power scaling in this world one point of reference that we do have though are the hashira a group of nine elites who have reached the highest rank in the core they are undeniably the strongest demon slayers so if you want to get an idea of how much janito has really improved matching him up against ichashira and.

Seeing how he'd fare is a pretty good way to do it to give him a fighting chance we're going to assume that these hypothetical fights are happening after all that tasty character development when he's at the peak of his abilities he just sure presents unique challenges in a fight and none of them would give zanitsu an easy win if he could win it.

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Tomioka water hashiragu tomyoka is the first insurer we ever met and he remains one of the most powerful to the end of the series after all he is an opponent so formidable the upper rank 3 demon akaza offered to turn him into a demon to better capitalize on his remarkable skills so he's probably one of the heshira that zanis would be least likely.

To best in a one-on-one skirmish now i get it it is a bit of a downer to start with a likely loss but there's good reason for that for one if you're looking for an example of why fighting ashiro would be a challenge for zini 2 even at his very best kyu is a great place to start most of his opponents comment on his incredible speed and the.

Fact that he is only one of two ashira to survive the pivotal final battle with muzan kimatsuji at the series conclusion despite battling these same demons as his fallen comrades speaks to his endurance skill and resilience you is a great example of why the hashira are so respected he is an incredibly skilled fighter who goes toe to toe with the.

Worst of the worst and lives to tell the tale given that intimidating introduction it is easy to see why zunitsu even though he's immensely skilled at the end of the series might struggle against you though zunitsu is incredibly fast and possesses great endurance you skills are likely more refined than his due to greater.

Experience and he has one thing that zunitsu definitely does not total mastery of his breathing style there are six forms of thunder breathing of which zenitsu has only managed to master one he is compensated for that with additional variations of the first form and true he did invent a seventh form flaming thunder god in his climactic.

Final battle against kaigaku a few few others have achieved but that is still not a great repertoire compared to the 11 forms of water breathing that gyu can use effortlessly in the end then this fight would probably be less about brute strength and about technical mastery and area in which gew excels since i don't see massive differences in their.

Strength endurance or speed i think the biggest gap between them skill wise is in their mastery of breathing styles and wow does it show there is a reason that even akasa acknowledges how skilled you is with a sword zinitsu has not mastered all the forms of his breathing style and while that hasn't held him back all that much the lack of options he has in terms.

Of potential attacks might limit him in a fight against someone of you's level so throw gu and zinizu in the ring together and i think the winner would be obvious final conclusion gu wins zenitsu vs gyomehimejima from arguably the second strongest insurer to the first this matchup pairs zanitsu with stone hashira gyome.

Himejima said to be the strongest of his comrades gyome seemingly is not hindered by the fact that he is blind nor does his impressive size he stands a seven foot two by the way keep him from being fast and agile in combat and when the upper rank one demon calls you a generational talent well that's when you know you've made it sinister as well.

Past the points of breaking down into tears when he is about to face an intimidating opponent but i have a feeling he'd be more than a little nervous if he had to face off against a hulking giant of an adversary like you may in a fight like this aniso's only hope would be to leverage his greater agility against his opponent gyome's.

Advantages in strength size and endurance are overwhelming and i don't think any amount of training is ever going to bring him up to that level but he has one leg up and that is his size zunitsu is nearly two feet shorter than gyome and so much less bulky that i don't have a hard time believing he could possibly outmaneuver even a tour.

De force like the stone ashira gyomei is enormously gifted both physically and technically having mastered the use of a heavy spiked flail and an axe instead of a sword but someone who's got that much body mass to move around is almost certainly not going to be able to match the smaller younger and less encumbered zenitsu and agility that said pretty.

Much the only strategy i can see having even a chance of working for zenitu would be to try and sneak into a blind spot and land a hit before guillemet has a chance to react note that when i say blind spot i am talking about somewhere where it is harder for giomay to sense his presence as yes i do remember i just told you guys that he is blind but yeah.

Given the caliber of foes who have been unable to beat guillemet before as he was instrumental in defeating both kimutsuji muzon and kokoshibo i can't say that it's very likely zanitsu would pull that off though as much as i hate to hand him two tough losses in a row i really don't see this matchup working out in zenith's favor there are a.

Handful of all-arounder hashira who seemingly have every possible advantage in combat and while that obviously isn't true seeing as the vast majority of them die those make for tough opponents and gyome is definitely one of them by conclusion zenitsu probably gets pummeled zenitsu vs mitsuri kanroji the bubbly love hashira might pack more of a.

Punch than she seems to but how would she fear against initu i'm not quite sure just yet but this is definitely one of the most interesting matchups because mitsuri's fighting style is unlike anyone else's boasting muscle density eight times greater than that of the average person extraordinarily flexible range of motion and incredibly quick.

Attacks mysterious lethality and combat starkly contrast her bubbly personality i mean this is a woman who rip muzon's arm off with her bare hands clearly her strength is nothing to joke about so how it's initial character that unique set of capabilities misuri's breathing style which she created herself to make use of the flexibility of both her body and her.

Sword is especially good for long range attacks so one tactic might be to try and engage missouri in close combat to prevent her from using one of her large-scale forms but that might spell danger too since mystery's physical strength is likely greater than zanitsu's he might quickly find himself in some trouble no matter what way he.

Goes about it zunitsu and mostly the ashira are physically strong and have great endurance skill and speed but mitsuri's range of motion is unique among the ashira and she combines those more common strengths with one that is entirely her own one of the easiest ways to win a fight is to present your opponent with an attack that they.

Wouldn't have any idea how to counter and that would be where missouri excels and let's face it as graceful as her dancer-like movements can be in battle mitsuri totally strikes me as the type of person to go full mma on zunitsu if she gets a chance i fully believe she'd pull it off if she tried though i feel like she's been given less scenes to.

Demonstrate her combat skills the sheer novelty of her breathing style and preferred tactics not to mention her excellent performance in the final fight against muzon make me think she might be able to pull off a win we know she's strong but she feels harder to pin down than some of her comrades and that's why i'm gonna go ahead and call the fight in.

Her favor by conclusion mitsuri wins zenitsu vs muichiro tokito now for a complete change of pace you couldn't find two fighters more different than maturity and zenitsu's next opponent the miste shira muichiro tokito a 14 year old prodigy with unbelievable endurance superb horsemanship skills and strength that belies age and size muijiro would.

No doubt prove to be a tough adversary for someone like zenitsu on paper a lot of zenitsu and muitro's strengths seem similar they both possess unusual physical strength and both have shown that they are able to continue fighting even while poisoned but i think the muichira has an edge in this fight it's not the fact that he was able to take.

Down an upper right demon all by himself that makes me inclined to give him the nod they need to do the same though it bears mention that upper rank 5 kaigaku hadn't attained his full potential yet when they need to beat him this is actually on account of muricio's frankly insane swordsmanship skills whilst the need to sword skills are absolutely.

Nothing to sneeze at muisro is on another level as anyone who's ever played a musical instrument knows sometimes there is really no competing with a child prodigy i mean this is the guy who attained the sheer status in only two months the only other shira to have gotten so far so fast was gyomehimejima who is widely acknowledged.

As the strongest of the group that ought to tell you something that kind of prodigious talent speaks to power that could have been almost unbeatable if you had lived long enough to gain more experience there is a matter of breathing styles too muichiro is a proficient user of misbreathing a style that relies heavily on misdirection it.

Is meant to distract and disorient the opponent making mouishro's movements harder to follow and predict that's going to be pretty tough on someone like zanitsu whose heightened senses are a big part of his ability to hold his own in a fight plus zenitsu only knows how to use the first form of thunder breathing thunderclap and flash the.

First form and zinitsu's many inventive variations on it all require him to strike his opponent before they even know it hit them something muitro's misbreathing would make very difficult and there's more to it sure sinister's speed strength and swordsmanship are up there with the best of the best but the fact that it took him years of grueling.

Training to reach a level comparable to what muricio attained in only a couple of months speaks to the massive gulf and in a talent between them but don't get me wrong talent is not everything and the fact that they have both single-handedly defeated upbringing demons gives us a pretty good basis for the conjecture that their skill levels.

Nowadays are probably well matched but the kind of fortitude and skill that it takes to turn the blade of a nature and sword red while cut in half is pretty close unparalleled and i think that as would fit someone of his unusual background muitro is a cut above ultimately i think that mouitro's potential sealing had he lived would.

Have been much higher than zanitsu's and is for that reason that i'm going to hand him the win in a one-on-one with our favorite thunder breathing user by conclusion i think this one goes to muichiro zunitsu vs obana iguro next up how would you need to fare against snake ashira over naigoro well i think it's easy to say right off the bat that.

Whatever the outcome a fight with open eye would stretch the nisu in ways as some of the other matchups just wouldn't quite simply open eye is not like any of the other hashira however i can think of a couple of ways as anitsu might try to get the edge in this fight the first of those would be to target open eyes pet snake haburamaru because open eye is.

Blind to one eye he uses kabura maru as a sort of second set of eyes and his snake has a powerful ability of its own he is able to predict what an opponent will do next information that open eye can use when his senses are dulled take out the snake and you put open eye at a huge disadvantage against a tough opponent so if zunitsu wants his win he.

Would likely try to do just that however zenitsu's best strategy for besting his opponent would not be an easy one to pull off because i really cannot see a scenario in which open eye is going to be eager to give up a snake and since they're pretty much evenly matched in terms of their immense stamina and physical strength the outcome of the.

Fight would probably be determined by breathing styles and swordsmanship if zenith's plan a did not pan out openeye's breathing style which he created himself is probably one of the most unique because it allows him to do things with his sword that defy all logic making use of these serpentine roots of his breathing style obony is.

Able to bend and curve his sword in ways that seem like they should be impossible an opponent like zunitsu used to fighting opponents of plain old katanas that can't bend or deform would probably have a hard time anticipating attacks coming from a swordsman whose weapon itself was able to bend to his will deniso's lightning fast under clap and.

Flash would no doubt cause problems for open eye 2 but i personally think it is a little more conventional than any of these snake breathing forms thus it would be closer in style to techniques obani had already fought against zunitsu who hasn't had the luxury of experiencing a fight against anything remotely like snake breathing before.

Would probably lose a bit of ground there and kabura maru's predictive powers would make it hard for him to stay ahead with all that being said i'm going to hand this victory to open eye who always manages to throw down when it counts by conclusion obani wins zenitsu vs kyojiro and goku ahren goku the flame hashira and fan favorite it sure is a.

Shame to make them bite each other and it's even more of a shame because ringoku is not the kind of guy you want to pick a fight with he might have the disposition of a labrador retriever but if he is resolved to win it is going to be pretty hard to come out of the skirmish as well off as you went in i'm not sure if even a talented trainee like.

Zanitsu would be able to pull it off for one thing wearing goku is impressively fast once almost derailing a train with the shockwave that his speed produced as he ran deniso's thunder breathing relies heavily on his speed so facing the opponent who's even faster than he is he might find himself unable to land many hits and he won't be able to rely on.

Waiting for ringoku to slow down either because his stamina and pain tolerance are beyond human limits however we have to remember that for all those great things akasa still managed to off him with relatively little effort while zanitsu managed to kill upper moon 5 all by himself now the argument could easily be made that kaigaku and akaze were.

Worlds apart in terms of power but it is important to note that distinction this list tends to look more at fighting styles and how they could play off of each other rather than opponents that each combatant is defeated or not defeated in the past but in this case i think it is worth looking into because as strong as run goku's considerable.

Abilities make him look on his own it is also noteworthy that rangoku was not able to do what zunitsu a much younger and less experienced trainee did defeat an upper moon single-handedly a feat no lone demon slayer had accomplished in over a hundred years which technically no hashira actually managed to do over the course of the entire series to his.

Credit a younger and goku did defeat lower two by himself but that comparison makes it plausible to float the idea that the zenith we see by the end of the series might have a leg up with this fight then again there is an inherent degree of bias in the fact that when we last see zunitsu and rangoku interact the gulf between the two is wildly.

Different than it is by the end of the series the zunitsu we see in the mugen train arc is very much a work in progress and does not even come closely power of ashira so naturally he seems weaker but think about it how much of zanis's developments has occurred since rengoku's death his growth in confidence skill and tactical intelligence between.

The mugen train arc and the final chapters of the series is staggering might he actually be close to or even above run goku's skill level at his peak i think it's possible it's hard to know the other shira certainly seemed to look up to ringoku and even akaza calls him unbelievable but comparing the outcomes of their respective battles with the.

Upright demons a metric by which zanitsu comes out looking a lot better makes me think that zunitsu truly has her password in goku by the end of the series by conclusion zenitsu takes the win zenitsu vs tsunemi shinazugawa i'm going to go out on a limb and guess if the wind is shira is not the one anyone would choose to go head to head with and.

Given the option tsunemi is not only abrasive and intimidating but incredibly powerful and just generally the kind of guy you probably wouldn't want to cross even at his very best i don't think that zanitsu would either he is widely acknowledged as one of the strongest and most skilled ashira even kokoshibo comments on that and has been able to.

Keep up with every single demon he's come across at least to some extent there are a few ashira as i mentioned when we talked about gylme who seemed to be aka above and i think that tsunemi is one of them zunitsu would no doubt do his best to leverage his considerable skill against an emmy but if kokoshibo wasn't even able to defeat sanemi could.

Zunitsu i doubt it as fast and skilled with a sword as you able to control his muscles to prevent wounds from keeping him out of the fight and resourceful enough to realize that lighting a demon on fire with oil would be just as effective as any breathing form synemi has a lot going for him in a battle as satisfying as it might be to see nico.

Take down someone who seems to be in a league of his own there's a reason that would be an underdog win it would take an exploitative weakness for zunitsu to get the better of tsunemi and unless you count his younger brother genya he doesn't seem to have many of those by conclusion tsunemi takes a relatively easy win zanitsu vs shinobu kocho this.

Will be an interesting one since it matches it needs to up with someone whose greatest strength and combat is similar to his though zunitsu's fighting style is very diverse one of his greatest assets is his speed and when it comes to speed the gold standard is undoubtedly the insect ashira shinobu kocho most demon slayers have a single.

Objective in battle the head whatever demon comes their way but because her small stature and lack of bootstrake make that nearly impossible for shinobu to accomplish she uses a dagger-coated and demon-killing poison as a weapon instead of the traditional nichiren sword and developed a combat style reliant on her speed agility and.

Ingenuity to defeat opponents this definitely makes her one of the most interesting matches for zhnitsu whose methods have never been conventional either after all many of his tactics developed out of a problem he had early on he was too afraid to jump into battle unless he was asleep so shinobu and tsunitsu despite their very different.

Combat styles have several very big things in common and i think that would make this a pretty even match up they are both incredibly fast able to move at a rate that even the eye cannot detect and they both sharpen their skills because they had a major weakness to overcome thinking about it fighting asleep all the time definitely sharpens.

Into superhuman hearing and awareness of his surroundings once he felt confident enough to wake up so they are both deeply aware of their weaknesses and how to overcome them denise would know how vital it is to not let chno belinda hit and shinobu would be very weary of how exactly zanitsu strength would overpower her own if it came to that however.

That's all easier said than done shinobu's fighting style is based on piercing and stabbing movements that are designed to deliver poison to the target weakening them and allowing her to land the killing blow if that fails there's not much left she can do against a human opponent though naturally she would be extremely focused on landing her hits to.

Do that she would have to be moving fast enough to keep him from dodging any strategy this nistu devise would have to allow for him to dodge shinobi's attacks until he was able to overpower her which he'd probably have to do in some sort of ambush attack so we're at an interesting impasse do crazy fast combatants whose respective strengths give them a near.

Guaranteed victory if they manage to get the upper hand the nitsu's biggest advantage here is that he has a pure muscle that shinobu lacks if brought to a standstill shinobu could easily be overpowered by a stronger fighter and physical strength has never been one of zenith's weaknesses both of them would probably be relying heavily on their.

Speed in this fight because both have sure-fire ways of defeating the other if they can land a blow that spices things up get both opponents moving at supersonic speed and you end up with a fight whose outcome is wildly up in the air but ultimately because they are both skilled tacticians who would likely arrive at the same conclusion about the.

Best strategy i think this would be more of a marathon than a sprint a battle of endurance not skill if we get right to the heart of it victory here really boils down to who can dodge for longer you could make the argument either way but i think that makes anita the likelier winner of this face-off after all shinobu is someone who almost always.

Finishes her fights quickly while zenitu has had several fights that have lasted a taxing amount of time in the entertainment district arc he had to maintain fighting for him for long enough to counter six chapters worth of brutal attacks from upper rank 6 daki many of them while seriously injured that is stamina for you and that's just.

One of the many fights in which nizu has held his own for a long time shinobu definitely has a lot of resilience doma a demon powerful enough to have reached the rank of upper moon 2 is shocked at her ability to keep fighting while gravely injured but her stamina isn't as great over a long period of time because she's so reliant upon her speed i would.

Imagine that her attacks take a lot more energy than zanitsu's would and they would probably wear her down a lot quicker and the more tired she is the easier it would be for zunitsu to find an opening that would let him overpower her this is definitely not an easy fight to call and i honestly feel like i might have been underestimating shinobu's.

Tremendous agility and intelligence in calling the fight for zunitsu but i think that she might run into the same problem that she had with doma fighting a physically stronger opponent of her skill level might just prove to be too much for her by conclusion i would hand this one to sidney too the nitsu vs tengen uzui there is nothing flashier.

Than getting your butt kicked by your former mentor right that's probably what sounded shira tengen uzui would have to say about this matchup and honestly he might not be totally wrong there flashy or not tengen is likely one of the hardest insurers to take on in a one-on-one fight considered to be one of the strongest ashira second only to.

Gilmay and pure physical strength tengen's overwhelming advantage in size and strength would prove to be a tough obstacle for zunitsu to overcome and that isn't his only leg up tengen also shares anitu's heightened sense of hearing and his former training as a shinobi gave him a skill set that the other hashira simply do not possess for.

One he's proficient in the use of weapons that the others do not use and his training lent him stealth too opponents can barely hear him coming you would think that he would have some huge shortcomings to make up for all those lofty advantages maybe you'd figure a guy that's tall and beefy isn't too fast wrong he is the fastest runner of the.

Hashira 2 and when he and nietzsche work together in the entertainment district dark his speed was too much for even the lightning fast at nitu to keep up with you might be asking at this point what advantage tengen doesn't have over cine2 and that's honestly a difficult question to answer he even created his own breathing style like overnight did that.

Uniquely uses his hearing and proficiency with weapons to give him a leg up against opponents honestly i can't see any strategy that nitsu could employ that would actually let him win this fight he could try to take advantage of the speed of his breathing style to catch 10 get unaware but someone of such heightened senses and.

Keen awareness as well as immense speed would probably still be able to dodge injury doesn't slow him down nearly as much as you would expect he very nearly takes down an uproaring demon with a missing hand while poisoned his musical score ability allows him to predict opponent's attacks and honestly his biggest weakness is that it takes a long.

Time to use and seriously his so-called weakness is an ability useful enough to give almost anyone a huge edge in combat that doesn't seem very fair the nizu is a more than capable fighter by the end of the series and i don't want to discount the kind of guy who takes down an upright demon by himself but i just don't think that zunitsu would be able.

To come out as a victor in this matchup by conclusion tengen takes it now it's not as if any of these fights would have played out in canon but it's fun to think about how they might have gone down if zunitsu had faced off against the strongest of his allies but what do you think did we nail it or any of these summations way out of left field we'd.

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you