As a child kaigaku was an orphan he was taken in by gyome himejima as he took in many children and cared for them one night a demon came to attack their temple from gyome's point of view it seemed like kaigaku has stayed out too long and attracted a demon the one he led inside to save his own skin extinguishing the wisteria and sam.

Stayed outside as protection however an important part of the story was missing kaigaku was outside that evening and did in fact attract the demon but it was because the other orphan had caught him stealing money from their temple and chased him away spitefully kaigaku would put out the only thing protecting them that evening and they were all attacked.

And killed except one young orphan and gyome a few years later kaigaku became a student of jigoro kuwajima for kashira training and became the senior to zenitsu agassuma they both studied the thunder style of breathing but kaigaku believed that zenitsu would go nowhere due to his personality of being a coward and crybaby kaigaku thought he was the.

Antithesis of what was needed for a future pillar in the demon slayer corp kaigaku also held jigaro in high regard and despised when zanissa would call him gramps even though he meant it affectionately it made it seem like he was being too familiar with him and kaigaku thought that the former pillar deserved much more respect than that.

Kaigaku believed it was of the utmost honor to be taught by a former hashira especially one that survived long enough to retire this was also why kaigaku refused to help zenitzu when he would come to him for guidance on becoming a better fighter it was a waste of time in his eyes only the strong were of any importance or use and alzheimer's could.

Use was the first form he would berate him throw food at him and tell him to leave each time he tried to get any help on the other hand kaigaku could use all forms of thunder breathing except the first form the most important and the foundation for them all people would speak ill of kaigaku behind his back saying he would die soon as he wasn't.

Good enough to learn the first form zenitsu tried to defend him but kaigaku only took it as weakness and shame and told him not to embarrass him again he received letters from zanitsu but never once replied to any to holding hatred against the junior slayer as a demon slayer kaigaku encountered one of the upper moons the strongest of them all.

Actually kokushibo he knew he was too weak to beat kokoshibo so he dropped down in front of him his sword in front of him and utter surrender kaigaku thought even if he had to commit crimes lie and steal beg for his life it was all worth it if he could live one more day it gave him the opportunity to become strong enough to win the next.

Time but this time he thought he might die facing the upper rank one demon instead kokushibo understood his worth and offered him the chance to become even stronger than he was as a slayer he gave him blood from muzan's cells in his body and the chance to get more should kaigaku be recognized by him there was a risk the stronger the swordsman who.

Received the demon blood the more difficult it would be for him to turn kai gaku could also die if his body decided to reject the blood instead due to knowing breathing techniques and most frighteningly if kaigaku spilled even a drop he would be killed immediately by kokushibo for disrespecting muzon's blood in the end kaigaku's.

Transformation succeeded as a demon he gained stripes on his face like a tiger pointed ears and darkened eyes his outfit stays almost the same his dark jacket and pants and even the same necklace he was wearing before becoming a demon slayer like his elder former slayer kokushibo kaigaku still wields the nichiren blade from his time as a.

Demon slayer however it is modified with his demon blood and now contains part of that to enhance his techniques when using thunder breathing it's important to note however he still could not use the first form during the hashiro training arc kaigaku's acts as a failed demon slayer come to light his master jigaro then commits seppuku from the.

Shame of having raised a failed user in the thunder breathing style but no one is there to decapitate him to end his life quicker and he must suffer through the pain this is revealed to zenitsu at the same time by a letter later on the two would meet for the first time since leaving their master in muzon's infinity castle kaigaku would go to zanitsu about.

Still looking shabby and weak and only knowing the first form of thunder breathing when he notices anitsu's sharp tongue kagaku is almost pleased that he's become less of a crybaby he doesn't care about jiggero having killed himself because people who don't value him don't matter he had no plans of becoming a joint successor and wanted to be the.

Sole successor for thunder breathing but jigoro refused so he deserved to die kai gaku only intends to ever serve people who know his value and treat him as such with nothing but rage in his heart kagaku curses jigoro for his foolish choices and wishes death upon zenitsu as well when zanitsu insults kaigaku about being just as lowly as he is both of.

Them incomplete thunder breathing users kaigaku races towards him but isn't fast enough to avoid zanitsu's attack on his neck for a moment he's taken the back but kaigaku realizes that he doesn't fear zanitsu the way he does kokushibo who helped turn him as he unleashes a combination of five breathing techniques at zenitsu once infused with his blood.

Demon art and the thunder forms zanitsu is overwhelmed momentarily his attacks combine both sharpness and heat burning flesh as it runs it and continuing to do so even after the attack is done realizing kaigaku has likely eaten many people zanitsu argues that he's lost his moral compass but once again kaigaku points out that all that matters is his.

Recognition and that people who do see his worth are the only ones considered good as kai gaku appreciates the view of zanitsu falling through the castle he's taken aback when one final attack faster than any that came before takes his head from his neck in one slice as he dies he screams that he knew jigaro showed favoritism towards anitsu seeing as he.

Had this hidden attack but tells him it was his own creation and that jigiro treated them as equals overtaken by his anger in his defeat kaigaku could only be glad for the fact that zanitsu doesn't have the strength to save himself from falling yushiro appears as kaegaku's disintegrating thinking this final thought letting him know there is.

More to life than being valued by whoever you come across since kaigaku never offered to help others or any kindness he now has to die alone with no one to mourn him very deep stuff right there the story of kai gaku is one filled with life lessons and really that's the most lair in its entirety in the comments let us know what you take.

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