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Zenitsu’s HASHIRA Power EXPLAINED! Full Backstory and Powers! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Senitsu agatsuma is a character within demon slayer comets no yaiba who has some of the most satisfying development in the series he begins as a coward and through his adventures ends up becoming a real hero with this video we'll be discussing zinitsu's history character and abilities like many other characters ninitsu's name has meaning pertaining to.

Him zenitsu has kanji for good as well as special and or unique however its meaning is goodness his last name agatsuma means my wife now i'd say unique is a rather good way to describe him as he does go on to accomplish things only hashira have and the whole my wife thing makes a lot of sense considering how girl crazy he is that.

Aside let's begin where all great stories do at the beginning early on zunutu takes on a debt in order to give money to a woman he was smitten with unfortunately for him the woman ended up running away with someone else leaving zinnitsu with a massive debt it is pretty sad that zunitsu tried to buy someone's love like this but thankfully.

His debt was paid off by jigoro kuajima jigoro being a former hashira who decided to take zenni to in and train him in the way of swordsmanship they grew to develop a bond between student and master however as their relationship more so resembled that of a grandfather and a grandson and perhaps this is why zenitsu affectionately refers to jigoro.

As gramps however zinitsu wasn't alone in his training alongside him was a rather intense looking boy named kaigaku these students of jigoros couldn't be more different for example kaigaku chastised zunitsu referring to jigoro as gramps as it was something far too familiar for a former hashiro to be referred to as not only that but kaigaku.

Seemed to genuinely resent zenitsu seeing the young swordsman as nothing more than a crybaby and this was best seen when they need to scale the tree refusing to come down because he was afraid jigoro was working him to death unfortunately while up there zinitsu was struck by lightning and gained his iconic yellow hair and at that kaigaku.

And zunitsu were set up to be one another's literary foils and that is something that pays off heavily with their iconic final fight however despite their mutual feelings of negativity towards one another zenitu still respected kaigaku but now that we've talked about his backstory let's get on to his first appearance at the time.

Zunitsu was among some of our other would-be demon slayers before final selection miraculously he survived the week atop mount fuji casinae now as a reminder final selection required swordsman to survive on a demon-infested mountainside so it is rather remarkable that zunitsu accomplished this however at the time his anxiety was not quelled.

At all as he nervously proclaimed that he would die one day regardless he did in fact receive his kasugai crow which also happened to be a sparrow now this is pretty silly his sparrow ukogi doesn't speak but did actually manage to pass the kasugai crow test regardless pros are largely known to be some of the smartest animals around and so this was.

One witty sparrow but yeah sometime after this zenitsu was in the middle of a road begging a woman for her hand in marriage bemoaning to her that he could die at any time tanjiro saw this and managed to break up this dramatic affair however this did not stop zanitsu from now focusing his rage on tanjiro through tears zanitsu asked hundreds to protect.

Him until he does get married as he is very weak zine 2 also mentions he hoped to die during final selection which goes against his outwardly cowardly nature now in general zenitsu does fear death terribly but at a time like this also welcomed it due to his overwhelming fear of failure that being said the two end up traveling together to their next.

Mission stopping at a mansion in the woods two children outside the mansion tell the young slayers that a monster took their brother into the house coupled with this tandro smells something unfamiliar as initu hears a suzumi drum this being the very first time we learn of his unique sense of hearing considering it is a noise that.

Neither the children nor tundra are able to hear at first anita refuses to enter the house but forces himself to enter after tanjuro once inside the interior shifts this separate zunitsu and tanjuro they aren't entirely alone however as the children entered after them leaving tanjiro with teruko and zunitsu with shoiiichi from there a rather afraid.

Anitu and shoichi managed to navigate the mansion until a demon corners a pair in a room being pushed to his limit zanitsu passes out the demon advanced upon them but suddenly a now unconscious initsu quickly dispatched of it finally providing us a glimpse of zanitsu's true power while asleep zenith was able to use thunder breathing and he used it.

Well enough to behead a demon pretty quickly that being said zinitu actually did regain consciousness afterwards having no memory of beheading the demon so he assumed it to be shoiichi and considering stress seems to activate this unconscious fight or flight for zinitsu it's entirely plausible that he has no memory of surviving final.

Selection that being said zinitsu and shoichi are later thrown outside of the mansion outside with them is enosuke who tries to attack tanjuro's box sinister protects it from minosuke albeit receiving a beating in the process and despite at this point being mostly presented to be a coward it is admirable why exactly zanitsu is guarding the box.

He knows that there is a demon inside but he also knows the box is important to tundra we also learned that zunitsu can detect emotions based on hearing remarking that tandro sounds so full of kindness thankfully tanjuro arrived and was able to defuse the situation afterwards a crow was able to lead them to a wisteria crest home for some much.

Needed rest while there zunitsu asked andrew why he's traveling with a demon and before he can answer nezuko comes out of her box and zunitsu is terrified at first i mean there is after all a demon inside however the demon to appear before him was a girl so beautiful that zunitsu flew into a rage he's not angry because nesco is pretty but because he.

Believes tundra was traveling with her in pure bliss and somehow sunitsu was able to scream about this all night now once properly rested and healed the trio then headed off to natagumo mountain which is perhaps where we first see some development for zunitsu yet again zinitsu is left behind due to his cowardly nature the only thing that.

Motivates him to join tundra and enosuke is the fact that tundra took nezuko's box with him as even early on zanitsu adamantly wants to protect nezuko despite her demon status this shows that zenitu may be a coward but he is willing to put himself in danger for others while trying to find tandro and enosuke zinitu notices a human head on a.

Spider's body right after meeting the demon responsible sunitsu is then bitten by a spider and like some sick twist on a superhero origin story the spider demon that explains as nitsu only has a few hours before he is turned into a spider siditu runs away at first and has a flashback to when he was struck by lightning his inner monologue revealing.

That he knows he's a coward and wants to better himself regardless the stress of the situation was enough for him to pass out like before 72 fights unconsciously he repeatedly tries to use the first form of thunder breathing but is thwarted each and every time by the spider demon and through another flashback we learned that zenitu is only.

Able to perform the very first form of thunder breathing however jigoro encourages him by saying that if you can only do one thing then do it superbly it is through this fight that we get to see all the insecurity that zenitsu carries he admits he thought he would never amount to much but jigoro never gave up on him he used his first form thunder.

Flash six-fold a technique in which ninitsu performs thunder flash six times augmenting its strength with this technique zinitsu is able to defeat the spider demon although regrettably the poison is still affecting him enough to cause him to collapse although he was able to slow its spread by way of his breathing technique just in time for.

Shinobu to arrive and provide medical aid with that zenith was required to heal his ordeal atop the mountain was very intense indeed but zenitsu even managed to complain about his medication an injured tundra would later join him and zinitu tells him the status of everyone tanjuro inosuke is needs to settle in for some much-needed healing.

And after a few days the group was visited by shinobu who announced that they would be starting their rehabilitation training but to begin tangero and enosuke would begin their training without tenitsu and this was because initu had shortened arms from the poison he had received and at that he would see the duo come back each day.

Incredibly exhausted they were even so tired that they could not tell him what happened during training which only concerned him more but once he did join them zinitsu was floored by the training instead of seeing it as grueling work he viewed the training as a means to get closer to the girls of the butterfly mansion with his eagerness about it.

Ramping up inosuke as well regardless zunitsu like kenosuke is stumped by the reflex and whole body training with kano but eventually he did end up conquering the training as well as learning total concentration breathing during this time he also relayed daily events to nezuko and some might find it cute that he promises to take her on a nightly stroll.

Around the garden later on zunitsu tagged along with tanjiro and enosuke to the mugen train he was pretty reluctant at first but did in fact board the train either way zunitsu did fall asleep like everyone else but not before meeting kyogre ringoku the flame hashira a man who he does in fact respect in his dream zunitsu was on a date with nezuko in a.

Peach orchard and in this dream nezuko was also human this was daylight that they were walking in now while asleep an intruder was able to enter his subconscious oddly enough the inside of zanitsu subconscious is dark it was entirely pitch black and zunitsu was able to appear behind the stranger with shears he angrily states that only.

Nezuko was allowed there his affection for nezuko extends beyond this though eventually sunitsu while still being very much asleep was able to save nezuko and the others with the six-fold extension of his first form and with nezuko he was able to guard the first three cars of the train zenitsu was present for the final moments of kyoto's.

Life and noted that the flame hashira had used many techniques to minimize damage to the trained cars he cried for kyogre along with tundra and enosuke and shortly thereafter the kakushi were able to arrive and yet again this was followed up by a recovery stay at the butterfly mansion he recalls that even tanjiro is affected by kyojiro's death.

And resolves to cheer him up via bean paste buns unfortunately tanjro isn't around but it is around this time that we begin to see zinitu as a bit of a cowardly lion trope he cares deeply for those around him even putting aside his own fear for them he proves again and again that his heart is in the right place but for four months inisu trained.

Alongside tanjiro and enosuke he also went on solo missions and became less of a complainer one day deciding to go to the entertainment district with tundra and enosuke the trio traveling with tengen uzui the sound ashira it's clear from the beginning that zunitsu does not like tengen the saudi shira explained that they would be looking for tengen's.

Three wives this obviously caused anitu to fly into a rage claiming this to simply be a fantasy that tengen tells himself their argument ending with tengen punching zinitsu so hard that he passes out some time later tsunitsu was disguised as a female courtesan but unfortunately is the only one out of the trio that isn't taken in this leading to.

Tangent dropping him off to house kyogoku free of charge this leaves his anitu taking up the shamasen and on account of his incredible hearing he is able to play it after only just hearing it once and vows to become the top oreon in yoshiwara hoping to get back at tengen for the most part zanitsu plays a very comedic role especially during this.

Arc however he does stick to the mission and does attempt to search for one of tengen's wives hinatsuru however he was unable to find much and instead resorted to using his insane hearing he heard a woman sobbing and came across a woman in the middle of a disheveled room he attempted to comfort her was interrupted by the orion of the house.

Eerily enough she makes the very same noises as a demon this causes anitu to become very nervous he's unable to answer wara bahime's question who then begins to harm the sobbing woman being who he is zenitsu is unable to watch us go on and grabs our behemoth by the arm demanding she stops once again we see how brave sinisa can be in spite of his.

Innate fear however warby he may knocked him so hard into the wall that he felt unconscious interestingly enough as wara bahime leaves she notes that zenitsu is no ordinary human that he may possibly be a demon slayer now after this rather courageous act zanitsu went missing but eventually he was discovered to be within an obi which is a demon blood art.

Of a member of the 12 kizuki daki the demon who was masquerading as an orion zunitsu was somehow freed and attacked the obi with inosuke makio and suma and thanks to his instincts he manages to fight while asleep the sentient obi noting that zunitsu's attacks sound like thunder oddly enough tengen joins them but quickly dashes off the daki sunitsu.

And anosuke litter catch up to tengen and tundra both help tengen while tanjuro puts nezuko away perhaps inspired by tengen both arrive in a rather dramatic manner a fight ensues between the demon slayers and daki with the addition of her brother gutaro while fighting zunitsu demands that daki apologize to the woman from earlier.

Saying that those girls are not your toys but daki of course mocks him both zinitu and enosuke take on daki but struggle sometime into the battle zanitsu informed the nosegay that in order to defeat the demonic duo they need to make sure the demons heads aren't connected instead of aiming to decapitate them simultaneously however.

The rooftop they were fighting on crumbled zinitsu was buried underneath it thankfully he was able to free himself and later continue to attack daki his blade though is unable to cut through her neck thankfully enosuke is able to help him out and the two managed to decapitate the demon daki meanwhile gyotaro is beheaded as well thus ending.

Their reign as upper rank six but finally he is seen hugging tanjiro nezuko and enosuke as they rejoice over surviving the battle sunitsu then woke up a day after the fight going on a mission two days before tanzro was able to wake up but he was back to his usual self as he was reluctant to go after the event of the sword smith village arc.

Zenitsu was overjoyed by nezuko's ability to speak and be in the sun he goes on to ask her to marry him and remarks how much prettier she is in the sunlight his excitement however was cut a bit short by nezuko welcoming him back as inosuke this enraged into enough for him to fly into a jealous rage eventually zenitsu was able to engage in.

Some special hashira training this training being meant to prepare the demon slayer corps members for what will be the final showdown against kibatsuji muzan himself but unlike the aforementioned training but unlike the aforementioned training he had received at butterfly mansion with the girls he absolutely hated the idea of sparring.

With the shira however tandra was able to get a smile out of him but yes his training was incredibly brutal as he did in fact attempt to escape the wind hashira sunemis after this he trained under the stone hashira gyomehimejima but one day while training zanitsu was notified of a certain letter this later then serving to be some major.

Development for his nizu despite the misery of it not long after these events the ubiyashiki mansion exploded prompting all nearby demon slayers to race towards it along with the heshira and his many friends zunitsu was thrown into nakame's infinity castle he then heard a particular noise that he found to be familiar saying that he will never.

Forgive him and at long last we see zhinitsu's development come full circle as he comes face to face with kai gaku the very swordsman he trained alongside and this part of zunitsu's story is so satisfying for this very reason again it is this cowardly lion trope given new life by way of a timid swordsman finally meeting his rival however there is more.

To it as kaigaku is now a demon more specifically he is upper rank six at first kaigaku mocks anitsu and of course initu ended up crying while relaying that their master jigoro killed himself over the news of kaigaku's betrayal presumably this is the news he needs to receive in the letter he went on to mention that jigoro died alone but.

Kaigaku holy responded that he didn't care their verbal fight continued as kaigaku went on to say that jigoro wanted him and zhenitu to be his joint successors to this zenith claimed them to be pathetic successors zenitsu has only learned the first form while kaigaku has learned everything but that form kagaku is angered to be grouped.

With zanitsu and so he goes into attack however zenitsu has grown tremendously as a swordsman and is actually able to instead cut kaigaku missing the demon's attack they continue to argue as they fight with zanito realizing that kaigaku has eaten people he asked kaigaku if he knows the difference between right and wrong as kygaku responded in a very.

Chilling manner those who accept him are right and those who don't are evil what certainly highlights the major difference between these two characters kagaku is only out for himself and his fear was enough for him to become a demon meanwhile zanitsu again and again puts others before himself regardless of how scary the situation may be deep down.

Both slayers are cowards but zenitsu was able to overcome that and while zenitsu's inner thoughts revealed that he hated kaigaku he also always looked up to him he always thought of kaigaku as special and yet it wasn't enough he remarks that there was a hole in kaigaku's box of happiness and without plugging that hole it left kaigaku.

Miserable and after lamenting on this zanitsu performs a technique he invented for himself thunder breathing seventh form honnoy kazuchi no kami and beheads kai gaku the demon curses jigoro for teaching zanitsu this but the demon slayer reveals that he invented this form to fight kaigaku as his equal creating another form by the way is a.

Feat only accomplished by another hashira the hashira being gyutomiyoka and after beheading kaigaku and injured zinitsu becomes faint he is saved by yushiro and dreams of a field of red spider lilies a river divides him and his master jigoro zunitsu cries for not being able to save kaigaku and for failing to become a hashira before.

Jigoro passes the flowers wrap around him until jigoro tearfully says that he is proud of zenitsu meanwhile yushiro bandages up the very wounded demon slayer eventually zunitsu was able to regain consciousness and meet up with an injured kano and inosuke the three of them then going on to join the fight to stall muzon they attempted to surprise.

Muzon but were hit by the demon lord in the process later on zanitsu was knocked into a building by muzon which renders him unconscious he then miraculously recovered and saved enosuke his hearing allowed him to also realize hundred is still alive despite being poisoned yet again he was thrown into a building but still got up his determination being at.

Full blast here as he had been wounded countless times and thrown around yet got back up time and time again he continued to fight alongside enosuke and tandro even taking a hit meant for tanjuro until eventually muzon was seemingly defeated the kakashi then began tending to zunitsu he told them to inform neziko that he loved her and that.

He was courageous fighting to the very end he refers to her as his wife which causes the kakoshi to point that they are in fact not married however all is not well as tanjuro transformed into a demon sin needs to approach tundra while being supported by the kakashi zunitsu is horrified and tearfully begs hundreds to think of nezuko along with his.

Friends zanitsu tried to reason with tanjuro but this fell on deaf ears as tandro began to rampage but amazingly enough kanoa appeared and was able to inject tundra with an antidote overjoyed and relieved zenith began sobbing once again referring to nezuko as his wife three months later zanitsu along with tundra and nosuke and neziko took up.

Residence in the old commodore residence their life being simple with flashes of the group doing household chores of course with zunitsu still trying to woo nezuko but finally the narrative skips into the future zanitsu's descendant yoshiteru is seen reading zunitsu's autobiography and is overcome with emotion his sister toko berates him for.

This the two then head to school during which there are many parallels between zenitsu and yoshiteru both being very insane when it comes to their protective jealousy sidney too of nezuko and yoshitaru of toko however yoshiteru's heart is also in the right place as it is revealed that he saved his sister from a truck as children while they walk.

There are references to other demon slayers as well one of them being a shop run by two characters who looks suspiciously like mithuri kanroji and obenai iguro and remarkably enough yoshiteru asks toko if she believes in reincarnation and expresses his belief that everyone who fought muzon was reincarnated into happier lives but.

Eventually they do arrive at school and yoshitaro provides us yet another easter egg here he talks to two other students about the artist yushiro yamamoto the alias of the last remaining demon yushiro saying that number 812 tamayo with dark blue flowers was his first love azanitsu's descendant with his wife nezuko does share a similar obsession.

With women demon women at that i might add and with that we have the conclusion of zunitsu's story a wonderful character that definitely grew on me as the story went along whose growth in particular was very rewarding to see going from a cowardly lion to a self-assured swordsman and one of the strongest at that if you enjoyed the video be sure to.

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