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Zenitsu’s NEW Thunder God Transformation! Next Generation Hashira – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Is the greatest Demon Slayer of his generation that includes characters like tanjiro and nosuke Kano and even the Mystic Shiro muichiro in fact zinitu's demon slaying potential is several times greater than most hashira and by the end of this video you'll know exactly why now way before zunitsu came anywhere close to wielding a sword he was already.

Nothing like his friends tanjiro and inosuke dandro came from a family of charcoal sellers that lived on a mountain for hundreds of years while onosuke was raised by Boris for most of his life zanitsu on the other hand actually lived in modern Japan well he's not an isakai protagonist so I don't mean today's modern Japan more like the.

Taisho period which was from 1912 to 1926. so unlike Tundra and enosuke denitsu knew exactly what a train was and rode them many times before which is exactly why training to become a Demon Slayer in the mountains was so much harder for him than it was for his friends Not only was all that different about.

Him but even his reason for becoming a Demon Slayer was completely different while Tundra and enosuke both lost family members to Demons zanitsu never did but at the same time he mysteriously grew up without parents even though sunitsu was voted first place and Demon star's official popularity poll we never got to see his early childhood in the.

Series side note getting for his place in a series like Demon Slayer that has so many Incredible characters is impressive enough but would you believe that he even came at number 29 for the promised Neverland popularity poll that's a whole different series anyways it needs to end up trying to become a Demon Slayer because of his seven evil.

Ex-girlfriends yeah I'm serious this is actual Demon Slayer lore zinitsu had seven beautiful girlfriends who treated him like a slave and didn't let him touch them not even to hold hands thanks to this Denise who went into financial debt and was in big trouble but thankfully some old guy decided to bail him out that old guy was the former.

Thunder Shira jigoro kuajima in exchange it needs to be trained to become a Demon Slayer now considering how dangerous demon slaying can be in the comments let us know if you'd rather risk your life hunting man eating demons or risk your life dodging debt collectors during the early days of sunnisu's training something unbelievable happened while in.

A tree the nitsu is miraculously struck by lightning and although this was played off like a joke I want you guys to know that this is perhaps the most important moment is initsu's entire life here's why it turned his hair yellow now hopefully that last line did make you close the video because I promise you that this is a lot more important than.

You think and that's because in the world of Demon Slayer weird natural phenomenon like this leads to some of the most powerful abilities and traits in the entire series first off we have birth trades which only a few characters have muzan was believed to have been stillborn on account of his heart stopping multiple times times while he.

Was in his mother's womb the love of Shira mitsurikan roji was born several times stronger than the average person the greatest Demon Slayer in history yurichi sujikuni was born with the ability to see into the transparent world and like Tundra's dad he was born with a Demon Slayer Mark Tandra himself was born with an incredible sense of.

Smell andosuke was born with the ability to weirdly contort his body and Tunisia was born with an incredible sense of hearing for whatever reason these characters had natural traits that set them apart from others then you have environmental traits muzon became the first demon thanks to the blue Spider Lily misery's hair went from black to.

Pink and green because she ate too much Sakura Mochi shinobu altered her body to become poisonous to demons and most commonly several different characters have been able to manifest Demon Slayer marks for them this was thanks to surviving a heartbeat of over 200 beats per minute and a body temperature of over 102.2.

Degrees Fahrenheit zenith's environmental condition was one of the most powerful natural phenomenon known to man lightning considering what a flower and a fever could do for others it's that hard to believe that being struck by lightning did morph as anitsu than just changing his hair color from there even zinisu's training was.

Completely different and that's because he wasn't the only one training there was also kaigaku his senior trainee and Bully City had an actual Spartan partner to work against one that actually hated his guts so you already know that kaigaku was not holding back the closest thing tantaro had was a giant boulder which he kind of made friends with and.

Saw dead people and it's never properly explained in the series but hey if you guys can get this video to 4 000 likes we'll make a whole video explaining all that and more anyways most people believe that zanitsu is a coward which totally makes sense I mean he's always crying and complaining isn't he well if you think he's a coward I'm sorry to say.

It but you don't understand zanitu at all zenitsu is not a coward in fact I challenge you to find me even a single time so this has been a complete coward it just doesn't exist hear me out zanitzu and Mr hating himself for his feelings of fear and uneasiness but at the same time he doesn't believe in hiding pain or sadness no matter how.

Strong someone is so zanesa just wears his heart on his sleeves and doesn't pretend to be something he's not but despite always being afraid the need to never abandons others even when he carried behind shoichi inside the drum house not only did he protect the kid when it came down to it but he also made the boy protect himself because the nitu.

Seem to be so overwhelmingly incompetent and undependable show which he was forced to get himself together for the sake of their survival and after only interacting with Tundra for a very brief time zenitsu thanks to his incredible senses could easily tell that he was pure of heart and on account of that was brave enough to endure being beaten by a.

Nosuke while protecting nezuko's box all he knew was that there was a demon inside he even expected nezuko to be hideous and terrifying but he never stopped protecting her for times Rose sake and if enosuke actually manages to unconscious who knows how things would have gone but more on that in a bit point is zanito is a really honest guy.

Who doesn't try to hide how he feels it's also why he has the craziest reactions and outbursts in the entire series and when his nerves and fear become too overwhelming he falls unconscious like a killer whale the nisu pretty much shuts off half of his brain and lets his body handle the rest the parts of his.

Brain responsible for pain fear and every sense aside from hearing become numb this allows the need to tap into his full unrestricted demon slain potential the closest we have ever seen to something like this was a Dead Calm you're reaching naturally possessed which is pretty good company if you ask me zinisu went from being totally.

Unconscious at the beginning of the story to aware and able to communicate while still dulling his brain function during the docky fight to be completely aware and totally Fearless by the end of the series and oddly instead of having the typical talking Crow the nissus wasn't even a crow at all it was a sparrow one that couldn't even talk but.

Since it would have needed to pass a Demon Slayer protest to even get this far it's honestly pretty impressive either way they need to strange Demon Slayer training also yielded strange results because for whatever reason he only managed to learn one form of Thunder breathing the first form thunder clap and Flash with it the user dashes.

Forward in a straight line to decapitate a Target despite only managing to master one of the original six forms of Thunder breathing zanitzu is good enough for the former Ashira to send him to final selection at the same time the former water Ashira orokodaki sentandro and I'm willing to bet that zanito was the first.

Person to ever pass final selection with his eyes closed impressively he was able to use three variations of this one form six-fold was when he usually formed six times in Rapid succession as he speed and power of His dashes increase with each Eightfold was the same thing but eight times instead of six godspeed was the.

Utmost limit of the first form that zunitu's body could handle by pushing the muscles in his legs to their utmost limits zanitzu was able to take the speed of his attack to new heights at first you can only use this two times before ruining his legs but by the end of the series he could use it even more than that and considering Sunita was.

Only 16 years old at the time he was still nowhere close to his physical prime so in theory his muscles could eventually be able to handle this move dozens of times over and now I want you guys to understand how badass this aspect of zunitsu really is if we change the context from swordsmanship to gunslinging zinitsu is the equivalent of.

A speedy shooter that only aims for the head he's the guy that unsheets the sword faster than you can realize he's chopped off your head and now despite all that he's managed to do with it there are still a lot of people that look down on zanitsu for only managing to master the first form but what those people fail to understand is that this.

Wasn't nitsu's Choice kinda jigoro was like a grandfather to zinitsu and the only family he ever had because of this he wanted to use Thunder breathing no matter what and stuck with it even some of the most talented demon Slayers in this series aren't well suited for the original breathing forms plenty of Ashira like muichiro mitsuri obanai.

Tengen Kane and shinobu all have unique breathing Styles derived from The Originals that are more suited to them personally tengen sound breathing comes from Thunder breathing and even benefits from its incredible sense of hearing zinitsu could have very well trained to learn this one or created another from it like flower breathing to insect.

Breathing fun fact zenitsu as part of his training with tengen was made to create a hot spring for the former Ashira and his arum and what kept zinisu inspired was a thought of seeing tangen's three wives naked anyways he could have even used two breathing Styles like tantro does with sun breathing and water breathing but.

Instead he chose to stick with thunder breathing alone and when it came down to it zenitsu did something truly incredible he was the first person to create a new form of Thunder breathing the seventh form honorikazuchi no army with it the user dashes forward at incredible speeds for a single slash at a low stance resulting in what looks.

Like a yellow dragon shaped like a lightning bolt the only other character to create a totally new form for one of the original breathing Styles was the water is shirakyutomiyoka and zunitsu used this new form to make history yet again by killing an upper ranked demon something that prior to him and the Mystic Shira muichiro hadn't been done.

For hundreds of years much less than a one-on-one fight what's truly amazing is he fast as it needs to for as powerful as he'd become by the end of the story never manifested a Demon Slayer Mark which to me only makes this feat all the more impressive zinitsu is the first person in the history of the Demon Slayer core to have defeated an upper.

Moon demon by himself without a demon Sarah Mark and I want you to know that if we were to give zanito a Demon Slayer Mark he would be the strongest member in the organization and that even compared to the hishira who have died they say this because of what a Demon Slayer Mark truly provides first there's the benefit of turning his weapon bright red this.

Would allow him to limit the Regeneration of demons and overall increasing damage potential of his weapon next it provides the user with Incredible physical strength the multiplier of which could very well be about 100 times stronger and tantro's word is anything to go by and based on how it affected muetro when he first.

Developed it a Demon Slayer Mark is also capable of enhancing a person's speed several times over as well even bringing them up to speeds comparable to an upper ranked demon and we all know how impactful speed is on zunitsu's fighting capabilities and finally there's a possibility to see into the transparent World an ability that not only allows a.

Person to perceive the inner workings of other bodies but lets them observe all worldly movements in slow motion which provides an excellent boost in reaction time and again a bonus to movement speed and since any two senses are already well above average being able to hear things on the other side of town with just a bit of focus a power up like this.

Would be Monumental I mean even without it the nitsu can already tell a demon from a human detect emotions personality and even thoughts any more than that and his opponents would think that he could see into the future understand that narratively the nitsu absolutely could not be allowed to manifest a Demon Slayer Mark and that's because he'd be.

Way too powerful and now that you know all about zinitsu you should definitely check out this video to really understand why his wife nezuko was muzon's worst nightmare