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Zoro and Sanji’s New Devil Fruit Powers! Vegapunk and The Secrets of Egghead Revealed – One Piece


The straw hats have just arrived on the most terrifying island in the grand line and the worst part is they don't even know it yet Egghead Island isn't as obviously scary as the little bark it's probably a fun place to visit full of cool technology and Dr vegapunk's pet projects but there are secrets hidden inside the scrambled egg of Nile that.

Will turn your hair white the giant mechanical shark is only the start of what we are in for so are you ready for a scare in this video we'll be looking at what is lurking on Egghead Island and troubles our crew are going to have to get through and where they will be going after this these rides might just need therapy after they're done with this one.

Let's get into it dinner with vegapunk destroy has a rival in Egghead Island could have certainly gone better most of our pirate band have been arrested thanks to a giant robot and its excitable pilot however Dr vegapunk is the best captain of the Sunny's crew could hope for while she is an employee of the world government and proud of the.

Fact she doesn't have any grudge against these straw hats in fact she's helped them in the past she was the one who programmed Bartholomew Kuma to protectly Sunny during the time skip that was a favorite Akuma but it is still a connection between vegapunk and the crew it wouldn't be enough to save these straw hats from the good doctor however.

She has a job to do and can't let Pirates wander around her secure lab the world government would take it out on her if the Shroff were able to steal anything they're likely in for imprisonment at best if they're unlucky they'll be the doctor's new test subjects all the same at least each Rod can talk to vegapunk she is not an.

Absolute Justice worshiping Zealot like green ball they might even get a tour of the island before getting locked up we have seen the Vega Punk can be distracted from securing prisoners if she starts worrying about her other work it wouldn't be too hard for Frankie to get her talking about technology and have these good doctors show him around.

Professional courtesy from one scientist to another vehicle's laboratory and workshop are going to give us some fascinating lore they will also provide enough nightmare fuel to launching next five NASA missions there are some downright disturbing projects in vegapunk's history most notably she is the creator of is the line.

Mass-producing cyborg clones of bartholomeucuma the creation process has to have been gruesome each pacifista would have required full body surgery to install complex cybernetic equipment vegapunk's operating room would have been covered in blood by the time she was done and now that the project has moved on to a new phase that may be 8.

000 times worse the seraphim are kept on Egghead Island this is where the tiny angels are being made under vagabank's direction we could see a whole production line of children being manufactured as weapons for the world government This Is The Stuff of nightmares if they have cybernetics at cancer pacifistas vegapunk would have.

Been ripping out kids internal organs worse imagine if there were failed versions of the seraphim Egghead could be a full-on abattur covered in the blood of children a closer look at the process will show us one key point however what makes a seraphim resemble lunarians that could simply be an aesthetic choice on makeup on spart he's.

Used technology to replicate power before he pacifists the lasers duplicate his arms attacks but they never use his other abilities she could have done the same thing here given these seraphim robotic wings and flamethrowers on the back of the neck however that would be a lot of work and gets vegapunk very little his arm's light powers are famous.

And intimidating only a handful of people recognizing are your traits thus it is more likely the big puck has really unlocked the potential of this lost racist DNA we will see lunarian children being turned into weapons of mass destruction just like the punk Hazard kids were before them and it will all look like younger versions of the.

People these straw hats have already met it will be a strange Twisted reunion for Our Heroes I hope you are all ready for seraphim buggy to make his big entrance it is he Seraph mom herself that is going to be the focus of the zark however Dr vegapunk has been teased as an important character for a very long time she is the one who came up with the.

Entire pacifist project and who ultimately turned Kuma into a living weapon she is also indirectly responsible for sanji's history having assisted judgment smoke during his time at mads she is at the heart of many terrifying development and has a lot to answer for the vegapunk is also the one who stood up against Caesar Clown.

Getting him fired from the world government scientific Division if she hadn't shot him down the Royal government would have gotten his gas weapon now it was Vega Punk's lineage Factor research that led to her Mickey momonosuke's devil fruit without these Powers wanna would have ended very differently and in chapter 1061 vegapunk.

Directly saved the straw hats from a monster she created but still it's really hard to call her a hero or a villain everything we've seen about vegapunk focuses on science she professional she has a code of ethics but what it covers is tough to predict the one person who may have real insight here is Frankie he visited vegapunk's.

Homeland of Baltimore during the two-year time skip studying her laboratory he has incorporated some of the good doctor's designs into a cyborg body he could be the key to these straws persuading Vega Punk to help them talking to her as an equal and getting her to see the crew as friends they share a lot of design sense they might.

Be able to collaborate on improving each other's giant robots that's the more optimistic version anyway vegapunk and Frankie could just as easily end up in a bit of rivalry both are highly proud of their work the interest they share with one another may drive you to Scientists who argue he's convinced of their own superiority we could see an outright War.

But it's windy Vega Force 1 and the general Frankie that would be a good watch we could have a battle of science with Frankie and vegapunk trying to one-up each other imagine all the new modes and accessories they throw together Luffy and Chopper are going to be sore when they find out how much giant robot fighting they have missed.

And to make sure you're not disappointed be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and hit that like button for some polymer today Egghead Island tourism board getting back to Luffy's team they are going to be our focus when it comes to exploring Egghead Island most of the action of this Arc is going to focus on.

These four even if Frankie is able to buy these straw hats a little Freedom they will technically be in Marine custody it'll fall to Luffy Chopper jinbei and Bonnie to venture into the Island's depths and hopefully spring the rest of the crew from bakapon's laboratory jail Bonnie is going to be the key to this she's experienced in.

Espionage we have seen her sneak into Mary Joyce if she can reach the heart of world government territory Egghead Island shouldn't pose too much trouble for her with her downward abilities she can make the whole group unrecognizable and hey we could get some real fun with this it's a chance for old man Chopper and kid Luffy to make a comeback the big.

Question is how willing Bonnie will be to work with these straw hats we know she is on the Head Island due to her own business with vegapunk not to save the crew and that's going to come first even if she owes and Friends a favor for saving her while Bonnie has an experience when she's come to Egghead four as two viewers will be able to.

Guess Bonnie infiltrated the reverie to help Kuma Escape Mary Joyce we even have a quote on her Victory car concept art gallery that reads let vegapunk restore my father while a few words on concepts are hard proof we can be fairly sure Bonnie is here to try ursar Kuma his entire situation would be extremely personal for her if she is his daughter.

That would make her the princess of the sorbet Kingdom the realm that called Kuma a tyrant Bonnie would be used to people treating him like some scary demon seeing her father truly become a living weapon must have hurt her deeply of course she would want to try and reverse the process however Bonnie is no fool she is going to be cautious with.

Her Mission here she has not come here for a fight she didn't bring her crew after all her plan is likely to steal as many of igapon's notes as possible and take them through the Revolutionary Army hopefully their doctors might be able to reverse Kuma's cybernetic surgery however there is no guaranteed dragon doctors could undo the pacifist.

Enhancements Bonnie may attempt something much riskier if she sees an opportunity if she is able to reach egghead's main laboratory Bonnie could take vegapunk as a hostage she will demand the Mad scientists who fix her broken father although that would be out of character for Bonnie in the past she has shown herself very practical about.

Fights she can't win trying to capture big a punk on a government-held island that is one of the few things even more risky than attacking a royal Noble but given how personal this Quest is for her emotions may override her better judgment if she does consider a plan like this Bonnie will first ditch her new allies for all her tough talk she is.

Unlikely to willingly lead them into danger they just saved her life after all alternatively however Bonnie might just find the straw has to be willing allies Luffy Chopper and jimbei are all compassionate people they don't need the offer of a reward to justify doing the right thing if she explains her plan the three will give Bonnie Jessie backup she.

Needs to confront the Mad Doctor directly before they reach that point however the four members of Team Luffy will need to get through Egghead Island and even disguised that will not be easy Egghead is 500 years ahead of the rest of the world this is a world government-controlled Island but unlike in its Lobby the Marines protecting this.

Place have access to experimental technology should a fight break out these shrives will be facing Marines armed with powerful weapons laser rifles steam-powered armor motorized Pursuit vehicles and cybernetic guard dogs are all very plausible even Rank and filed Marines are going to be an issue when they use Vega Punk to your equipment and.

The normal guards are only the starting point if G14 deploys to the island Prince gross and doll are powerful enough to be major threats rank in the Marines comes with combat skill we know all Vice Admirals can use hockey at given his position in Sword gruss is almost certainly tougher than a regular rear Admiral give the pair jet packs and.

Power gloves and they'll be downright vicious any fight is going to be tough and even if he strides for ones succeed in staying out of trouble however Egghead is a big place it is a hollowed out Mountain full of vegapunk's work Luffy and friends have a lot of territory to explore and there are all sorts of dangers that are going to be.

Laying around Vega Punk has a bad habit of leaving old experiments behind and moving on we could have independent pacifist as water in the island Vega Punk having restored some basic free will to them imagine a whole village of kumas we might see robots monsters or robotic monsters all sorts of dangerous things are possible there could even be.

Some living lunarians either pre-treatment seraphim or completely unaltered clones the craziest possibility however that would be additional Vega pucks a series of clones made to better keep up with the workloathy welcome in demands the one we have seen has zero two on her jumpsuit is this vagapunk's second body or simply.

The second of her batch of vegapunk clones however there is one thing we know for a fact we'll be on Egghead Island as a punk Hazard we know what Baker Fun's favorite type of monster is dragons she grew up in a snow blasted Wasteland naturally fire breathing lizards would capture the imagination Vega Punk even created one of her own.

And Chloe own kaido's devil fruit there is no way she could have resisted the temptation to make a new Dragon on Egghead Island given what we saw for shark odds are good that we are seeing a mecha Dragon here and hey maybe that will be enough to even give gear 5 Luffy a decent fight then again Luffy's team may have even more dangerous things to.

Deal with like hell mepo Sword of Damocles no I'm not kidding hell mepo is the most dangerous character in one piece right now okay maybe I'm kidding a little bit the Marines we've seen at G14 are going to be important vegapunk is a servant of the world government but as a Navy that enforces their laws they are the ones who will ultimately decide what.

To do with the captured straw hats there are several Marines here who have a good history with Luffy's crew and know that they are trustworthy does she gain smoke or should both be on the island this is where they took the punk Hazard kids for the recovery smoker is keeping to himself but the she at least should be able to intervene vagabong delivers a.

Strides into g14's custody now mepo would do the same for what we scene no one is going to take him seriously for now however the base does not know about these straw hats they are focused on the question of Kobe the decision of what they should do has been Fierce with friends gross ruling out any kind of offensive action against Blackbeard and.

This is quite a strange stance when you think about it gross's words make sense in isolation Blackbeard's forces would put up one hell of a fight however sword specializes in Espionage we learned about them through Drake's infiltration of the Beast Pirates they won't have to fight Blackbeard's crew if they sneak onto hachinosu there would still be some.

Danger but this should be what sword does why is grust so hesitant saying they have to wait for Drake is also strange the man was alive when we last saw him injured but able to move and talk it's not clear What stopped him from making contact with sword after the battle of onigushima what's more Diaz has been away from the team for years by.

This point even when he was a marine his rank was equal to grosses so gross needs to wait for someone who is equal and ranked to him before making decision that sounds like an excuse you If Prince Russ is being sincere this is going to backfire hard El mepo anybody are not going to just stand around and do nothing they want to save Kobe Egghead.

Is close enough for them to reach at it has to be if Vega bunk has been overseeing the giant kid's treatment plan the first chance they get these two will sneak over to the island of science helmeppel was part of the Amazon Lily Attack Force he must at least know the basics of where the seraphim are kept it wouldn't be hard for him to find one.

However that wouldn't be enough to get it working the seraphim our cyborgs with complex programming they can't be easy to operate and may only respond to specific handlers how mepo probably knows he Basics but he is waiting over his head here it is almost certain that they are going to make the seraphim run wild we'll see the power level of these.

Tiny monsters back on Amazon Lily one of these thoughts going on a rampage will leave Egghead Island in total chaos it may take Luffy and his friends to get the malfunctioning Angel back under control horror Unleashed that will be a tough fight but these shrides are more than enough to subdue 1 Rogue seraphim Zoro took down King even without his.

Friend's help it is what comes next that will Define Egghead Island for One Piece fans Luffy is going to run into helmetpo in his body our poor Lieutenant Commander won't believe his luck he will likely spill his guts pleading for Luffy to help save Kobe and that'll work for sure Luffy was ready to charge off and help Vivi with no idea of where she was.

With a clear goal like Jacoby out of hachinosu he'll be trying to get off of Egghead Island as soon as possible wanted to go save his friend as soon as he can but it is not going to be that easy and Cat Island is one of the royal government's most heavily fortified institutions they aren't going to let a band of notorious Pirates Go free.

Without a fight the only question is who will take Point among the Marine corpses which of these characters will be the final obstacle between Luffy and the Sunny the obvious first answer is Dr Vega Punk herself of the world government and this is her Island she's got a ton of resources to throw between the straw hats and their.

Freedom there could be pacifistas seraphim and of course her own giant robot would be an all-out War to get past her however she has consistently shown her equalities she worked to make her Homeland better as a child she said the punk has her kids all the Vega punks where his actions are done in service of.

The world government this could be your chance to break free from these shackles of tyranny defy her employer and help people who need it you might see the Vega Force One turn against the Navy smashing through G14 to clear the way for these tribes Escape if Vega Punk defies the world government the main fighter tries to recapture Luffy and his.

Friends will be sent tomorrow we haven't seen him in a while because our Zoo's or nephew was vegavunk's bodyguard he led the pacifists in battle and was quite a formidable threat himself was more of a concern is his Outlook sento Maru was always a professional focused on the job furthermore we've seen Vega Punk is prone to getting distracted sento marubi.

The professional may be able to take control of against defenses and take them away from vegapunk assisting the straw has Escape may lead to the doctor getting imprisoned instead or even dying that would be a very tragic note to end the Arbor but there is another Potential Threat in play here one that could add a.

Devastating twist to this final battle we have seen multiple comparisons between Punk Hazard and Egghead Island we have a similar cold environment the crew is divided and a member of the worst generation has joined us as an ally and this pattern holds true we may see a second Virgo Punk Hazard gave us a marine officer who was in League with.

Local Pirates Virgo even killed his own meant to cover up his crimes he was a devastating threat matching Sanji and smoker blow for blow could one other Marines on G14 be a Trader 2 there is a clear candidate Prince Russ has been stonewalling efforts of free Kobe what if there's more to that Blackbeard has allied with former naval officers in the.

Past most notably shiryu of the Iran Russ commands the Marine base closes to hashinosu he would be the perfect Trader if he is affiliated with the Blackbeard Pirates the fair Prince will pull out all these thoughts and make sure these straw hats don't reach Hachi no soon he won't allow an attack on his employer's headquarters if he can help it this.

Betrayal would be devastating Russ is the highest ranking member of sword on G14 even if vice admiral doll countermans him Prince can throw his own men and resources right at the straw hats he has the authority to deploy seraphim and unlike loyal marine officer sento Maru and doll he won't care about Marines getting caught in the crossfire.

This Arc may end with a Flight of Angels ascending on the island killing everything in their path to try and reach these thousands sunny but of course these straw hats will make it through one way or another they'll suffer some blows if you may get knocked out but they can get past anything the crew will leave Egghead behind and sail.

Onto the next Island high the battle to free Kobe is coming next and the straw Hat's crew vs the Blackbeard Pirates promises to be insane but what do you think will there be some extra twists at Egghead Island could something even more dangerous lurk in the shadows where do you think we're headed next leave us your answers in the.

Comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you