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Zoro Will Die For This Power! His Curse Will Allow Mihawk To Ruin Him – One Piece


The first mate of the straw hats is effortlessly cool and has left countless bodies in his wake all down the grand line he is one of the mightiest Warriors in the entire one piece World almost undefeated on the field of battle nothing will stop his quest to rise to the top and become the world's greatest swordsman or so it seems what if I told.

You there is a hidden secret in zoro's past one that turns his lifelong dream into a cruel joke there is a hidden weakness at the heart of three sword style that may Force Zorro to abandon everything he has learned up until now or fail in his quest to take that coveted title don't believe me well keep watching and see for yourself in this.

Video we will be looking back at zoro's history and exposing a hidden truth that has defined as life let's get to it part one what we know let's go over the basics first Zoro is born 21 years ago in shimotsuki Village his hometown has a bit of a story to it it was founded by Pirates around 55 years ago specifically there were a band of Rogue samurai from.

Wano led by the legendary Smith kimotsuki kosoburo his men defeated a group of Bandits on this small East Blue Island and stayed to teaching locals how to defend themselves it was here that kozaburo fell in love the group halted their travels found in the village that bears his name this may also be when the family's ishin Dojo was founded it's a.

Little unclear if it was begun by kozaburo himself as part of his teaching of the town or if it was the project of his son kochiro instead speaking of zoro's old Sensei he may have a history in the outside world we know that ishin Dojo cooperated with the Revolutionary Army 12 years ago following the destruction of gray terminal on Goa it.

Was thanks to their supplies at ivankov and dragon were able to relocate the refugees to baltigo the order to share food with the rebel ships has to have come for the dojo's master at this time that would be koshiro was The Swordsman an old friend of dragon and Eva stepping in where needed or just a concerned man trying to help the refugees from Goa.

Either way shimozuki Village has avoided being caught up in war Zoro grew up in a Serene rural Town alongside his longtime rival and daughter of koshiro kuina their competition is where Zora's Story begins both young Swordsmen were students of ishin Dojo Zorro was talented able to take on adults but he was no master Galina he fought her 2 000.

Times but was unable to manage a single win they had one final battle with real swords after which they made a vow to both try and become the world's greatest swordsman unfortunately Kalina died the next day leaving Zorro to carry her sword and promise forward there all caught up now before we get into the more mysterious stuff remember to check.

That you subscribed to the channel you've run the notification Bell and hit that like button for your daily dose of plot armor Now quickly back on topic before we get lost like Zorro part 2 bloodline many fans have speculated that zoro's Hometown will be a significant plot Point going forward specifically they have been looking at his Heritage.

And family his parents are unknown leaving us bring to speculate about Blood Ties to famous figures back in wano while this was once a pretty plausible idea it is looking unlikely after chapter 1057. we had a whole Arc set in the land of zoro's ancestors 149 chapters of story if his Heritage was going to be explored it would have.

Been done during this time wouldn't it besides any surprise twist like Zoro secretly being the Emperor of one or the like would be repetitive for One Piece Sanji had a very similar reveal in the whole cake island arc there we learned that the vinspoke family were actually rulers in the North Blue we met sanji's family and their dealings of big Mom.

Throw the plot forward this was just one Arc prior to wano so close that it was obviously going to still be on the reader's Minds it's pretty clear that Oda never intended to go deep into zoro's family history at least not so soon after sanji's Odo might be planning to explore more later he has told us nothing about The Men Who sail with.

Kozaburo from wano they could be revealed as important in the future but we likely have all the information we need on zoro's bloodline while we don't know the identity of his parents we have all but confirmed one key ancestor for the Verona Clan shimotsuki ryuma the legendary Samurai whom he fought at Thriller bark there is no direct proof.

Tying the two together but his living design seems similar to Zoros yoguro and kawamatsu note that Zorro looks almost identical to one of Yuma's descendants ushimaru the former danyo of Ringo this is all a cute reference to Otis prior one shot manga monsters which star ryuma it's fun but unlikely to play a big part in the story of One Piece now if you.

Want to find a real hint to where Zora's story is going it comes in one of the most mysterious aspects of his character his relationship with cursed swords part 3 black and white blades we first learned about curse swords fairly early on in one piece in Rogue Town Zoro goes to buy new swords to replace it to a loss fighting mihawk upon Matsu the.

Merchant tried to Swindle him out of his remaining sword fortunately Sergeant tashigi manages to thwart that plan the Marine swords woman happens to enter the shop and immediately Geeks out over zoro's sword after all it is the wado ichimonji a superior gray Sword worth at least 10 million berries there is no way upon Matsu could offer a fair price for.

It after that scheme fails tashigi and Zorro talk a bit as they explore the shot shortly afterwards the marine sergeant finds a sword she recognizes in a barrel of cheap blunt blades does she identifies it as sandai kotetsu a famous Sword worth a full million berries to a hundred times what the shop is asking for however even money hungry upon Matsu.

Balls at selling Zoro the kotetsu which is odd considering he had it out on his shop floor curiously Zoro is able to identify it as a cursed blade simply by its feel since he hadn't encountered such a weapon before it's a little odd that he was able to pick up on that if on Matsu does not try to deny zoro's words instead he elaborates the Smith.

Explains that weapons like itetsu are as much a danger to their wielders as they are to their opponents while famous Swordsmen of the past have wielded them each one supposedly died a tragic death it's interesting that ipan Matsu is the one telling us this in the same scene with dashiki a young idealist with an in-dead knowledge of Swords it would.

Make sense that she would take such a romanticized belief seriously even if it was just a story ipan Matsu the money hunger materialist seems like he wouldn't care about a big rumor but no he is utterly convinced that cursed blades are a legitimate threat that strongly suggests that he has had some intimate experience with them in the.

Past after all kitetsu has to have ended up in his shop somehow despite his little opinion azoro if on Matsu utterly refuses to sell him the blade worrying that doing so will pass he curse onto him if I sold you that weapon it would be as if I killed you myself of course it's completely backfires sorrow being Zorro the potential danger of the sword.

Just makes him even more excited by it over upon mata's objections he grabs isandai kitetsu and flips it into the air he holds his entire arm out daring the tattoo to cut it off somehow this insane stunt worked out the sword twists and Tumble straight past Zorro leaving his arm without a scratch ipan Matsu is so impressed he gives Zorro not only the.

Sandaku Tatsu but also his family sword yubashiri for a long time this moment was unexplained how is Zoro able to defy a deadly curse like this fans put it down to Pure Luck Zorro Spirit or a connection with the sword this scene wasn't seen as something of plot significant it was just one more badass moment from our favorite swordsman.

However wano offers us a potential explanation for zoro's Mastery of the kotetsu one-handed enma a legendarily dangerous blade Zoro was able to adapt to his demand shockingly quickly this is a sword that usually kills those that even draw it grudely guzzling down their hockey he reduced zoro's aren't we withering husk after a single swing the.

Red scabbards were amazed at his great control over the sword of the underworld only tsukiyaki however seemed to grab why enba and Zoro has such a connection later during training the old Smith explains it to Zorro his lack for wielding enma likely comes from the fact that he Bears ichimonji the two Blaze were forged by the same legendary Smith.

Shimatsuki kosuburo tsukiyaki reasons that they must be similar enough that wado helped prepare Zorro for wielding enma and it is this idea that opens up a big question if the two swords are so similar how far does that go enma is outright destructive to its wielders his kosovuro's other sword similar is iwaro ichimonji a cursed blade it would.

Explain zoro's overall tolerance for dangerous weapons he has been using one throughout his adventures from the ichimonji to the sandai kitetsu and now to enma he has had almost half his life to get used to a curse weighing him down he it even explains how he was able to identify the tattoo as cursed simply by its feel it is stronger than what he is.

Used to but it is a familiar sensation there is no record of the ichimonji bearing a curse but technically speaking enma isn't cursed either the Meto blades each possess unique properties so there could be some subtle effect to the wado that works similarly to enma if so it offers an alternative explanation to Queen of death we know enma can slay its.

Wielder his sister's sword may be able to do the same the dojo trainees only ever use wooden swords as a rule kalina's final match with Zorro was the first time she used iwadu ichimonji if the straight road of Peace drains a wielder's hockey like enma does it could have caught her unaware either it drank too deeply occur in his life force or it.

Took enough from her to make her unsteady on her feet notably Karina's face after death was hidden leaving the nature of her wounds unconfirmed either option wouldn't explain koshiro's sad comment looking down at his daughter's corpse human beings are so fragile as to why the curse well that was explained in wano didn't.

You notice part 4 the Smith it all comes back to shimotsuki kosaburo the old man was a legend forged multiple great swords and escaped from a sealed wano he led a pretty extraordinary life given how many amazing things he did it's interesting how little is known about him in particular one question sticks out why did he leave wano in the first.

Place he was not only a samurai but related to adamyo's family kozaburo chose to forsake a good life by heading out to sea this is a guy who could have been living in luxury with fine meals and silken clothes he could have been happily partying at the fire Festival every year instead he ended his days in a tiny fishing Village in the East blue.

Why did he go down that path well while we know little of his history in wano out at Sea kozaburo was being hunted by the Navy that's not exactly a good sign of his character while the old Smith claims enma was his Masterpiece that doesn't mean he stopped working after he made it gosuburo was likely making swords for good while after flinguano he.

Was a legendary Smith after all and he had to earn a living given his Express philosophy about cursed blades and he's already sold would likely be dangerous to its wielder all it would take is a few of those weapons ending up in Marine hands for Kosovo to get a bounty on his head with that settling down somewhere out of the way must have seemed like a.

Smart idea so Kosovo made a lot of cursed weapons we can't prove that but it fits with what we saw of him the old man wouldn't use that term but he takes pride in making dangerous blades to him a sword must be as deadly as possible to have value a blade that isn't dangerous is nothing such a weapon isn't even worth a single Berry it's been said a.

Sword has a will of its own and the blades calls abura maid like could reflect these misbelieves that's what makes them so violent someone who can't master a sword like that who would be afraid of a sword like that kozuburo dismisses as a weakling it would be ironic if after his death his granddaughter lost her life to such a.

Blade was kuina a weakness I doubt Zoro would think so she was a girl who beat him 2001 times the person he dreamed of one day defeating she shared her fears with Zorro she swore to try and become the world's greatest swordsman with him it seems unfair to dismiss her as a weak child but if we are going with this Theory how come the.

Ichimanji claimed her life and not Zoros well zoro's got one thing kawina didn't a set of kosaburo forged blades the old man dismissed them as low quality but that does not matter they are still his work if the wado ichimonji helps Zoro tolerate enma it makes sense that these swords would help build his tolerance for the wado even if they aren't named.

Blades they are forged by the same man they have to have some similarities but even training with real swords was not enough for Zoro to be kuina even then she had an understanding that he did not she was on a different path part 5 the parable of muramasa and masamune kozoburo and zoro's philosophy on swords is very reminiscent of an old Japanese.

Folk tale it concerns two of the country's most Smiths Sango muramasa and goronudo masamune the two supposedly held a contest a judge who was able to forge a superior Blade the hotheaded muramasa or his Wise Old Master masamune each worked hard to create a legendary sword when the time came to judge the contest the two walked to a bridge.

Hanging their blades below with the Cutting Edge facing against the current that way everything that flowed past will be tested against the blade muramasa dubbed his sword dijuchi yosamu 10 000 cold nights it could cut anything place before it fish leaves Pebbles even the air itself you could not make a more dangerous blade masamune's sword was a.

Yawarakai te gentle hands while this sword too could cut leaves the official zoom up to it and go by unharmed the air would blow by rushing against either side of the sword without a sound it is said that muramasa laughed at his master calling him out what kind of Sword can't even cut hair but the story goes that while both and had created masterpieces.

Masamune's blade was in truth the better weapon muramasa's blade would indeed cut through anything but that made it a dangerous sword that saw no distinction between the deserving and not a blade like that could take its wielder's life or the lives of those they care about the ten thousand gold knights was pure power but lacked any restraint the.

Gentle hands on the other hand was a refined blade one that cut only what its wielder intended to cut it's barely innocent and undeserving using just the amount of force needed and nothing more it was a sword that could cut nothing now this Legend is clearly a historical muramasa and masamune were real people but lived in entirely different eras.

They could not have met like this nonetheless the idea that muramasa's blades are cursed swords grew pretty widespread tragedies amongst famous Samurai these senseless murders or unfortunate suicides were linked to their wielding of muramasa's blades his name and that story are pretty synonymous with the idea of a curse.

Sword in Japan a blade that holds so much Evil Within it the owner may be overcome old man kozaburo may be the muramasa of the one piece world he doesn't seem like a curse throwing villain we know he's saved innocent people back in the day all the same it's worth noting that his skills have dulled with age he is not the same.

Old wise Sage who knows everything there is to know about his craft he is a bitter old man whose Glory days are long behind him dodgedly sticking to the short-sighted beliefs that saw him through his life the same beliefs he implanted into wado ichimonji and enma that power and destructive force are all that matters in a blade this might make.

His son koshiro the masamune of our story while he is no Smith we saw him impart a similar philosophy to Zorro takoshiro the Pinnacle of swordsmanship is the power to protect what one wishes to protect and cut what one wishes to cut he goes on to outright counter his father's belief that a great weapon must be dangerous takoshiro a blade that.

Injures all it touches isn't really a sword Zorro didn't understand what his master meant at the time you didn't as an adult he has had trouble with it and to be fair to Zorro this lesson was always going to be hard for him he was already on a different path he was known as two blade Zorro in the dojo his whole style was built.

Around these wild swinging attacks as an adult three sword style is more refined slick dangerous and cool but it is still rooted in that same aggression and urge to win he had as a child the violent cut everything focused past down because aburo has shaped zoro's style if these swords had been draining his hockey all this time naturally he'd have to focus.

On adapting to that compensating for the curse pushed Zoro to strengthen his will and physical might over anything else think of it like a man growing up on a planet with heavier gravity than Earth's since every move would take more effort his natural he would have to grow strong to live in a place like that but in turn it is going to limit his ability to move.

Faster he is used to every movement taking concentrated Force to pull off it's a trade-off just like zoro's three sword style is and the trade-off can Sting If your enemy takes advantage of him part six the end of the road the story of one piece is reaching its final Saga the straw hat crew are getting even closer to laugh tail and their stories.

Are coming to a close for Zorro that means his rematch with dracul mihawk is not long away he has fought some crazy enemies since their first encounter there was Dodge bones a man made out of steel there was Pika of the doflamingo Pirates a Stone Colossus who seemed Unstoppable Zorro slew an actual dragon on Punk Hazard and most recently dueled.

King the last member of the Godlike lunarian race but is he up to mihawk's level well no and it's not a matter of strength Zora aspires to be a swordsman who could cut anything and that is epathy has gone down but mihawk the world's greatest swordsman has adopted a more spiritual Outlook he showed that clearly in their first encounter using a.

Small blade and minimal Force to effortlessly overpower Zorro remember that first Slash from yoru the one that broke zoro's original blades notice how it hits either side of him believes or himself self with no further injuries mihawk has mastered the ability to cut nothing like hoshiro Sensei spoke about we've even seen it perfected in another.

Work while he used anti-magic to pull it off Black Clover zosta has also managed to attain this ability it truly is a mark of a great swordsman Zorro can technically do it too the breath of all things allows him to pick out individual objects cutting some and not others but Zorro only views this as his sword listening to him he never picked up on.

Koshiro's words really meant instead of incorporating this Precision into a style Zoro kept his focus on one goal and that was a thing called zaburo declared what's all that mattered to a swordsman pure strength almost all of zoro's photos since mihawk have been brutes who prioritize power and he's developed his own abilities to match.

Like any Shonen protagonist his main way out of this is simply more power his three sword Styles moves focus on that strength more Force more determination learning to cut more and more Zorro lives by the passcodes of burrow setimon the path of water ichimonji he is a swordsman who can cut anything so far that has worked that approach got Zoro.

Through the Grand line but unfocused strength can leave you vulnerable izora were to fight Meowth next chapter the fight would go exactly the same as it did back at baratai because while Zoro is stronger than he was has enma and haki and all those other power-ups how he fights has not changed at all mihawk did not need Superior strength to beat.

Him then and he does not need it now now mihawk likely wants Zoro to grow as a swordsman he spared zoro's life back then out of respect for his determin Nation he has helped nourish his strength over the time skip he's likely he gave him some prompting similar to goshiro in the anime this gets even more explicit mihal pitted Zorro against a.

Giant human drill swordsman that wielded a copy of your room it was very clearly showing him how a stronger opponent could lose to a weaker one with more skill but if mihawk was trying to get Zoro to grow into a more refined swordsman he largely failed Zorro absolutely got stronger during the time skip but he is still unable to pull off.

Some of his Rivals greatest Feats Hawkeyes Miha can turn bullets away with just a tap of yoru being able to make such tiny movements with a massive Hefty blade is beyond impressive yora's nature as a Black Blade is also worthy of note it is likely mihawks trademark sword has grown so strong due to the Fine control of his Armament hockey notably other.

Powerful hockey wielding Swordsmen had not duplicated mihawk's feet of reforging his sword if pure power was enough to trigger this transformation fujitora Shanks and Odin would have their own black blades the only the other one we know of shusui was wielded by shimotsuki ryuma and it now rests in wano but Zorro cannot rely on his.

Ancestors Deeds if he wants to claim the title of world's greatest Swordsmen to mat or surpass mihawk Zora is going to need to forge his own Black Blade he is going to need to Perfect The Art of cutting nothing unfortunately doing so will be Beyond difficult the three sword style is built around the opposite of the Precision Zorro needs to close his.

Gap to win he's going to have to essentially reinvent his entire style every move needs to be refined and exact he desperately needs training from another swordsman someone who better understands the principles of control and restraint and can drill them into zoro's moss-covered head but unfortunately we may be too late into.

The story for that most of those potential Mentor figures currently want Zorro dead his old Master is back in the East blue far away from the sunny there is only one figure who comes to mind they haven't been involved in this story for a while but we do know a warrior who truly embodies these principles of restraining and care they are also.

Highly knowledgeable about swordscraft even if their strength is not equal to their skill this potential Mentor is currently in the new world and OC straw had first made enough of a debt to help him it might embarrass Zorro to ask but Captain tashigi may be his best bet here her assistance would be significant but the two would still struggle to pull.

This off this hypothetical Rebirth of the three sword style with the toughest speed of swordsmanship you've seen so far from Zoro he would have to unlearn a lifetime's worth of skills every move we've ever seen him use and rebuild them all from scratch but there would be no finer way to honor Karina's Legacy or that of koshiro and Azora can pull it.

Off he will finally close that Gap now that is going to be a fight for the ages but we'll just have to wait and see what do you think do you agree with the theory or do you think the final fight will play out differently be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments down below as always I'm otaku thank you all so much for watching.

And have an awesome day I love you